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WoW Arena Boost

EpicCarry offers its customers a number of WoW arena boost services. You can get a desirable arena rating, PvP titles, arena achievements, and various rewards for your WoW account. Our clients may even order an arena coaching option to discover all the tiniest details about the PvP process. Contact our support to learn about current discounts and limited services.

How Does Arena Work in WoW?

What do we know about arenas in particular and a PvP constituent in World of Warcraft in general? The arena challenges were represented in the very first expansion for the WoW game – the Burning Crusade. It was a completely new experience back then and the PvP players seemed to be ready to test their gaming skills in the other type of PvP activities.

The striking difference between arenas and battlegrounds is the number of competitors. The smallest BG combat requires ten players from each side. The most crowded arena, at the same time, gathers only six characters on the whole. Herein lies the hint to the insane ingame skill of PvP players and the extreme popularity of arena matches. Everyone, who wishes to get any arena rating and obtain titles, to receive ingame items and rewards has to learn one simple rule. The only thing you can count on – is your skill. There won’t be dozens of other players, whom you could blame for the lost skirmishes and games. You also will not find multiple obstacles, where you could hide to catch a breath. Just a couple of strategically adjusted columns or a pile of boxes. The area is completely free from anything that can prevent you from the pure playing process. A World of Warcraft arena is the place, where a person’s character is built and where the experienced players are forged.

The technical component of arena games is rather easy. You find a suitable number of other players with matching arena ratings and queue for the chosen arena battle. The in-game system will sort out suitable opponents, whose current rating is close to your own. That’s it; the match begins. Your only task is to defeat the enemy team. There is no time limit, but the battle won’t last for a few hours. Each skirmish takes about 5 minutes; often even less. If you manage to beat your opponents successfully, your arena rating goes up and vice versa.

WoW 2v2 Arena Rating

This is, probably, the most challenging WoW arena among all other variations. You do not have a support team by your side; only you, a single teammate, and your common skill. But do you have a reliable partner, whom you can contact at any time to make arena achievements or desired rating, or even receive certain PvP titles with? This person needs to have an arena rating and a WoW arena rank similar to yours; has to be online whenever you are ready to beat some enemies up; must share an ambition to get arena rating that will be enough for a Gladiator title. Or why did you start all this long and winding way then?!

We here at EpicCarry seriously think you are extremely lucky to have such friends. Treasure them as if they are the most important thing in your life. There is no one more reliable than someone, who will not judge you for the smallest mistakes, and who will still complete the WoW arena with you.

But what if you don’t have such a friend? What if you would love to participate in 2v2 arena games, get a specific rating and a rival title, but do not have that special someone to help you? EpicCarry will become your friend. Purchase the 2v2 arena carry service; feel free to use the help of our professional boosters to get a WoW arena rating boost and a wishing title. We will play as many games, as it needs to satisfy our customers’ needs.

The solution is simple: Buy a WoW Arena Rank Boost at Epiccarry

As long as these kinds of services are completed in the self-play mode and the account sharing is not necessary, you do not have to grant us your personal account data, just a discord ID so we could coordinate our actions. Get the 2v2 arena rating you want with our professional players by having a WoW arena rating boost from EpicCarry.

WoW 3v3 Arena Rating

The 3v3 arena skirmishes are considered to be classic and most iconic WoW arena modifications. The major difference with the 2v2 arena is the possibility to have a healer in your group. This seems-to-be-small replacement has huge consequences. Each combat lasts longer, tactics and strategies differ dramatically. For instance, a healer becomes the main target as soon as it is spotted by the enemy team. This leads to a thought-out selection of class/spec combinations for this role. The most certain choice currently is Holy Paladin and Discipline Priest.

However, you don’t have to bother yourself with these particularities in case you order 3v3 arena services from EpicCarry. Our professional players will boost your rating to the needed value in the shortest possible time. This rating boost service is made in the self-play mode only, meaning, we do not need your account data.

Just don’t forget to contact our support if you want to play as a healer yourself, as we will need certain clarifications in that case.

PvP Coaching Boost

Having someone, who will always help you out in every PvP battle is a great thing for sure. Having a certain someone, or, better, complete support team, who will cover your back that is dressed in a sort of an elite set, is much better. But having someone, who will do everything said above and will teach you how to do things correctly at the same time – is the perfect combo indeed.

If you were looking for such a WoW PvP service, you are very welcome! The arena coaching service from EpicCarry is a perfect opportunity to learn basic PvP postulates whether they are related to Arenas or the Battlegrounds. Your knowledge will rise drastically within a few days. The highest rating is not an unattainable height any longer. There is no need to wait for the following week or weekly maintenance to begin – start your PvP boost immediately.

What Can You Expect From Our Coaching?

Usually, the arena coaching includes ten hours of 3v3 arena challenges together with pro players, who will not only boost your character but will give you useful hints about PvP activity in general and concrete arena combat in particular. They will also present you with a short review of your current PvP gaming skills if needed. However, if you want to purchase a coaching section for other World of Warcraft PvP services, feel free to have a chat with our customers’ support team, discuss all the nuances, and play the WoW you like.

Note, however, that this PvP service is not designed for selling WoW ingame items and may be produced only in the Self-play mode. But to be honest, the whole idea would not make any sense otherwise. This is not also a direct arena carries. Our customers may purchase this boost any time online. Also, if you’re a quick learner and will be successful with in the Arena, you may raise your rating, so the coaching can be used as a substitute to our rating boost services. However, please keep in mind that we don’t guarantee rating gain for coaching purchase.

If you want to clarify more details, contact our support. What’s more, we can always offer special conditions for the first purchase.

Gladiator Boost

A Gladiator title is, probably, the most desirable thing in the whole PvP aspect in the World of Warcraft game. Statistic says, there are only 0,5% of Gladiators among all PvP players. Moreover, this high title is accompanied by beautiful and absolutely unique rewards, brand new each season. Getting the Gladiator title once, you’ll be remembered forever, as there can be no former Glads.

You may imagine how actually hard it is to get this privilege. What should be done and how many nerve cells and time it will take to get to the highest rank. Paying all the respect to WoW Gladiators, EpicCarry is happy to present a WoW PvP Gladiator title boosting service. It does not matter, what WoW realm your characters live in – we are perfectly able to help you wherever you are. We’ve got our own team of pro boosters, each of which has extremely high gaming skills. They will do their best to give you the rank and title you are so long for.

However, there are some important nuances, when we speak about this concrete WoW arena carry service. Due to game restrictions, we cannot guarantee the final result, but we will do our best to avoid any inconveniences that might cause an account ban. In order to stay on the safe side, we highly recommend consulting with our customer’s support and directly with your booster beforehand. They know all WoW PvP shades and will gladly bring you up to date.

A gladiators’ boosting services are done in the piloted mode only but do not worry – as long as we do not use any bots or special programs, all your account information is surely secured. You can always watch each game via stream and thus accompany us while we will do the arena rating boost and collect rewards for you.



What Are the Most Popular WoW Arena services?

The most popular PvP services are: 3v3 Arena Boost, PvP coaching, and a farm of Marks of Honor.

WoW Arena 3v3 Boost is very popular among WoW players, as it provides them not only with the rating they want but also with interesting and useful rewards and achievements. Two-on-one, so to say.

We keep saying that PvP Coaching Boost is one of the best offers we’ve got, as it teaches you how to become skilled and win all the games yourself. Isn’t it fun and satisfying to defeat the enemy with your own hands?!

Marks of Honor are used to buy very specific PvP items from previous expansions, like Classic PvP mounts, or Draenor transmogrification sets. Also, you can buy and upgrade heirloom items with these Marks of Honor, to use them on your alts.


Why Was 5v5 Arena Removed?

Luckily the World of Warcraft isn't a static structure and keeps changing all the time. The playing process doesn't stand still and the developers always invent something new, changing or replacing old mechanics. This is exactly what has happened to 5v5 arena services. They were replaced with an up-to-date RBG system. Moreover, each 5v5 arena match lasted too long and players grew tired of that.


Will There Be Arena in WoW Classic?

The very first arena became available with the release of the Burning Crusade expansion - not at the beginning, however. So, to answer your question, no, there won't be any arenas on the Classic servers, as the developers want to retain the atmosphere of original WoW.


What is a Good WoW Arena Rating?

It depends on your wishes and goals. If you want to become a Gladiator, for instance, you need to get a 2400+ rating and win 50 fights in that bracket while also keeping your rank above Duelist. In case, lower brackets are enough for you, then even a 1400+ rating will give you honor points and some rewards. Below you may find a small table that shows major figures:

Bracket Name Personal Rating
Unranked 0-1399
Combatant 1400-1599
Challenger 1600-1799
Rival 1800-2099
Duelist 2100-2399
Gladiator 2400+

How Does WoW 3v3 Arena Boost Work?

Arena Boosting has two options to choose from: piloted and self-played mode. Players are to choose the one they like more. After that, you select a rating you like and set an order. Our boosters will do all the work for you; but be ready to switch your spec to DPS if it’s tanking or healing. Also, be ready to follow all the instructions without delays and doubts. The character they’ve chosen for the Arena boost has to meet certain requirements not to be disqualified.

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