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Wrath of the Lich King Classic Gear Boost

Gearing in WoW WotLK Classic is one of the main aspects of the game. Gear gives you stats that make your character more powerful. It is essential for both the PVE and PVP parts of the game as you will need to get pre-raid gear to be able to kill the bosses in the Naxxramas, The Eye of Eternity, or The Obsidian Sanctum. Same with PVP, you will need to get honor gear to be able to win in the arena with your teammates.

However, getting starter gear may be very complicated and tedious. Usually, with low gear, it is tough to find a dungeon group. Usually, PUGs invite-only well geared or semi-geared characters. This is a big issue for new players that do not know how to get starter gear. With our wotlk gearing boost service, your character will get the best gear in the shortest terms. WoW, WotLK gearing boost is a perfect solution for new players or someone who does not have time to spend hours daily on farming.

WotLK Classic Gearing Boost Sources

Crafting – depends on chosen professions. You can quickly boost your gear via crafting it. If you are a plate user, Blacksmithing will be an excellent option. Mail and leather users should consider Leatherworking as a primary profession. Tailoring is a must-have choice for cloth users. With crafting, you can create gear for PVP and PVE. This is an excellent opportunity for casual players to get the starter gear that will be enough to get an invitation to the Heroic dungeons.

Dungeons – this is an excellent source of gearing, especially if you are playing in a group of friends or consist of a PVE guild. You can get 155-187 ilvl items by completing dungeons in normal mode. Heroic dungeons will drop 200 ilvl items and Emblems of Heroism that can be changed for exceptional items by vendors in Sunreaver’s Sanctuary in the Dalaran. However, with the release of future 5-man dungeons, loot will be upgraded: Trial of the Champion heroic will reward 219 item level loot; Halls of Reflection, Pit of Saron, and The Forge of Souls will drop 232 loot in heroic.

Heroic dungeons are more complex and require your group to be well organized. With Epiccarry boost, you don’t need to worry about it. All our boosters are professional players with experience of more than ten years. They can quickly boost your character in any dungeon with any difficulty.

Raids – is the primary source of Wrath of the Lich King, Best in Slot gear. During the whole Wotlk Classic will be presented 4 Tier contents:

  • Tier 7 content – Naxxramas, Obsidian Sanctum, The Eye of Eternity;
  • Tier 8 content – Ulduar;
  • Tier 9 content – Trial of the Crusader;
  • Tier 10 content – Icecrown Citadel, The Ruby Sanctum;

Wotlk gear score system is made the way that requires you to get the gear boost of previous content to enter the next one. The Northrend epic upgrade system was developed as a cascade when gear from each next raid is impressively better than the previous one. You will need to have an expert riding skill minimum to be able to enter some of the raids.

Boost with Epiccarry is an excellent solution, as you can skip the first raids. Get the BIS gear boost of the last content without requiring a cascade gearing process. Our boosters are experts of raiding and quickly will boost even not geared character.

Battlegrounds – is an excellent choice if you are a fan of PVP. You can enjoy the fantastic ten vs. ten or even forty vs. forty battleground fights. Participating in the World of warcraft Wotlk Classic Battlegrounds will reward you the honor points that can be exchanged on PVP gear. Epiccarry wotlk gear boost service offers a wide range of honor gearing services. You can order honor points farm boost or the PVP full set gearing boost. All boosting services are completed exclusively by hand without using any third-party software

Arena – this is the top PVP content in the Wrath of the Lich King Classic. Playing in the arena will give you the Arena points that can be exchanged for the best PVP Gear. Playing arena is a must-have option if you aim to gear up your classic characters in the BIS PVP gear.

However, the arena is the hardest part of the game. Compared with PVE, where you know what to expect from your opponents’ the arena is the opposite. You will need to fight with natural enemies who are the same players as you, which makes the fight process almost unpredictable. With Epiccarry arena boosting service, this is not a problem. Our experts will help you to get any desired arena rating.

Wotlk Legendary Gear Boost

Wrath of the lich king classic brought two new legendary weapons – Shadowmourne and Val’anyr, Hammer of Ancient Kings. Both of these legendaries will be available in later contents of the WotLK classic. However, you can already start preparing to be the first who will get it in your guild. So let’s take a look at them:

  • Shadowmourne will be available in Tier 10 content with the release of Icecrown Citadel. Only Paladins, Warriors, and Death Knights can wear this weapon. To get it, you will need to collect the 50 x Shadowfrost Shard and complete the long quest chain. This is the Best slot weapon for any of WotLK classic characters who can wear it.
  • Val’anyr, Hammer of Ancient Kings, will be available with the release of Tier 8 raid dungeon Ulduar. Like Shadowmourne, you will need to collect 30 x Fragments of Val’anyr and complete the chain. All the healing classes can wear it – Shamans, Paladins, Druids, and Priests.

The legendary weapon is a dream of anyone playing in the Wrath of the lich king classic. It will be tough to get it done for everyone, so that the competition may be very high. However, with Epiccarry boosting, you can get any legendary you would like.

Wotlk Gear Boost Explained

Unfortunately, Gearing in WoW WotLK classic usually takes a decent amount of time and requires a knowledge of gaming processes. In our time, people who are busy working, have family, or want to spend an evening weekend with friends can’t invest much time in the game. So what makes this process unachievable for some parts of people? The other annoying fact is that mainly the best gear drops from the raids, which requires you to play on a fixed schedule without missing any raiding evening, which is also unaffordable for most ordinary people.

Our boosting service will be happy to help in your WoW WotLK gearing needs, be it rare items farm, wrath instances boost, even new flying mount carry, or any other optional upgrades you are interested in. Epiccarry is the best solution, for sure!

  • With Epiccarry, you can be sure your boost will be completed without any bots. Your account is in safe hands;
  • Anonymous. Nobody will ever know who boosted character and who didn’t. All the details of your boost are confident;
  • Live personal stream to be able to check the progress online;
  • Customer support working 24/7 aims to make your World of warcraft WotLK coming journey as comfortable as possible.

Just check our website and find the upgrades you are interested in. Epiccarry is your reliable boosting buddy!

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