WoW Machine Defense Unit 1-11 Boost

The War Within expansion offers a lot of new content for players to enjoy, including new raids, activities, and quests, with great rewards awaiting the most determined and brave WoW TWW players. One such new activity is the Awakening the Machine event that can be found in the Ringing Deeps – an underground industrious zone of Khaz Algar. The event requires you to protect Speaker Kuldas while he performs the Awakening ritual. Twenty waves of enemies will try to interrupt the ritual, with the Awakened Phalanx appearing at the very end. Defeating this mini-boss is hard, but greatly rewarded with It’s Not Much, But It’s Honest Work achievement and Machine Defense Unit 1-11 unique robotic mount.

While it might seem like one of the simplest achievements to obtain in Khaz Algar, twenty waves of powerful mobs will require quite some time to defeat. One wrong step or miscalculation will prevent you from getting the achievement, making you wait until the next day. Allow our reliable booster to take this burden off your shoulders, getting you a new mount and achievement, without sacrificing the fun factor of your gameplay experience.

Service Includes

This boost will be completed in Wow Machine Defense Unit 1-11 Boost | Buy BoostPiloted mode.

Delivery Info

Estimated Start Time: 15-30 minutes;
Estimated Completion Time: 2-4 hours.

Additional Option

500,000 Gold – after we’ve acquired your trusty Machine Defense Unit, a weighty bag of gold will be sent to your character to elevate your WoW journey even higher;
Stream – watch our booster drop wave after wave and defeat the Awakened Phalanx live from wherever you are for an interactive game experience.


Active World of Warcraft subscription.
Character level 80. Use our Leveling Boost service if you don’t meet this requirement.

How it works

Machine Defense Unit is a great mount, especially fitting for the Earthen and Gnome characters looking to roleplay a sort of engineering enthusiast. This mechanized mining mech will definitely become your trusty mount companion for quite a while. However, a bit of grinding is required to lay your hands on this lovely Machine Defense Unit and “It’s Not Much, But It’s Honest Work” achievement. Our mount boosting service will obtain the mech for you, completing all the necessary requirements. Before we proceed to your purchase, though, we do recommend going through the walkthrough below to have a clear understanding of what’s ahead of you:

  1. Check the list of requirements for this carry, a list of additional options, and “Service Includes” to make sure you have a complete picture of our services. Place an order when you’re ready!
  2. One of the members of our Customer Support Team will contact you immediately to review the order’s details, including the schedule, the payment method, and possibly some other account details. Our managers are the most helpful members of our team, so if you have any questions about your boosting – simply contact them!
  3. Once we’re done preparing your “It’s Not Much, But It’s Honest Work” achievement boost, a reliable boosting specialist will be assigned to your order. He will then tirelessly smash through whatever stands in the way of you receiving your mount in the most effective way there is. Be advised, however, that this game assistance is in Piloted Mode, which means that our pro will have to log in with your account to defeat Awakened Phalanx. No reason to fret, though, our team’s top priority is to keep your account safe until your triumphal return;
  4. That’s essentially it. Once our guy (or gal) has obtained your mount, and all necessary tasks are completed, a notification will be sent to you via online chat. Enjoy your new mechanised robo-pal and don’t forget to recommend us to your friends!

Thanks for sticking with our game boost! Before you go, please, leave us a bit of feedback. We’d appreciate whatever you have to say, and promise to use it to improve even further, keeping games stress and grind-free for you! Remember, aim for a good time, not a grindy time.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I progress my Renown Rank with the Ringing Deeps and what are the rewards?

You must play faction quests, weekly, and covenant activities to improve your standing with the Assembly of the Deeps – the Ringing Deeps’ main faction. Completing them is crucial to enjoy your expansion to its fullest and power up your character. You also might want to focus on renown levels a bit more because of the prestigious mount that you can obtain on the course to the high renown level. A complete list of game benefits is presented below: