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Patch 9.1 represents lots of new features, and the most substantial among them is the new raid Sanctum of Domination. The new instance contains ten bosses on the whole with a long-anticipated Lady Sylvanas Windrunner at the end. Below you may find all the necessary information about the raid itself, the new systems, rewards, achievements, and much more. Let’s begin.

Unlock Schedule

Sanctum of Domination Raid Overview

The new raid is located in a northern part of the Maw – Desmotaeron.

As usual, each difficulty level starts on its time and the schedule is the following:

  • July 6 – Normal and Heroic Difficulties;
  • July 13 – Raid Finder Wing 1 and Mythic Difficulty;
  • July 27 – Raid Finder Wing 2;
  • August 10 – Raid Finder Wing 3;
  • August 24 – Raid Finder Wing 4;

The minimum ilvl for entering a new raid for the LFR difficulty is 195.

Sanctum of Domination Loot Item Level

The last two bosses of the new raid will drop items, which are 7 ilvls higher than any other loot from the instance. The same system was applied in the Castle Nathria raid with two final encounters. The average ilvl for all the difficulties of a new raid is the following.

DifficultyBosses 1 through 8Bosses 9 and 10
Raid Finder213220

The Great Vault Raid Objectives

Sanctum of Domination Raid Overview

The Great Vault system is updated according to the Sanctum of Domination raid. Killing bosses in this raid on any difficulty will count towards your Great Vault raid weekly objectives, where you have chances to obtain additional loot from the raid table. The conditions remain: you get a reward option for every three bosses you defeat.

Raid Skip

Phylactery Shard is an interesting and ambiguous item, which may become a possible raid-skipping technique. This item has three versions for Normal, Heroic, and Mythic difficulties and drops from Kel’thuzad. Players must collect four Phylactery Shards to be able to skip parts of the raid. Kel’Thuzad – NPC – World of Warcraft

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Shards of Domination

Sanctum of Domination Raid Overview

Shards of Domination are a new gear upgrading system that relies specifically on the Sanctum of Domination armor. There are four main features represented within this new system, Shards of Domination, Domination Sockets, Rune Words, and Stygian Embers. Herein we will take a closer look at each of them.

Shards of Domination are a new type of gems, which you may find in the loot in the raid. There are 3 types of Shards (Blood, Frost, and Unholy) with a total number of 9 different Shards. Each shard has 5 ranks – the next more powerful, than the previous one. You may socket these shards only into concrete slots of concrete armor that drops only in the raid. All this makes such pieces of gear a sort of a new sight of raiding sets.

These are all nine shards, players may obtain:

  • Shard of Bek. This is an offensive Blood Shard. Your damage is increased when you have 50% or more health than your target;
  • Shard of Jas – a healing Blood Shard. Increases the incoming healing and maximum health;
  • Shard of Rev – a defensive Blood Shard. Increases character’s Leech;
  • Shard of Cor – an offensive Frost Shard. You deal increased damage for 20 seconds after attacking an enemy you have not yet damaged;
  • Shard of Tel – a healing Frost Shard. Your critical heals cause their target to absorb the incoming damage;
  • Shard of Kyr – a defensive Frost Shard. Absorbs the incoming damage while you stand still;
  • Shard of Dyz – an offensive Unholy Shard. Damaging a target increases the damage done to that target; stacks up to 3 times;
  • Shard of Zed – a healing Unholy Shard. Your helpful spells and abilities have a chance to drain health from nearby enemies;
  • Shard of Oth – a defensive Unholy Shard. It increases Your Speed.

Domination Sockets

Sanctum of Domination Raid Overview

Domination Sockets are a new type of sockets, which may interact only with Shards of Domination. All helms, shoulders, and chests in the raid and two more pieces of armor – different for each armor type, will have those sockets. The list of the liaisons:

  • Cloth armor – Bracers & Belt
  • Leather – Gloves & Boots
  • Mail – Belt & Boots
  • Plate – Bracers & Gloves

You can wear only 5 shards socketed at a time. Socketing 3 shards of the same type will grant you a buff – Rune Word that works, unfortunately, only in Sanctum of Domination, Torghast, and the Maw, and will be idle in other zones. There are three Rune Words.

There is an alternative way of getting Domination Socketed gear outside the raid. Visit the Death’s Advance Quartermaster and buy a needed piece for 2000 Stygia. Requires Honored reputation.

Stygian Embers

Sanctum of Domination Raid Overview

To upgrade your Shards of Domination you will need Stygian Embers – a new currency in patch 9.1. You may obtain these Embers by killing bosses and certain thrash mobs in the Sanctum of Domination raid on any difficulty and by doing a weekly quest Shaping Fate in Korthia. To update your Shards you’ll have to finish chapter 3 of a new storyline and visit Bonesmith Heirmir. This NPC also sells a Soulfire Chisel – an item that can remove a Shard from a socket.

Sanctum of Domination Loot Guide

Now let us take a closer look at the raid loot. Below you will find all the necessary information about all types of loot in the Sanctum of Domination raid.


Sylvanas Windrunner drops Vengeance’s Reins on Mythic difficulty. The mount has a unique/special animation.

The Nine has a chance to drop Sanctum Gloomcharger’s Reins with low chances but on any difficulty. The Hand of Hrestimorak mount may be obtained by any player after completing the Glory of the Dominant Raider achievement.


The Sanctum of Domination raid has 4 Battle Pets to offer to players.

Armor Models

Raiding sets and weapons usually resemble the main idea and atmosphere of the Raid itself. Concerning the location of the Sanctum of Domination, its sets and weapons look a lot like a Maw fashion show. Take a look at these models:

Sanctum of Domination Raid Overview
Heroic Sanctum of Domination Raid Set – Cloth
Sanctum of Domination Raid Overview
Heroic Sanctum of Domination Raid Set – Leather
Sanctum of Domination Raid Overview
Heroic Sanctum of Domination Raid Set – Mail
Sanctum of Domination Raid Overview
Heroic Sanctum of Domination Raid Set – Plate

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Unique Loot

Sanctum of Domination Raid Overview

Such an iconic character as Lady Windrunner could not be either an easy or uninteresting boss. The subject under the biggest discussion is, of course, the legendary bow Rae’shalare, Death’s Whisper for Hunters that she will (not)-willingly present to a chosen champion with extremely low chances. The bow has several versions regarding the raid difficulty level and can be even upgraded with special items Wraithwisp Sinew and Ethereal Fletching.

Another unique loot is the Dark Ranger’s Quiver that also drops from the final boss. This back can be worn by characters of any class, though the unique effect seems to be available only to Hunters.

A Rogues’ dagger Edge of Night is another very interesting weapon, presented in the Sylvanas’ loot table. The Banshee Queen is not the only one with noticeable loot, however. Kel’thuzad drops Jaithys, the Prison Blade – a two-handed sword that has a unique ability to absorb other weapons in your inventory to increase its power. The more powerful this sword becomes, the worse are its secondary stats though. Fortunately, it’s up to a player to decide whether to “eat” other weapons or not. It also whispers to you when eating a weapon.


Sanctum of Domination Raid Overview
There are some accessories, which drop from different bosses in the Sanctum of Domination.

NeckPeriapt of Pristine PreservationThe Tarragrue
NeckWeathered Talisman of the ShadowmoonRemnant of Ner’zhul
NeckInterplanar KeystoneKel’Thuzad
RingSworn Oath of the NineThe Nine
RingTarnished Insignia of Quel’ThalasSylvanas Windrunner
RingOscillating OuroborosFatescribe Roh-Kalo
RingMiniature Breaking WheelPainsmith Raznal
BackDark Ranger’s QuiverSylvanas Windrunner
BackCloak of Scarred HonorSoulrender Dormazain
BackSelf-Replicating TissueGuardian of the First Ones


Sanctum of Domination Raid Overview

And the armor finally. Each table presents each type of armor, which drops in a new raid. We shall start with Cloth.

HeadHood of Vengeful PossessionRemnant of Ner’zhul
HeadVeil of the Banshee QueenSylvanas Windrunner
ShouldersFrame of the False MargraveKel’Thuzad
ShouldersMantle of Arthura’s ChosenThe Nine
ChestDiviner’s Draped FineryFatescribe Roh-Kalo
ChestSacrificer’s Sacramental CassockPainsmith Raznal
BeltSash of Duplicitous MagicsKel’Thuzad
BeltEnigmatic Energy CircuitGuardian of the First Ones
BracersCruel Overlord’s ShacklesSoulrender Dormazain
BracersDesecrator’s Keening WristwrapsSylvanas Windrunner
HandsGrasps of the Clairvoyant SageThe Eye of the Jailer
HandsGloves of Forsaken PurposeFatescribe Roh-Kalo
LegsSorcerer’s Headlong LegwrapsThe Tarragrue
LegsLeggings of the Screaming FlamesPainsmith Raznal
BootsPhantasma-Forged StridersThe Tarragrue
BootsSandals of Sacred SymmetryGuardian of the First Ones
BootsTormented Shadowcleft BootsSoulrender Dormazain


Sanctum of Domination Raid Overview
HeadCowl of Haunting PrecognitionFatescribe Roh-Kalo
HeadCap of Writhing MalevolenceRemnant of Ner’zhul
ShouldersSmuggler’s Plundered PauldronsThe Tarragrue
ShouldersSpaulders of the Crooked ConfidantKel’Thuzad
ChestMawsworn Eviscerator’s CuirassThe Eye of the Jailer
ChestWitherheart Studded BreastplateSylvanas Windrunner
BeltWindrunner’s BaldricSylvanas Windrunner
BeltAgonizing Spiked BeltSoulrender Dormazain
BracersFate-Threaded BindingsFatescribe Roh-Kalo
BracersClasps of the Unfortunate TroubadourThe Tarragrue
HandsLoyal Kvaldir’s HandwrapsThe Eye of the Jailer
HandsHangman’s KnotbindersPainsmith Raznal
LegsDaschla’s Defiant TreadsThe Nine
LegsFlameclasp-Scorched LegguardsPainsmith Raznal
LegsElite Aranakk BreechesKel’Thuzad
BootsUnstable Energizer BootsGuardian of the First Ones
BootsTrenchant Warmonger TreadsSoulrender Dormazain


Sanctum of Domination Raid Overview
HeadShadowsteel FacecagePainsmith Raznal
HeadCrest of the FallenRemnant of Ner’zhul
ShouldersEpaulettes of the Master RangerSylvanas Windrunner
ShouldersPauldrons of Tyrannical DefianceSoulrender Dormazain
ChestConjunction-Forged ChainmailFatescribe Roh-Kalo
ChestColossus Slayer’s HauberkThe Tarragrue
BeltCeremonial Construct ClaspKel’Thuzad
BeltCoiled Stygian GrapnelThe Eye of the Jailer
BracersBands of the Fallen HouseKel’Thuzad
BracersMistwrap ManaclesThe Tarragrue
BracersBrynja’s Mournful WristwrapsThe Nine
HandsDemigaunts of PredestinationFatescribe Roh-Kalo
HandsGrasps of Ancestral WhispersRemnant of Ner’zhul
LegsHyperdense GreavesGuardian of the First Ones
LegsAradne’s Lancer LegguardsThe Nine
BootsRagebound Leg IronsSoulrender Dormazain
BootsGreaves of ExterminationThe Eye of the Jailer


Sanctum of Domination Raid Overview
HeadValorous Visage of KrexusKel’Thuzad
HeadDark Tormentor’s GazeRemnant of Ner’zhul
ShouldersRuinous Warchief’s ShoulderguardsSoulrender Dormazain
ShouldersSpires of Broken HopeSylvanas Windrunner
ChestAncient Colossus ChassisGuardian of the First Ones
ChestCuirass of the Lonely CitadelRemnant of Ner’zhul
BeltDisintegration-Proof WaistbandGuardian of the First Ones
BeltBinding of Dark DestiniesFatescribe Roh-Kalo
BracersAirborne Abductor’s VambracesThe Eye of the Jailer
BracersVyraz’s Parade CuffsKel’Thuzad
HandsGuillotine GauntletsPainsmith Raznal
HandsKyra’s Unending ProtectorsThe Nine
HandsCavalier Oathbreaker’s GraspsThe Tarragrue
LegsFateforged LegplatesFatescribe Roh-Kalo
LegsAgatha’s Gothic GreavesThe Nine
BootsGreaves of Haunting RuinationSylvanas Windrunner
BootsChampion’s Gruesome GreavesThe Tarragrue


Sanctum of Domination Raid Overview
Tome of Monstrous ConstructionsThe TarragrueIntellect
Forbidden Necromantic TomeKel’ThuzadIntellect
Resonant Silver BellKel’ThuzadIntellect
Carved Ivory KeepsakeFatescribe Roh-KaloIntellect
Ebonsoul VisePainsmith RaznalIntellect
Shadowed Orb of TormentRemnant of Ner’zhulIntellect
Scrawled Word of RecallThe NineIntellect
Titanic Ocular GlandThe Eye of the JailerStrength/Agility/Intellect
Weave of Warped FatesFatescribe Roh-KaloStrength/Agility
Reactive Defense MatrixGuardian of the First OnesStrength/Agility
Salvaged Fusion AmplifierGuardian of the First OnesStrength/Agility
Tormented Rack FragmentPainsmith RaznalStrength/Agility
Decanter of Endless HowlingSoulrender DormazainStrength/Agility
Shard of Annhylde’s AegisThe NineStrength/Agility
Relic of the Frozen WastesKel’ThuzadAgility
Old Warrior’s SoulSylvanas WindrunnerStrength
Whispering Shard of PowerRemnant of Ner’zhulStrength


Sanctum of Domination Raid Overview
WarglaiveElethium-Bladed GlaiveThe Tarragrue
ShieldGuard of the Sundered DefenderSylvanas Windrunner
ShieldInfinity’s Last BulwarkGuardian of the First Ones
ShieldMoriaz’s Spare TargeThe Tarragrue
OffhandGuarm’s Lost Chew ToyThe Eye of the Jailer
OffhandRecord of Collapsing RealitiesFatescribe Roh-Kalo
BowRae’shalare, Death’s WhisperSylvanas Windrunner
BowSoulrent Outrider’s RecurveSoulrender Dormazain
GunDirectional Meltdown ProjectorGuardian of the First Ones
Dagger (Agi)Edge of NightSylvanas Windrunner
Dagger (Agi)Betrayer’s ShadowspikeRemnant of Ner’zhul
Dagger (Int)Signe’s Sonorous ScramaseaxThe Nine
Mace (1H/Str)Shadowsteel DemoralizerPainsmith Raznal
Mace (1H/Agi)Dormazain’s TenderizerSoulrender Dormazain
Mace (1H/Int)Torch of Eternal KnowledgeGuardian of the First Ones
Fist Weapon (Agi)Cruciform VeinripperPainsmith Raznal
Sword (1H/Int)Exacting MindslicerPainsmith Raznal
Sword ( 1H/Str)GazepiercerThe Eye of the Jailer
Axe (1H/Agi)Skyja’s Revenant FuryThe Nine
Staff (Int)Maledict OpusKel’Thuzad
Staff (Int)Gnarled Staff of the Elder ShamanRemnant of Ner’zhul
Staff (Agi)Pylon of the Great PurgeGuardian of the First Ones
Sword (2H/Str)Jaithys, the Prison BladeKel’Thuzad
Axe (2H/Str)Hellscream’s RequiemSoulrender Dormazain
Polearm (Str)Stygian Lance of PassageThe Eye of the Jailer
Polearm (Agi)Jotungeirr, Destiny’s CallThe Nine