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Dragonflight, World of Warcraft’s newest expansion, is available with patch 10.0 on November 28. Many players are looking forward to experiencing the new addon. Dragonflight is one of the most thrilling and innovative expansions in recent memory. All of the changes that have been made to WoW — whether they be adjustments to the existing legacy systems, the elimination of the borrowed power that pestered the game in previous expansions, or the introduction of whole new features and content look very promising and fun. Find out what’s new in version 10.0 and which WoW Dragonflight boost services are available now.

Main New Features of WoW Dragonflight

The impending release of every new expansion for retail WoW is an exciting time for all the fans. After the release of WoW Dragonflight, gamers will require substantial assistance with various tasks. The entire Dragonflight Boost category serves to help you with anything Dragonflight-related. Below you’ll find out what has been added to the game, what changed and how buying one of our WoW Dragonflight carry services can help you save time and come up on top without putting too much of your time and effort into WoW.

  • Five new zones — the expansion of the game world of each new WoW addon. Dragonflight brings us to Dragon Isles, the biggest new continent that promises to become everyone’s favourite place for levelling up, featuring four new zones: Waking Shores, Ohn’ahran Plains, Azure Span and Thaldraszus. These will be available for everyone; a starting zone for Dracthyr, the new race of DF expansion, is called the Forbidden Reach;
  • New race — players will be able to play Dracthyr in the pre-patch. Being a species native to Dragon Isles, they fit in with the addon’s overall theme quite nicely and shake up the class balance that has become stale in recent years. Like the Death Knight, Evokers will begin at a higher level than other classes, making it more suited to veteran players.
  • New class – the new and only class available to the Dracthyr, Evoker can function as either a ranged DPS or a healer, depending on the spec.
  • Dragonriding — to carry on the expansion’s theme and to address the long-standing issue, the devs introduce a new flying system for riding dragons in Dragon Isles.
  • Dragonflight talent trees — the talent trees offer a great degree of character customization and versatility. It adds depth to your gameplay and has always been one of the favourite parts of many old WoW players. The talent trees were beloved by all, and this is one of the systems that should’ve never been removed in the first place. The creators have decided to reintroduce it to the game while radically altering its functionality.
  • Professions revamp – crafters rejoice! The entire profession system is being overhauled to make professions viable throughout the expansion and not only in its early days. The new professions system looks very promising and is definitely worth trying out.

There’s a lot to do for every World of Warcraft player at the beginning of a new expansion. The revamped 10.0 profession and reputation systems contribute significantly to this. The sheer volume of new content brought by Dragon Isles is so shockingly high that you’ll have to pick your battles. Unless you have the luxury to shelve your work and personal life for a month or two, you’ll need to prioritize between leveling, gearing, PvP battles, preparing for raids, and other tasks.

Of course, you can get much-needed help with tasks by taking advantage of one of our WoW Dragonflight boost services! Our professional team is standing ready to assist you with any aspect of the game at any point, beginning with the character leveling and ending with high-level PvP or Mythic raiding. Look at each following section to learn what you can get in different aspects of the game if you buy WoW Dragonflight Boost services.

Dragonflight Powerleveling. Leveling to 70 in Dragon Isles

Once again, the level cap has been increased to lvl 70. Dragonflight’s leveling is not the most prolonged and tiresome by any stretch of the imagination. Still, you can buy one of our character boost offers to make the leveling easier if you want to skip the main storyline, get a battle-ready character, and dive straight into the end game. Our Dragonflight level boost services are as good as ever, and we guarantee you will be satisfied with the work we’ve done for you.

Mythic Plus Season 1 in Patch 10.0

Dungeons have always been a crucial part of the endgame. This expansion, Dragonflight, increases the number of dungeons playable on mythic+ mode and introduces a new affix to the existing rotation. This unique attribute, named “Thundering,” can produce rumbling orbs. They do damage and stun the player for a second if they step in one.

The Mythic+ roster of available dungeons in the upcoming expansion includes many dungeons from WoW’s previous expansions and consists of the following instances:

  • The Azure Vault (WoW Dragonflight);
  • Ruby Life Pools (WoW Dragonflight);
  • The Nokhud Offensive (WoW Dragonflight);
  • Algeth’ar Academy (WoW Dragonflight);
  • Halls of Valor (WoW Legion);
  • Court of Stars (WoW Legion);
  • Shadowmoon Burial Grounds (WoW Warlords of Draenor);
  • Temple of the Jade Serpent (WoW Mists of Pandaria).

WoW Dragonflight Gear Boosting services

Every new WoW expansion starts with leveling and once you hit the max level, you increase your character’s power with new and more powerful gear. WoW Dragonflight is not an exception to this rule. The sources of gear remain unchanged; you still get upgrades mainly by grinding Mythic+ dungeons and Dragonflight raids and supplement this gear with rewards from different aspects of the game like reputation and crafting.

Thankfully our WoW Dragonflight boost services are always there whenever you need to up your power a notch. You can customize them to your heart’s content to make the result beneficial to you, and don’t spend a fortune. Our team will get the best gear of the selected item level, and you won’t have to spend hours upon hours trying the same dungeon repeatedly and praying to RNJesus.

Dragonflight Reputation Boost: New System with Renown

Renown is replacing the previous reputation system in World of Warcraft as of the release of the WoW Dragonflight expansion. Good riddance! The classic reputation system has never been sound: players had to put in a lot of effort to gain a reputation and didn’t see any substantial rewards until they maxed out on their standing. The new system solves the problem at its source by offering players consistent little rewards at regular intervals.

Our renown level farming service is your best bet if you want to quickly and securely raise your reputation with the major factions of Dragon Isles. You can rest assured that if you create a custom order in our shop, you will receive top-notch service from our boosters because they all have a substantial background playing WoW Dragonflight.

Professions Leveling

Professions are changing a lot going into Dragonflight. The old system has been scrapped and rebuilt from the ground up. In the new expansion, we have multiple overlapping new systems that allow you to pick and choose how you want to use your profession and what kind of items you wish to produce.

The new Dragonflight professions revamp adds specialization, profession talents, profession gear and even unique profession stats. Profession materials and crafts now have quality tied to them, directly affecting the end product’s quality. A skilled Dragonflight artisan must consider every new mechanics when creating new items.

On top of that, a Recrafting feature has also been added to your crafting kit. The new system and the whole process are very complex and confusing initially, but this is also what makes it so exciting.

Our profession leveling services help you progress your craftsmanship in WoW Dragonflight. If you are interested and ready to explore the new profession system in Dragon Isles, don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team or purchase through our dedicated Profession leveling boost service.

Crimson PvP Season in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight

Join the ranks of Crimson Gladiators as the debut season of Dragonflight’s competitive PvP begins! In addition to earning a classy “Crimson Gladiator” title, dominating in the new PvP season will also award you the Crimson Gladiator’s Drake mount.

While this season’s mount reward may appear incredible, it’s important to remember that achieving Gladiator rank is one of if not THE most demanding challenges in the game. You will need a good team of professional PvPers, and even then, there is no guarantee that you’ll meet the requirements for the Gladiator title and all the laurels that come with it.

Unless you use our Dragonflight carry services to assist you. We cooperate with the world’s best PvP players and teams and can help you to unlock anything and everything PvP-related in Dragonflight. Enlist them, and you will ride the Gladiator dragons of all PvP seasons yet to come! The variety of piloted boosts on our website allows us to be helpful for all purposes that you can come up with. Just place a custom order in our store and we’ll ensure that your name will be in the top spots of the leaderboards.

Vault of the Incarnates Raid Carry in Dragonflight

Gaining and improving your epic gear will be just as important in Dragon Isles as it was in previous expansions. With the help of our Raid calendar, you can book a spot in one of Vault of Incarnates raid runs and get some of the most potent items in-game, including new Tier Set pieces.

Many players are looking forward to the new raid tier because, at the end of the day, raiding is the name of the game in WoW. The first raid in Dragonflight is called Vault of the Incarnates. It features eight bosses you can try to beat to loot incredible new epic items.

The raiding system in Warcraft is what drives the plot forward, and the Vault of Incarnates is no different. Find out what the primalists are up to and defeat their commander, Raszageth the Storm-Eater, with the help of our raid boosting services!

We offer boosting services for the Dragonflight raid on all difficulties, from Normal to Mythic. You can trust our expert staff to get you the most excellent loot and rarest achievements while keeping everything running smoothly during Vault of Incarnates raid runs.

Why Should You Choose Our WoW Dragonflight Carry Services?

There are many reasons to buy boost services in multiplayer games, and every player has their own. One of them, probably the main one, is to save time.

Modern video games are designed in a way that aims to keep you busy for as long as possible, thanks to the fact that the longer you are exposed to any given game, the more likely you are to spend money on it. Even though the monetization system in WoW Dragonflight has not changed and is still subscription-based, many additional pieces of content can be purchased in the Blizzard Entertainment online store, ranging from gold to mounts, cosmetics and other stuff.

Naturally, the longer you play, the more often you are exposed to other players who engage with these microtransactions, and the more likely you are to buy them yourself. No wonder this approach to game design is well-known and hated by the vast majority of people who play video games because it usually does not add anything valuable to the game and only exists to squeeze additional profit from gamers. 

This design, however, hurts World of Warcraft in many different ways. Mainly, it dictates the necessity to needlessly make every single aspect of the game as complex and time-consuming as possible. Casual players often feel like they have to chase every chance to improve their character power and engage in every aspect of the game to exhaust all opportunities to progress: get the best gear, get the highest rank, and complete every quest or the rarest achievement. But the truth is, there is no way to do it all unless you are playing 24/7. All WoW players happen to have a real life, and many responsibilities, circumstances and events in life are more important than any videogame.

This is why we offer our WoW Dragonflight Boost service to any and all players who fell in love with Azeroth a long time ago but still feel the need to do everything there is in WoW!

Another possible reason to buy WoW Dragonflight carry services is to play with professional gamers willing to focus on your goal and help you achieve it. The first “M” in MMORPG stands for “massive”. This means that there are a lot of players in WoW at any given moment. To put it bluntly, most of them aren’t any good at WoW and looking for the right people who know what they are is a very long and exhausting process.

If your goal is hard to achieve, you might be interested in our services because our boosters are capable enough to help you beat the latest Mythic raid, achieve the Gladiator rank or complete anything else in the game well outside the ability of a regular player. Trust us, it’s not our first or second boost, and we know how to make our customers happy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do I Need to Buy Leveling Boost From You? Isn't it Included in the Game Package?

In short, you do get a Dragonflight boost to level  60 if you buy one of the Epic versions of the game. But the boost that you get from Blizzard Entertainment is a bit different: you can boost one character and it only allows you to skip leveling in previous expansions.

The Dragonflight Level 60 Boost is not included in the Standard Edition. The character boost is included only in Heroic and Epic versions of the game. Both Dragonflight Epic and Heroic editions, however only include a level 60 boost. This means that you'll still have to level through the Dragon Isles to reach the maximum level of 70. Our Dragonflight carry covers this specific part of leveling. Create a custom order on our product page and before you know it, you'll get a maxed-out character ready to oppose anything the devs throw at you in Dragon Isles!

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