Dragonflight Leveling Boost

The Dragonflight is the ninth expansion that takes place in an entirely new area of Dragon Isles. As is the case with all WoW expansions the new installment will bring much to the table and change the gameplay in many ways.

Patch 10.0 also adds and alters many other aspects of the game, such as adding new race/class combinations, overhauling the UI, and more. Oh, and the long-forgotten talent trees make a comeback too!

Most notably, Dragonflight adds an entirely new race/class combination to play with. Evokers are a new Heroic class that will be added to the game in the Dragonflight pre-patch. They are magic-focused ranged characters with two talent specs and will fit in as ranged DPS or healers. Currently, the only characters that can roll evokers are Dracthyr, a race native to Dragon Isles.

The Dragonflight expansion is a great time to play World of Warcraft and roll a new character! And as we all know by now, the best way to get ready for the new content in the Dragonflight expansion is to get a DF power leveling boost service. Our boosters will start working as soon as the servers go live to ensure that you’ll be among the first to hit level 70!

Buy Your Dragonflight Level Boost Now!

Our WoW Dragonflight leveling boost is the quickest and most convenient way to avoid the hassles that seem to crop up when a new World of Warcraft expansion is released. Hire our professional boosters if you want to continue your adventure in a new expansion of World of Warcraft but don’t want to waste time in endless realm queues! Our pro players can complete your boost quickly using the most efficient leveling routes.

By taking advantage of this service, gamers can focus on the aspects of the game they enjoy most and skip the annoying race to level 70. The quickest and most reliable path to reaching level 70 in the next expansion is through Dragonflight power leveling.

WoW Dragonflight Boost Description

We will level you up to the level cap. During the Dragonflight leveling, our players will complete the quests, required to finish the WoW Dragonflight campaign, run Dragonflight or Timewalking dungeons, farm mobs and use other ways to reach the desired level. As a result of our WoW Dragonflight leveling boost:

  • you’ll get a WoW Dragonflight character boosted from its current level to the desired level 100% manually by pro players;
  • you’ll get all items our player collects during the service, including reputation, quest chain progression, gold, gear, consumable items, crafting reagents, and other loot;
  • we will make some progress towards Loremaster of the Dragon Isles and Dragon Isles Explorer achievements;
  • we will unlock access to Dragon Riding by completing the related quest chain in Waking Shores;
  • various progression-related achievements for your WoW account;
  • an ability to watch the service via a live stream;
  • daily updates and reports regarding the progress of your WoW leveling boost.

Note that the World Quests unlock is not included and is sold as a separate option.

* The booster will utilize various methods to gain experience, which may include the ones mentioned and other methods. The specific combination of methods and their timing will be at the discretion of the booster. If you have any specific preferences for your leveling experience, please communicate them before the service begins.

You can further strengthen your character and simplify your daily routine in Dragon Isles with the options we offer in addition to the main service. They all enhance something special to your adventure, so it’s hard to pick just one.

The boost will be done in Piloted Mode (through account sharing). One of our team will play for you. You will be able to watch your character via stream. We will use the VPN of your country.

Additional Options

Note that additional options take extra time and will be done outside the estimated completion time for the level boosting services.

Unlock Dragonflight World Quests — our booster will Complete the Thaldraszus campaign and earn the Just Don’t Ask Me to Spell It achievement for you. This will unlock the Adventure mode and make Daily and Weekly quests in Dragon Isles available.

Add 8/8 Mythic Dungeons — our booster will complete all Mythic+0 dungeons on your account. You will get a chance to receive 0-2 level 372 gear pieces per dungeon.

Spark of Shadowflame — our booster will collect 5 Spark of Ingenuity, so you can spend it on crafting items.

Gear Level 485 / 499 / 502 — we’ll also level up your character’s average equipment level by farming Mythic+0 dungeons and other gear sources. Gear level 485 is usually completed within one day, gear level 499 is done within 7-8 days, and gear level 502 is achieved within 10-14 days.

Embers of the Neltharion Campaign — 7 chapters of the Campaign progress completed. The estimated time for completion is 10-20 hours.

Defenders of the Dream Campaign — 7 chapters of the latest 10.2 Campaign completed. The estimated time for completion is 6-7 days. However, chapters two through seven are unlocked one at a time on a weekly basis. This means that the ETA may range from one week to 4 to 6 weeks depending on the unlock schedule.

Honor Gear — our player will farm enough Honor Points to buy a PvP gear set for your character. The average item level of PvP items will be 476 in PvP activities. This option takes up to three days.


The time frame depends on the selected speed option. The following estimates apply for 60-70 leveling, so the service will be completed even faster if you already have some progress or slightly longer if your current level is lower than 60. The 60-70 Dragonflight leveling boost takes:

  • 2-3.5 hours for Express (Nokhud Offensive) Dragonflight level boost*;
  • up to 16 hours for Dragonflight level boost on Fast speed;
  • up to 24 hours for Dragonflight level boost on Normal speed;
  • up to 3 days for leveling a fresh new character from scratch to 70.

Please note that the given ETA starts the moment when the Epiccarry employee manages to successfully log into your account for the first time and start the level boost. Please ensure your account information is accurate when passing the account details to our employees.

*Leveling on Express speed can be done in Self-Play mode, via the Nokhud Offensive. Note, however, that the ETA for this speed of leveling depends on a number of conditions, but mainly on the number of other players that are present in the area. If the conditions are favorable, the boost takes 2-3.5 hours, as stated. If the conditions are unfavorable, the completion of your boost might be delayed by ~30-40 minutes.

These estimates do not include the time needed to complete additional options, meaning that Mythic +0 dungeons may take additional time.


If you select an Express-speed leveling service, your character has to be eligible to be summoned or moved to Dragonflight zones.

About WoW Dragonflight Leveling Boost

An average player may need a week to two weeks of casual play to progress from level 60 to 70 in Dragonflight expansion. It’s possible to level up more quickly if you play for 8 to 12 hours every day, but that’s highly unrealistic unless you’re making a livelihood playing World of Warcraft. And if leveling is not your forte, the process might drag out much longer.

This is why experienced players develop tactics and routes designed to maximize efficiency and experience acquisition. A professional Dragonflight player will use the most efficient leveling route to level up in a matter of days instead of the week it takes a casual player.

It takes a long time to reach the end game of this expansion when it truly shines, so be prepared to sacrifice all your free time leveling up your Dragonflight character if you want to enjoy Mythic+ dungeons and raids or take part in high-level, large-scale PvP at the maximum level. But what if you don’t have the time to level up? Our Dragonflight character boost is a quick and efficient way to manage that.

Getting your character to max level in the Dragonflight expansion is a breeze with our leveling service. There are no gear requirements, simply select your level range and ensure your WoW subscription is active!

Dragonflight Leveling Route

One of the largest playable zones in the game’s history, Dragon Isles also has a great deal of verticality. The new approach to level design is quite unusual in World of Warcraft and may confuse new players and throw off veterans who are used to “flat” maps. Our boost service makes it possible to reach level 70 in Dragonflight, which normally takes around 10-12 hours.

Thankfully, the Dragonflight leveling route is linear and the same for all factions and races. You’ll be tackling the areas in the following order:

  1. The Forbidden Reach (Dracthyr starting zone).
  2. The Waking Shores.
  3. Ohn’ahran Plains.
  4. The Azure Span.
  5. Thaldraszus.

Epiccarry Dragonflight Power Leveling Service Advantages

  • The Dragonflight power leveling service will begin as soon as possible. We promise that your service will be our top priority, barring any technical issues with World of Warcraft (which, to be fair, tend to happen with all expansions on release). We also guarantee that your character reaches level 70 within the estimated timeframes.
  • What you acquire is valuable! The more you level up in WoW, the more tools you unlock to help you become a more powerful player. You get to keep and benefit from anything we get during all our Piloted services. This applies to all our products, not just Dragonflight 60-70 level boost. You may be certain that we won’t suddenly cancel our services and steal your toon’s stuff. All the tools you need to join the battle as a Dragonflight character will be at your disposal.
  • Your WoW account is as safe as it can be! We will let you select the VPN location that we’ll use to log into your account. Additionally to this precaution, we will keep you posted and take care of scheduling and communication with the employee.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does It Take to Level From 70 to 80 in Dragonflight Expansion?

The DF power leveling process is on par with Shadowlands. Getting your level 70 toon should take roughly 2 days playing 6-8 hours per day. Some speedrunners that routed Dragonflight power leveling in PTR reported that the fastest possible time is around 12 hours. Still, it takes significant preparation and is very hard to pull off at the beginning of the expansion.

What Happens After Purchase?

  1. Make sure that you submit the form after the checkout page. We will require your contact info to reach out to you before and during the boost service.
  2. Our customer support representatives will contact you through Discord, Skype, or WhatsApp or email you to confirm that your order went through and quickly run through all the details.
  3. We’ll start looking for a booster immediately after that. Usually, finding someone to do the job doesn’t take us longer than a few hours. Looking for a booster is not included in the estimated time frame, though.
  4. Expect daily reports on the progress of the service! Also, you will get a link to the personal live stream, where you can watch the booster.
  5. We would appreciate it if you would take the time after your carry service has been successfully performed to offer us a Trustpilot review.

Is it safe?

Piloted services always are associated with a higher degree of risk than those that don’t involve account sharing. However, we guarantee the maximum security possible: we will keep your account details safe and our players use fresh VPN every time they connect to customers’ accounts. As an additional layer of protection, you can enable the Battle.net Authenticator. Only you will have all the details for your account.

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