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Get the WoW Power Leveling service from Epiccarry and save yourself the hassle of grinding mobs or completing quests for countless hours! You will be able to enjoy the end-game content of Dragonflight Expansion in a short time. Our WoW Power Leveling services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for US and ES customers. Our professional players will help you raise your character level to the maximum using only honest methods and all safety rules when sharing an account. Choose the fastest power leveling service from Epiccarry and reach the desired level today!

Service Includes

This boost will be completed in Wow Level Boost | Buy BoostPiloted mode.

Delivery Info

Estimated Start Time: 15-30 minutes;
Estimated Completion time:

  • Normal: 24 hours;
  • Fast: 16 hours;
  • Express: 2-3.5 hours;
  • 1-70 leveling: up to 3 days.

Additional Options

Unlock Dragonflight World Quests — During WoW Power Leveling boost, our booster will Complete the Thaldraszus campaign and earn the Just Don’t Ask Me to Spell It achievement for you. This will unlock the Adventure mode and make Daily and Weekly quests in Dragon Isles available;
Add 8/8 Mythic Dungeons — our booster will complete all Mythic+0 dungeons on your account. You will get a chance to receive up to two 493 item-level gear pieces per dungeon;
Embers of the Neltharion Campaign — 7 chapters of the Campaign progress completed. The estimated time for completion is 10-20 hours;
Defenders of the Dream Campaign — 7 chapters of the Campaign progress completed. The estimated time for completion is 6-7 days;
Spark of Awakening — We will help you get Spark of Awakening, which is necessary for crafting equipment;
Unlock All Dragonriding Glyphs — During the leveling process, we will collect all the Dragonriding Glyphs for you;
Flight Paths Unlocked — Our booster will unlock all flight paths on Dragon Isles during the leveling process;
PvE Gear — We will help you get PvE equipment 493+ ilvl gear, which is great for mastering raids and mythic keys;
Honor Gear — Our player will farm enough Honor Points to buy a 515 ilvl PvP gear for your character;
500,000 gold — After completing work on WoW Power Leveling, we will send your character the specified amount of gold;
Stream — We will provide you with a personal stream on Twitch or YouTube, and you can watch the power leveling process.


Active World of Warcraft subscription.

How it Works

By purchasing our WoW Power Leveling service, you can quickly level up your new character or the character you played before. Our professional gamers will quickly get you to the desired level. Our boosters will do everything for you quickly and use all precautions when sharing an account. We have prepared step-by-step instructions for you; you can read them and find out how our WoW Leveling boost works:

  1. Select the additional services you are interested in and place your order. Pay for your order in the most convenient way for you;
  2. In 3-7 minutes, our customer support manager will contact you via online chat. You will discuss the WoW Leveling service schedule and other important details;
  3. Please provide your login information. Our experienced person will log in to your account and begin WoW Level boost. We will provide you with a personal stream;
  4. Our experienced booster will begin to gain experience using the best routes for boosting, depending on the selected speed of the WoW Character Leveling service;
  5. When your character reaches the maximum level, our customer support representative will contact you and inform you that the WoW Leveling boost has been completed and all rewards received.

Please leave an honest review about our WoW Level Boost. Our main goal is to provide the highest-quality services to our clients, and your feedback helps us improve.

Frequently Asked Questions

What services would you recommend to check out after WoW Powerleveling?

After reaching the maximum level, you should choose the type of content you want to conquer. World of Warcraft offers PvE and PvP content to players. Epiccarry will help you get comfortable with each of these game modes.

If you are interested in fighting against other players, our WoW Arena Coaching is an excellent choice. Our professional player with extensive PvP experience will tell you all the critical points and help you get comfortable in the arenas.

If you are interested in fighting against bosses of Mythic Keys and Raids, our WoW PvE Coaching will be an excellent choice for you. A player with extensive experience in PvE content will help you learn the basics of the game in mythic keys and raids and tell you about the basic mechanics.

What is the route to leveling up in World of Warcraft Dragonflight?

One of the largest playable zones in the game’s history, Dragon Isles also has a great deal of verticality. The new approach to level design is quite unusual in World of Warcraft and may confuse new players and throw off veterans who are used to “flat” maps. Thankfully, the Dragonflight leveling route is linear and the same for all factions and races. You’ll be tackling the areas in the following order:

  1. The Forbidden Reach (only for Dracthyr).
  2. The Waking Shores.
  3. Ohn’ahran Plains.
  4. The Azure Span.
  5. Thaldraszus.

How does leveling work after level compression?

After the level compression that Blizzard did after the Battle For Azeroth expansion, the player can choose any of the past expansions to get the required level to unlock the content of the current expansion. Compressing the levels allowed players to focus on their favorite past expansions rather than rushing through them one by one without delving into the World of Warcraft history. In your faction’s capital, you can find Chromie and select the timeline that interests you.

What is the level cap in World of Warcraft Dragonflight?

In WoW Dragonflight, the maximum character level has become 70. The average player takes about one day to reach the level cap for a single character. However, our boosters with huge leveling experience will help you get the max level in less than 4 hours! WoW powerleveling from Epiccarry is the best solution for you to quickly level up!

Will I get a discount if my character is already a little leveled up?

Of course, you can indicate your current level when ordering, and we will give you a discount. Our boosters will quickly reach the max level for your character. You can enjoy Dragonflight endgame content on your own, with friends, or in the company of our team of professional boosters, which are available at any time and are ready to go with you to conquer Mythic Keys, raids, PvP activities, or explore the open world of the new expansion. If you are interested in these services, you can always find them on our website.

Can you use a remote connection for WoW level boost?

Our professional boosters always take every precaution while performing boosts. However, we want to make you as comfortable as possible. You can ask our customer support team representative to use a remote connection during WoW powerleveling. In this case, you will discuss the schedule in more detail since all work on your order will depend more on your free time.

Is WoW Power leveling service safe?

Piloted services are always associated with a higher degree of risk than those that don’t involve account sharing. However, we guarantee the maximum security possible: we will keep your account details safe, and our players use a fresh VPN every time they connect to customers’ accounts. As an additional layer of protection, you can enable the Authenticator. Only you will have all the details for your account.

Why should I buy WoW Leveling Boost from Epiccarry?

For more than 12 years, our Pro players have been helping players achieve their desired results. During this time, we have received many positive reviews from our clients on Trustpilot. We save you time and effort by doing all the monotonous and boring work instead of you. We care about the security of your gaming account and always use all necessary precautions to minimize the possibility of any problems arising. We can highlight three points that will help you realize all the advantages of this purchase:

  • The Dragonflight power leveling service will begin as soon as possible. Your service will be our top priority, barring any technical issues with World of Warcraft (which, to be fair, tend to happen with all expansions on release). We also guarantee that your character reaches level 70 within the estimated timeframes.
  • What you acquire is valuable! The more you level up in WoW, the more tools you unlock to help you become a more powerful player. You can keep and benefit from anything we get during all our Piloted services. This applies to all our products, not just the Dragonflight 60-70 level boost. You may be sure we won’t suddenly cancel our services and steal your toon’s stuff. All the tools you need to join the battle as a Dragonflight character will be available.
  • Your WoW account is as safe as it can be! We will let you select the VPN location that we’ll use to log into your account. Additionally to this precaution, we will keep you posted and take care of scheduling and communication with the employee.

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