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Did you ever wish for a WoW PvP boost, made by professional players? Have you ever dreamed of having a Gladiator title for your World of Warcraft character or, maybe, other PvP titles with all the various rewards that come along with it? Have you ever found yourself in a situation, when participating in PvP activities you do not know exactly, what to do? Do you wish to take part in Rated Battlegrounds and get the desired rating or a long-waited mount, but can’t do it alone and need a WoW PvP carry? There are dozens of different situations when each of us might need help in a form of a WoW PvP boosting service.

EpicCarry knows a perfect way out. Order any type of PvP boost for World of Warcraft and get PvP gear for the current season and numerous other rewards in no time at all! We offer multiple WoW PvP carry services, such as PvP boosting, Arena rating, coaching section, PvP achievements, unique titles, and other WoW PvP boosting services. Choose whatever suits you and discuss the details with our professional boosters. We’ll make sure you can have all the fun, a WoW PvP proposes.

Such a huge company as Blizzard Entertainment Inc. knows how to drag players into the universe of WoW PvP. What to represent, what new PvP gear to introduce, which new Warcraft PvP services demonstrate to WoW players. BGs and RBGs, Arenas, and the War Mode – everything is created specifically to make players compete with each other.

Below you may find all the general information about each WoW PvP boost EpicCarry offers. Visit each good inlay for more details.


The arena is, probably, the best place among all other WoW PvP activities to show other players what are you really worth. All the senses are sharpened and the adrenalin keeps releasing. The result depends on too many things and may be very different. Our team of pro players will help you to improve your skills, so you could have fun and win more PvP games. We provide arena services for both retail WoW Dragonflight expansion and the Classic version of the game.

EpicCarry offers a 3v3 Arena WoW PvP Boost and an Expert Coaching PvP Boost. Create a personal order, set all the details with our support team, raise your gaming skill, and have as many Arena wins as you like.


Rated Battlegrounds or RBGs may be counted as a logical continuation to a 3v3 arena encounter. You need to know tactics, special vocabulary, and abbreviations, you have to listen and follow orders from more experienced PvP players and have a certain skill. Only the combination of these factors will lead your team to victory. EpicCarry may help you to obtain titles you want, to receive the ingame items and specific rating, or even a full elite set if you choose a PvP Rating Bundle.

Some services may take up to a few days to be fully accomplished, so be patient. We’d recommend trying out our RBG Rating boost and other WoW PvP boosting services without account sharing, as you always may learn something new.


EpicCarry offers three major boosting services in this category. We may either win a certain amount of PvP Island Expeditions games for you; or boost an Honor Level on a concrete character on your account. Our team also may earn Marks of Honor for you. Note that we do not sell in-game items by this category – we earn currency, using which you may obtain various rewards and achievements.

PvP Coaching

Coaching services are among the most useful and popular at our disposal. We possess many extremely professional PvP players, who have years of experience and do know all the inconspicuous details of each PvP-related aspect of the game. Their extensive knowledge of WoW PvP allows them to reach the top of leaderboards and they are ready to share this knowledge. Whether you play for the Horde or the Alliance, whether your skill level is, you will gain tons of new information within the chosen time limit to learn and use it after. Note, that PvP Coaching services are only possible without account sharing.


Here you can find main WoW PvP-related bundles. You may either choose to get ten Epic PvP Mounts for either a Horde or an Alliance side. Or you may order a WoW Dragonflight Weekly Routine boost for characters on your account.

Vicious Mounts stay beyond the wildest dreams of the majority of players. EpicCarry will eagerly help you to get any and all PvP mounts and mount cosmetics, including these. Notice, however, that some of the Bundle services are completed only if you play with us. Thus, you not only get PvP rewards, which include cool weapons, elite PvP gear, and Honor Points but also have the opportunity to hone your PvP skills by learning the intricacies of Drafonflight PvP from professionals.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Rating is Gladiator Mount?

You must reach 2400+ Rating in PvP and win 50 PvP battles on the Arena in the current PvP season to be able to get a Gladiator's mount. To put it mildly, that's no easy feat. Luckily for you, our range of WoW PvP carry products has offers that will help you achieve the Gladiator title in World of Warcraft.

What Does CR in WoW Mean?

The in-game slang varies greatly from one WoW world to another depending on the language, mentality, concrete realm orientation, etc. To make a long story short, this is what you might come across:

  • Current Rating or Combat Rating. A PvP-related term;
  • Combat Resurrection (more often replaced by Battle Resurrection - BR);
  • Corpse Run (a very rare usage).

Is World of Warcraft a PvP Game?

As long as World of Warcraft is a Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG), it has several huge directions. A PvP component is one of them, so yes, you may say that WoW is a PvP game in some way.

What Are the Most Popular WoW Dragonflight PvP Services?

The most popular PvP services right now are Arena 3v3 Boost, RBG Rating Boost, and PvP Coaching Boost.

Arena 3v3 WoW Boost is the best opportunity to raise your PvP rating and get corresponding rewards, such as unique mounts, gear, and achievements.

If you will use the RBG Rating Boost from EpicCarry, you will not only raise your RBG rating but will also learn new winning tactics, you may use in other skirmishes. We also do not need your personal account information as this service is done in a self-play mode.

PvP Coaching Boost. This is indeed the most useful offer we possess. The idea is simple: we teach you how to win a PvP battle yourself. There will be no need to spend money anymore because you will be able to do anything yourself!

Do You Lose the PvP Rating in WoW?

Yes, unfortunately, you may lose your current PvP rating if you were defeated in the match. The World of Warcraft PvP system is complex, but it boils down to the following: the higher your current rating, the fewer points you gain, and the more points you lose.

What is PvP Boost?

WoW PvP boost is a form of paid help, where professional PvP players help those in need to achieve certain PvP goals. Depending on the customer's wishes, EpicCarry may help with Honor Level boost, for example, or teach how to win any battle yourself through the PvP Coaching service. Visit a special PvP Boosting category on our website to find a World of Warcraft PvP carry that will satisfy your needs.

What WoW Dragonflight PvP Boost Should You Choose?

The answer to this question entirely depends on what you need. If you want to improve your World of Warcraft PvP skills, go no further than Epiccarry's team of professionals. These players are at the very top of their game and have years of expertise under their belts. We guarantee that in our store you'll find the right WoW Dragonflight PvP boost that will cover your needs, whether you are a hardened PvP veteran or just starting out.

Rated Battlegrounds (RBG) and the Arena are the primary ways to join organized PvP fights in World of Warcraft. The Arena is played with significantly smaller teams of just two or three players each, in contrast to RBG's ten or up to 40 in regular Battlegrounds. WoW PvP boosting is so diverse because the PvP aspect of the game itself has many different modes, and while they may share certain similarities, each one is a bit different and calls for a unique set of abilities. Some players thrive in duels and thus prefer smaller-scale PvP battles in the Arena mode. Others seek out the mayhem and fun that can only be found in large-scale battlegrounds. They love the RBG format because it allows them to employ their tactical abilities and PvP methods to gain the upper hand. You are the only player who knows exactly what you prefer and sets objectives according to your preferences. Our World of Warcraft PvP carry services are only there to assist you in reaching them.

Due to the competitive nature of PvP in World of Warcraft, the higher you climb on the MMR and in the ladder, the stronger your opponents will be. You see, the PvP system resembles the natural selection process, which filters weaker players and leaves them at the bottom of leaderboards and elevates the players who demonstrate better PvP abilities to the top. At some point as you climb the ladder, your win rate will begin to decline, and at some point, you may even end your gaming session losing more than you gained. At this point, you should seriously consider buying one of our WoW Dragonflight PvP boosting services. With the assistance of our professional PvP teams, you may expect to continue enjoying your preferred PvP mode while not being hindered by incompetent teammates.

The range of our WoW PvP Carry services includes:

  • RBG Rating/Wins Boost — this service will allow you to reach a high RBG rating or get a number of wins for your weekly rewards;
  • Arena 3v3 Rating Boost — join our team for an arena rating boost in 3v3 bracket;
  • Arena 2v2 Rating Boost — this service is the same as the above, but its point is to boost your arena rating in 2v2 bracket;
  • PvP Coaching — available in both 2v2 and 3v3 brackets of the Arena, this service is a good way to practice your PvP. And even though it doesn't guarantee any arena rating, you will be playing in rated mode, meaning that you can use this to raise your arena rating if you're confident in your own PvP abilities. Just because we don't guarantee it doesn't mean that it won't happen;
  • Gladiator Boost — you can gain one of the most prestigious PvP titles in World of Warcraft with our help. Oh, did we mention that it comes with a sweet Dragonriding mount skin? It comes with a sweet Dragonriding mount skin!

All these WoW PvP carry services are the end goal. They are meant to help you climb to the top of the leaderboards and claim the rewards for doing so. But it won't happen overnight. Before you buy your first PvP elite set or a Vicious saddle, you'll have to equip yourself for the task. Don't worry, though, we've got you covered! The following WoW PvP boosting services will help you to earn enough PvP currency and buy all the equipment you need:

  • PvP Gear Boost — if you're new to this type of content, this should be your first WoW PvP boosting service. WoW Dragonflight doesn't change the way you obtain your PvP gear in any way. You get it through the good old Honor farm. Use this PvP carry service to get Honor which you can use to buy PvP equipment.

And of course, for all collectors and completionists out there, we've got a selection of niche and borderline-casual WoW PvP Boosting Services. Because what's the point of buying a World of Warcraft PvP boosting service if you can't brag about it to other players, right? These carries mostly consist of Honor points farming, acquisition of unique titles and old PvP sets, and will ultimately help you to LOOK like you're a seasoned veteran even if you aren't!

Legacy and cosmetic WoW PvP Boost products:

  • Marks of Honor farm — this currency is used to buy old PvP sets, including the PvP elite gear skins from previous seasons;
  • Vicious Saddle Boost — vicious mounts are a subclass of PvP mounts that look really neat and there are a lot of them. The best part is that you only need to play a lot of PvP matches in 3v3 arena or Rated battlegrounds to add them to your mount collection;
  • Gurubashi Arena Grand Master Achievement — despite being quite old, this achievement is surprisingly tricky to get even in WoW DF. If you're tired of trying it on your own, you might want to use our Gurubashi PvP carry.
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