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An account-wide Cutting Edge WoW achievement is earned by defeating the last boss of the current raid tier on Mythic difficulty before the next one goes live.

If you’re serious about raiding, then you already know that Cutting Edge achievement proves your mettle as a raider. When looking for new members, Dragonflight raid leaders usually ask new applicants to link this achievement. The Cutting Edge boost is an excellent option for those looking to join a run, a guild, or both. If you buy a Cutting Edge boost from Epiccarry, you’ll gain the achievement together with all the loot and mount cosmetics after we arrange a fast and smooth kill of the last boss for you.

Cutting Edge Boost Includes

You can choose either Cutting Edge Boost | Buy BoostSelf-Play or Cutting Edge Boost | Buy BoostPiloted mode for this boost.


Your run will start at the agreed-upon time, which is valid for all our raid boosts. Time spent on the Cutting Edge boost ranges from one to two hours. Feel free to contact our support team and book a spot.


Level 70 character. Use our Dragonflight leveling boost service if you don’t meet this requirement.

About Cutting Edge Boost from Epiccarry

World of Warcraft awards gamers who play it with thousands of achievements. There are literally thousands of them, and each can be earned in a unique way. Naturally, they vary in difficulty. Some of them can be obtained by merely logging into the game during an event or getting a lucky drop from a monster in the world; others require you to do something worthwhile. When it comes to difficulty, there are few achievements as hard to get as Cutting Edge.

How to Get Feat of Strength Achievement: Cutting Edge

The Cutting Edge achievement is earned by defeating the final boss of the current raid on Mythic difficulty or higher before the release of the next WoW raid. While the description of this achievement doesn’t sound impossible, it is one of the rarest feats in the game, and there is a good reason for that. You can’t just join any random group and hope to complete it by chance. Defeating the last boss of the current raid in Mythic requires a ton of preparation, discipline and countless attempts at the life of whoever the main baddy is this time around.

To have a standing chance at this achievement, your character has to be at max level and equipped in the most powerful gear that you can get your hands on; you must also know the fight mechanics well and be skilful enough to survive the fight while you play to the best of your abilities. Remember that merely surviving won’t cut it: your goal is to kill the last boss well before the content he’s the last boss of is deemed “trivial”.

If the above sounds hard enough for you, you’re in for a treat because, on top of all that, you have to realize that Mythic raids are a group activity, which means that all the requirements apply not only to you but to every member of your raiding group.

Don’t worry because there is no reason to be discouraged. You can get the support of professional boosters which will make killing the final boss of the current raid for you their top priority.

Buy our boost, and you’ll have proof of your experience with the last boss of the current Mythic raid and will be able to link the Cutting Edge achievement whenever you look for a group in LFG, which will all but guarantee you the spot.

Achievement Rewards for Beating the Last Boss on Mythic Difficulty

First and foremost, the most notable reward the player gets is the Cutting Edge achievement itself. It’s in the Feats of Strength section. It doesn’t give achievement points, but it’s account-wide, which means that once you get it, it is unlocked for all your characters, even future ones. Even more tempting rewards are the mounts. The ultimate boss of each WoW raid drops a unique mount reward upon being killed. In Dragonflight, though, they’ve cheated a bit, so instead of a unique mount, you’ll have to make do with a reskin for your Dragonriding mount. And, of course, the loot! It has nothing to do with achievements, but you can get high-level loot when you beat bosses in raids.

If you buy the Cutting Edge boosting service from Epiccarry, you will get a shot at getting all of the above. Our professional boosters will help you kill the final boss of the current raid in the shortest time. We offer the boost in Self-Play mode and also in Piloted mode if you’re playing on EU servers.

Buying a Boost is a Guaranteed Way to Get the Cutting Edge Achievement

If you don’t have enough reliable guild members to help you, you can use the Cutting Edge boosting services from EpicCarry. Join our professional team, where each player knows what to do and how to do it. If you’re looking for an easy way to get this achievement in the shortest time possible, this is it.

Players from any World of Warcraft server in any part of the world can benefit from using our Cutting Edge boost service. EpicCarry has been offering different services to WoW players for more than ten years, and no matter which service a client chooses, we always meet all of their needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cutting Edge in WoW?

Cutting Edge Boost is a character achievement given to players who managed to defeat the last boss of the currently-played WoW raid dungeon in Mythic difficulty, which is the most challenging raid difficulty setting in the game. It is always account-wide and supplemented with additional rewards, such as character titles, mounts or mount cosmetic items (depending on the expansion), and other items. It is considered one of the rarest PvE achievements because it is tough to accomplish.

What percent of players get Cutting Edge?

It varies from patch to patch, but it’s safe to say that 1% to 10% of players beat each raid on Mythic difficulty each patch. And that’s to be completely safe. You can look it up by going to and checking the kills statistics at the bottom of their main page.

Is Cutting Edge Achievement Account-Wide?

Yes, this achievement proves that you killed the last boss on any of your characters. After cutting edge boost you will activate it on your entire WoW account.

What is Ahead of the Curve WoW?

Ahead of the Curve achievement is the same as Cutting Edge, but it is earned by killing the last boss of the current raid in Heroic difficulty, which is one step before Mythic and, as such, way easier than the Cutting Edge achievement.

How Does Cutting Edge Boost Work?

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