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What is Reputation Boost?

Gaining WoW reputations have always been rather boring procedures. You meet a particular faction member and start completing first story quests, then daily quests, then grind reputation by killing mobs, as you are always lack of other more entertaining ways. This is an almost unending process, as to reach exalted level from a neutral standing you need to gather over 50000 reputation points with every in-game faction, and there are several hundred factions in Azeroth right now, when WoW Dragonflight is a current expansion.

Therefore, such things as WoW reputation boost are indispensable ingame boosting services. Who on Earth will repeat this torture, or even a part of it just to get additional rewards or vendor discounts with certain factions in, say, Burning Crusade?! Every mount collector knows what we are talking about and definitely has nightmares about earning reputation with one faction after another by doing endless repeatable quests or killing mobs for Obsidian Warbeads, for example.

However, WoW rep boost includes not only faction reputations, but Covenant Assaults from the Shadowlands expansion, or PvP WoW reputations, or unlocking Allied Races, such as Lightforged Draenei, Void Elves, or other rival factions.

Below you may read an information about the most popular Warcraft reputations’ boosting services. In case you didn’t find the answer to your question here, don’t forget to ask our support team; they will update you about every above mentioned brand names or anything at all.

How Does the Reputation System Work?

Most of the World of Warcraft factions have the same way of hitting exalted level. You have several steps, and every next requires gaining a reputation twice as much as you did just now. Take Steamwheedle Cartel from a Classic version of WoW, for instance. Below you’ll see an example of the number of reputation-standing breakpoints you are to gain for each reputation level with these Goblins:

  • 1 Hated -36000 – luckily, most factions do not have this step;

  • 2 Hostile -6000

  • 3 Unfriendly -3000

  • 4 Neutral 3000

  • 5 Friendly 6000

  • 6 Honored 12000

  • 7 Revered 21000

  • 8 Exalted level – well done!

Not all faction members have quests at the ready for you, which means you might need to farm reputation once each quest chain and all dungeon quests are completed. Daily quests may save you, but few World of Warcraft factions can boast of a single daily quest, especially in early expansions.

A spillover reputation is also a helping thing when farming several WoW reputations at once. A spillover practically means that you raise reputation levels with a particular faction but get an increasing reputation with several other factions. Such a way of gaining reputation levels is very helpful while working on classic Horde and Alliance factions.

Players may also wear faction tabards, increasing reputation gains in dungeons.

Why Farm Reputation Levels?

A quick answer is: for rewards. Technically, everyone deals with WoW reputations only because of the rewards they possess. It may seem that gaining certain reputation levels is way easier than visiting raids or Battlegrounds. The recent expansions have relaxed and even corrupted players with exceptional rewards like useful items and mounts. Certain factions even offer weapons and competitive gear. It wasn’t like that before, however.

Take the Argent Dawn faction from the Cataclysm WoW, for example. The only opportunity to increase reputation with them is to complete quests in the Eastern Plaguelands zone while traveling in Fiona‘s caravan. When the main quest chain ends, players are left with two repeatable quests, both taking place in Dungeons. All these struggles are needed to get several really powerful profession recipes. Yes, that’s it. No mounts, and no super special rep rewards from any faction member. The old World of Warcraft reputations were not so welcoming and generous afterward.

Our customers may do whatever they like, leaving a WoW rep boost to us. We will rule your character at the appointed time to do repeatable quests and gain reputational experience points for each faction you will point out. This may be Blood Elves from the Burning Crusade, or a Wild Hunt from the latest Shadowlands expansion, or other factions somewhere in between.

Argent Dawn’s rep rewards and the way you get them are not the worst things you’ve come across. Have you heard about paragon faction reputations and their over-exalted rewards?

Paragon Level Structure

For some World of Warcraft expansions, Blizzard Entertainment has integrated a new paragon reputation level system. The idea is, as always, pretty simple: you continue gaining reputation levels after reaching exalted status, and for every 10 000 reputation points above this Exalted level you get a chest with notable rewards. Usually, all major factions of each new expansion have such reputation bonuses, which means you are to grind WoW reputation levels with every other faction till you get what you want. Although these chests contain dozens of useful reputation rewards and valuable items, from gold coins and underwater breathing potions to gear and, say, shoulder enchants, everyone’s only wish is mounts. Thus, the developers just made players work on increasing reputation even when it’s no longer needed.

We’d highly recommend using the help of professional boosters for the WoW reputation boost like this, as no one wants to do additional daily quests for months from one Warcraft expansion to another, praying to the RNJesus and catching one’s breath for a moment every time you open a chest with rewards.

Check the most tempting WoW reputation boost offers below. You may consult our support to find more information about each carry service.

Wrathion Reputation Boost

Wrathion faction is a part of a Valdrakken Accord together with Sabellian; and all three are one of several factions inside a new expansion, Dragonflight. You are to choose your destiny and serve one of these two groups.

By reaching a True Friend (aka exalted) reputation status, you will be able to buy multiple rewards from several faction members. Among the most interesting rep rewards are an Obsidian Collar and an Obsidian Cape.

Place a custom order and get all the regular and world quests connected with any Wrathion faction member to open access to rares and unique rep rewards. Our professional boosters will do a rep grind to give you the ability to do more entertaining things either in WoW or in real life.

Dragonscale Expedition Reputation Boost

Dragonscale Expedition is one of four dominant factions in Dragonflight, and standard WoW reputation patterns do not work with them because of a Renown system they have. As opposed to a regular Neutral-Exalted scheme, there are several dozens of reputation levels players are to raise to get the best rewards. Another difference is that you get rewards for every Renown level you raise. Unfortunately, you can’t raise Renown by killing mobs; you are to complete concrete daily quests, which a certain faction member has given to you. And it’s great if you enjoy the process, but what if you don’t?

Ask us to lend you a hand. Our professional players will raise as many Renown levels as you want them to. Buy WoW reputation boosting service from EpicCarry to avoid the monotonous rep grinding process and do only those things you like.

Cobalt Assembly Reputation Boost

Cobalt Assembly may not be the WoW Dragonflight faction of a first-order. Still, it indeed is essential for Leatherworkers, Alchemists, and Tailors, as it gives very important recipes for each of these professions. For example, Tailors would be thrilled to get rewards like the Frozen Spellthread pattern. Other profession representatives may find some dragonriding customization options and Blue Dragonflight-themed transmog, but that’s pretty much it, so it may be a good choice to leave such an unnecessary reputation grind boost to us.

We do not use any additional or unproved programs in our work – every boost is done manually, so you don’t have to worry about it. We treasure our reputation and thus have no intention of sharing any of our clients’ data with third-party individuals or companies – your personal information is well-protected with us.

Various WoW Expansions Reputation Boost

Raising a reputation with innumerable factions throughout all World of Warcraft expansions is something you surely would like to skip. Maybe because you’ve done it like a dozen times already, or you just have started and do not need these ancient quests and faction rewards but need achievements and everything they give you.

The purposes may differ, but the solution is the same. Whether it is Classic WoW reputations, Lich King sub-factions like Silver Covenant and their reputation quests, or even some Draenor factions, our professional players are ready to release you from this burden. You may visit Dragonflight dungeons and raids, and we will help you with the rep grind whenever you are ready. Place an order and wait till everything is done without your participation.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Reputation is Needed for Exalted?

Exalted reputation status is the highest you can get, and everyone strives for it as it gives the best WoW reputation rewards. We've got accustomed to calling all the highest statuses "Exalted," though it's not always true, especially in every new expansion for the last few years. Depending on the title, the final amount of reputation points will also differ.

To gain a reputation level "Exalted," you need 21000 points;

A certain faction member may have their own WoW reputation. Titles are different, but the final reputation level usually requires 8400 points.

Remember, however, that your way to final WoW reputation ranks runs through several more, each of which demands completing quests, killing mobs, doing daily quests, etc. This means that, on the whole, you need to collect over 50000 reputation points for the majority of WoW reputations.

What is Higher, Revered, or Exalted?

Exalted is higher. The complete enumeration is as follows:

Hated - Hostile - Unfriendly - Neutral - Friendly - Honored - Revered - Exalted.

The first three steps have a negative connotation, and faction members with this status will attack you. Neutral guys won't attack you, but they will answer your aggression should you be the first. Other steps of WoW reputation are player-friendly.

How to Gain Reputation in WoW?

Pretty simple: just do quests. Lots of quests. All kinds of them. Which may be: daily quests, dungeon quests, story quests, and all sorts of other repeatable quests. Once you finish all tasks, welcome to an unstoppable rep grind by killing mobs. You may use faction tabards to increase the number of rep points you get per mob if you like, but none of these ways is fast and easy. Buying WoW reputations boost is probably the best way to keep enjoying the game. Visit our site to find out what we offer.

What Does Reputation Do in Shadowlands?

Different reputation levels with various Shadowlands factions give players tons of different rewards. You may work on rep statuses with 6 major parties: 4 zone factions (The Ascended, The Court of Harvesters, The Wild Hunt, and The Undying Army), Ve'nari in the Maw, and the Avowed in the Halls of Atonement.

Apart from that, there are Renown Covenant reputations, which players raise in World of Warcraft Shadowlands. You choose one out of four and work on it. When the new expansion has been released, we think it's better to leave this long and friendly speaking, tedious process to us and our professional boosters. We guarantee a fast and high-quality result within a few days when you usually spend several weeks on it.

Can I Buy Shadowlands Reputations?

Sure thing! All you need to do is choose which legacy WoW reputations you want to have, and we will do the rest. Here is a short list of our World of Warcraft Shadowlands offers and services:

We work with completing quests and killing mobs mainly, especially now that Dragonflight expansion has launched. Select a faction or several factions, let us know whether you have special requests, and wait till we raise a chosen reputation or reputations and bring you the rewards you wanted.

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