Warcraft Rumble Season 3: Thaurissan'S Reign

Warcraft Rumble Season 3 is here, and it’s packed with thrilling new features! We’re delving deep into the latest patch, covering the new leader, PvP changes, and the fantastic rewards up for grabs. Gear up for an in-depth look at what’s shaking things up in the Warcraft World!

New Leader: Emperor Thaurissan


  • Fiery Weapon: Thaurissan’s iconic ability. Physical damage attacks from his units apply a burning stack to the target, doubling damage at melee range.


  • Incinerate: Makes Lava Spike’s burn permanent, devastating for enemy structures.
  • Hubris: Grants a bonus to the next non-elemental mini after Thaurissan is played, perfect for combos with units like Gargoyles.
  • Moira’s Wit: Increases Thaurissan’s survivability; burning enemies heal him.

Game Impact & Strategic Considerations

Warcraft Rumble Season 3: Thaurissan'S Reign

Emperor Thaurissan’s unique blend of ranged and melee attacks, combined with his burning effects and talents like Incinerate, redefine battlefield tactics. He’s versatile, adaptable, and a game-changer in both siege and direct combat scenarios.

PvP Changes

Randomized Maps:

  • Diversity of Terrain: Each PvP match features a different layout, forcing players to constantly adapt.
  • Strategic Depth: The unpredictability of map layouts enhances strategic gameplay.

Modifiers Overview:

  • Existing Modifiers: Clean Fight and Gold Rush, which double passive gold generation.
  • New Modifiers: Bounty Hunter, rewarding gold for eliminations, and First Strike, doubling damage on first attacks.

Strategies for Success

Warcraft Rumble Season 3: Thaurissan'S Reign

Adaptability, map awareness, and a willingness to experiment are key to mastering the new PvP dynamics. Understanding how different units interact with various terrains and modifiers can make or break a match.


PvP Emote (16k Rating):

An exclusive emote symbolizing elite status in the Warcraft World community.

Guild Chest Rewards (20k Rating):

Unique tower skins for Arrow, Rocket, and Dragon Towers, showcasing high achievements in PvP.


Season 3 of Warcraft Rumble brings a fresh wave of excitement with Emperor Thaurissan, innovative PvP map mechanics, engaging new modifiers, and exclusive rewards. Whether you’re strategizing with Thaurissan’s burning mechanics, adapting to randomized terrains, or aiming for those high-tier rewards, the latest update promises a thrilling and strategic experience for all players!