Noblegarden 2024: The Ultimate Spring Bash Is Here!

Hey there, folks! Guess what? It’s that time of the year again when Blizzard throws us into the middle of the most egg-citing event on the calendar – Noblegarden 2024! This event is kickstarting tomorrow, and if you haven’t caught wind of what’s coming, you’re in for a treat. We’re talking new mounts, transmog drops, pets, and even a toy that’s gonna blow your socks off.

First off, let’s talk about the big bad of the season – the Duck boss, Daetan Swiftplume. This feathery menace is your ticket to scoring some of the coolest loot this event has to offer. We’re talking about the Noble Flying Carpet (yes, it flies, and yes, it’s as noble as it sounds) and the Spring Turquoise Transmog set that’ll have you looking fresh and festive.

And for those of you who like to collect the cuter things in WoW, meet the Lovely Duckling. This new battle pet is up for grabs from Noblegarden vendors, and it’s as adorable as it sounds. Plus, complete the new duck-themed questline and you’ll snag yourself a Duck Disguiser toy. Imagine the pranks you can pull with that!

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Noblegarden Event Guide, freshly updated with all these goodies

  • Noble Flying Carpet: It’s a mount. It flies. It’s majestic. Enough said.
  • Spring Turquoise Transmog: Dress to impress with this vibrant new set. Perfect for spring!
  • Lovely Duckling Pet: It quacks, it’s cute, it’s everything you need in a battle pet.
  • Duck Disguiser Toy: Become the duck. Embrace the duck. Quack.

Noblegarden is not just about the loot; it’s a time-honored celebration that unites both the Alliance and the Horde in a hunt for brightly colored eggs, indulgence in chocolate, and a plethora of other festive activities. This year, the event sprawls from April 1st through the 8th. Don your bunny ears and hop to locations like Azure Watch, Dolanaar, Goldshire, and several others to join in the fun.

What’s new

Noblegarden 2024: The Ultimate Spring Bash Is Here!
  • Valdrakken’s Makeover: This city is getting in on the Noblegarden spirit with themed decorations and quests.
  • Duck Defense: Take on Daetan Swiftplume and his army of ducks to keep the Noblegarden festivities safe and sound.
  • Golden Egg Challenge: Find and deliver golden eggs to summon Daetan for a showdown, with chances to win exclusive rewards daily.

Beyond the main attractions, Noblegarden offers daily quests, egg hunts, and the opportunity to show off your springtime style with Noblegarden finery. And let’s not forget the array of items you can snag with Noblegarden Chocolates – from toys and costumes to mounts and pets.


Noblegarden 2024: The Ultimate Spring Bash Is Here!

For those chasing achievements, completing 8 Noblegarden achievements earns you the title the Noble, contributing to the What a Long, Strange Trip It’s Been meta-achievement.

And for the WoW Classic enthusiasts, Noblegarden is returning from April 9–15. So, get those bunny ears ready, and let’s hop into the festivities!

This year’s Noblegarden is shaping up to be one for the books. Whether you’re in it for the loot, the laughs, or the sheer joy of chasing ducks and hunting eggs, there’s something here for everyone. Let’s make this Noblegarden a memorable one. Happy hunting, everyone!