Destiny 2: Explosive Updates, Apologies, And A Sneak Peek Into The Next Season!

Yo, so at the beginning of the month, Bungie dropped a fresh blog spillin’ the beans about what’s coming up in Destiny 2. In the post, the devs were like, “Hey, sorry Guardians, but we can’t keep pouring resources into Gambit, Crucible, Vanguard, and Rituals anymore.” 😒 And let me tell you, the community went full-on rage mode! They were like, “What the actual Traveler, Bungie?!”

What says Joe Blackburn, Director of Destiny 2

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Fast forward a bit, and the studio had to do some major damage control. They were like, “Alright, so a few weeks back, we tossed out an update that was way off our usual mark for these kinds of things. We were all heads down grindin’ on Final Shape stuff, and we couldn’t give that message the TLC it deserved. No finger-pointing, just my bad.” 🙈

To make up for it, Bungie’s throwing out a free set of Eververse armor for anyone who’s down. This was supposed to be a Season 22 reward, but they’re straight-up gifting it now. Plus, they’re puttin’ together a whole new squad to focus on PvP action. And yeah, they’re gonna shoot the breeze with the community before making any changes, keepin’ it all legit.

Great news for destiny 2 at final

But check this, Joe Blackburn, the head honcho, mentioned that the big reveal for Destiny 2: The Final Shape was in the can before this whole mess unfolded. So don’t expect any community reactions to that dumpster fire of a blog.

Great News For Destiny 2 At Final

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Circle August 22nd on your calendar – that’s when they’re droppin’ The Final Shape expansion and kickin’ off the new Destiny 2 season. You can dive into the shooter on PC and both console gens. 🎮

Let’s get our Guardian game faces on! 😎