Mythic Plus Boost

Tackle some of World of Warcraft’s Mythic+ Dungeons with our experienced teams. This service is designed for both experienced players and those new to the game, allowing everyone to experience the exciting content World of Warcraft has to offer, hassle-free.

With us, you get fast and efficient runs through Mythic+ Dungeons, ensuring you secure the rewards and experience you’re after without any unnecessary fluff or drama. Whether you’re here for the loot or the experience, we’ve got you covered.

Mythic+ Dungeons Service Includes

  • A Mythic plus dungeon completed on the selected Keystone level. We will use our Mythic Keystone.
  • The Dungeon loot, which includes:
    • level 402-431 gear;
    • Shadowflame Crest Fragments;
    • Profession recipes;
    • gold;
    • reputation.
  • Guaranteed gear from the Great Vault. The item level of the loot depends on the highest level of the dungeon you completed during the previous week.
  • Ability to choose between a random dungeon run or specify a dungeon you would like to complete.**

*Mounts that have random drop chances are not included.
**Please note, that farming a specific key of your choice may take up to 72 hours.

Additional Options

Piloted mode — in this mode a member of our Mythic group will play your character in the run for you. Your personal presence is not required. You will be able to watch the progress of your boost live using a private Twitch or Youtube stream. This is the default option.

Self-Play mode — in this mode, you will play yourself, alongside the best team we can offer. Please understand, that for Mythic plus dungeons level 13 and higher your DPS must be sufficient (i.e. 40k – 50k average DPS in a given run) to finish the dungeon in timer. If it turns out to be too low, the run will be downgraded to without timer mode and the price difference will be compensated with a coupon.

Completion Within timer — if this option is chosen, we guarantee that your WoW Mythic boost will be completed within the time limit that is set for the dungeon.

Loot Traders — by adding a number of extra traders to your run you increase the odds of getting additional loot at the end of the run traded to you by the team that will match your armor type. The average item level of our Loot traders is 418+.

If loot traders are added to the mythic boost: The service also includes all tradeable items that your traders will get.

How Will Your WoW Mythic Boost Go

We will help you to schedule your run after the Mythic dungeon boost is purchased. For random Mythic dungeons with a key lower than 11, the usual wait time is under an hour. In most cases, you can expect a random dungeon carry service to be started in under 20 minutes after the purchase.

  • For random level 10 – 14 mythic key, the wait time can be anywhere between 20 and 240 minutes.
  • For random level 15 mythic key, the wait time can reach 3 hours.
  • For any mythic key (random or specific keys) higher than 15, the delay can reach 2-4 days.

Specific Mythic dungeons may take even longer than random keys, as it takes time to farm a required key if no team has it. The delay may reach 3 days.

Your Mythic dungeon boost will start at a scheduled time.

Our team will run the dungeon as quickly as possible. However, unless you chose within timer option, the completion within the time limit is not guaranteed.

You can choose either Mythic Plus Boost | Buy BoostSelf-Play or Mythic Plus Boost | Buy BoostPiloted mode for this boost.

Please be ready to respec into DPS at the group leader’s request if you choose Self-Play mode. It doesn’t matter whether you choose ranged DPS or melee DPS.

Service Requirements

Item level 415 and 40k – 50k average DPS if you’re buying keys 13+ within the time limit.

Additional Requirements if You Select Piloted Mode (Account Sharing)

We will need access to your account for some meaningful amount of time to work on your order. It will be occupied while we work on your dungeons boost.

Please disconnect the Authenticator or disable the “always require authenticator for login” setting in Security Settings. Your account will be protected by the secret question for the duration of your boost. Don’t forget to re-enable it once we finish the service.

Mythic+ Boost Rewards

Here’s a complete list of various benefits that you will get by buying our Mythic plus carry service:

  • A chance to get up to 2 items at the end of every run; depending on the chosen difficulty, you can get pretty powerful gear, that you can further upgrade by running more Mythic+;
  • Weekly loot from the Great Vault. The item level of the gear you get from the weekly chest directly depends on the highest level of the M+ dungeon you completed last week. Consult the following table to learn the specifics;
  • As a result of our boosting services, your Mythic Dungeons Rating, which is an official player ranking (a la RIO score), will improve.
Keystone level End-of-dungeon reward Great Vault reward Shadowflame Crest Reward
2 402 415 Whelpling’s
3 405 418 Whelpling’s
4 405 421 Whelpling’s
5 408 421 Whelpling’s
6 408 424 Drake’s
7 411 424 Drake’s
8 411 428 Drake’s
9 415 428 Drake’s
10 415 431 Drake’s
11 418 431 Wyrm’s
12 418 434 Wyrm’s
13 421 434 Wyrm’s
14 421 437 Wyrm’s
15 424 437 Wyrm’s
16 424 441 Aspect’s
17 428 441 Aspect’s
18 428 444 Aspect’s
19 431 444 Aspect’s
20 431 447 Aspect’s

In our Mythic Dungeons loot runs you will get any achievements that require you to complete Dragonflight Mythic dungeons of a specific level: Keystone InitiateKeystone ChallengerKeystone Conqueror, and Keystone Master achievement.

Any achievements that require you to complete a specific Mythic dungeon:

  • Brackenhide Hollow;
  • Halls of Infusion;
  • Neltharus;
  • Uldaman: Legacy of Tyr;
  • Freehold;
  • The Underrot;
  • Neltharion’s Lair;
  • The Vortex Pinnacle.

About WoW Mythic+ Dungeons Boost From Epiccarry

The idea of WoW Mythic dungeons can rightly be called one of the most successful and important WoW innovations in designing PvE content. In fact, it evolved from being an additional difficulty level and into proper E-sports, called MDI (Mythic Dungeon International), largely thanks to being so popular among the WoW fans. Read More

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    This service is only available in Self-Play mode.

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