Is Warcraft Rumble The New Cash Cow Or Just A Pay-To-Win Flop?

Blizzard Entertainment’s recent mobile game, Warcraft Rumble, is facing some heat. In its first three weeks since the November 2, 2023 release, it’s raked in a modest $13.7 million, according to AppMagic. However, this sum pales compared to the heavy hitters like Clash Royale and Diablo Immortal. Remember how Clash Royale, launched in March 2016, made a whopping $87.8 million in the same period? Or how Diablo Immortal, another Blizzard baby, bagged $33.2 million? Yeah, Rumble’s not quite there yet.

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Here’s a twist: Rumble’s takings aren’t just user spending. That’s the net profit after those pesky mobile store commissions and taxes. So, while $13.7 million might sound decent, it’s not breaking any records. And let’s talk about downloads – only 4.2 million. That’s ten times less than Clash Royale and half of what Diablo Immortal managed.

Is Warcraft Rumble The New Cash Cow Or Just A Pay-To-Win Flop?

But here’s where it gets spicy. Is Warcraft Rumble turning into a pay-to-win scenario? The average revenue per user (ARPU) globally is $3.24. However, it’s much higher in certain regions like France, where it rockets to $10.7. Players are starting to whisper, Is the pyromancer’s power locked behind a paywall?

Rumble Pay to Win Tough spot

Is Warcraft Rumble The New Cash Cow Or Just A Pay-To-Win Flop?

It’s a tough spot for Blizzard. They fully developed Warcraft Rumble in-house, unlike Diablo Immortal, which was a joint venture with NetEase. But despite their efforts, they’re struggling to match the success of their previous titles. In the end, the question lingers: Is Warcraft Rumble’s lukewarm performance due to its pay-to-win undertones, or is it just a slow starter?

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Only time will tell, but for now, the pyromancer’s flames seem to be burning more wallets than enemies.