Wow Sanguine Affix — Just Kite It!

So, Sanguini Linguini… Oh, didn’t you know that on April 1st, sometime in the 2020s, Blizzard renamed their Sanguine Affix to Sanguini Linguini? Well, if you didn’t, you might not know how to play it correctly. That’s why, just for you, right here, right now, for free, our EpicCarry team in the world of Warcraft has created this guide:

  1. A common definition of the Sanguine affix.
  2. What to do when facing the Sanguine affix.
  3. Are there any hints on how to play the Sanguine affix?

And of course, our super-secret WeakAura for the Sanguine affix, which will scream at you when you’re standing in the Sanguine ichor or when mobs are in it. That WeakAura will just scream! But it’s the only Sanguini Linguini secret that can help you avoid wipes on simple mobs.

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Wow Sanguine Affix — Just Kite It!

Sanguine affix definition

Wow Sanguine Affix — Just Kite It!

Sanguine is one of those new affixes popping up in WoW dungeons every week. When you’re in a dungeon, and your group takes down a non-boss enemy (yeah, just the regular mobs), these fallen foes leave a lingering pool. Think of it as their last annoying ‘gift’.

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This pool is not just a puddle to splash in; it’s a sanguine pool that does two things: it heals any of the bad guys (enemies) still standing around it, and it damages players (yeah, your party) if they stand in it. So, tanks gotta be on their toes to pull or move the remaining mobs out of these pools to avoid healing them. Meanwhile, the DPS and healers gotta dodge these pools, unless they want a health-draining surprise.

Wow Sanguine Affix — Just Kite It!
Affix NameSanguine
TriggerActivates when non-boss enemies are slain in dungeons.
Main EffectSlain enemies leave behind sanguine pools.
Pool DurationPools linger for a set period before disappearing.
Effect on EnemiesNon-boss enemies (remaining mobs) standing in the pools are healed.
Effect on PlayersPlayers (tanks, DPS, healers) standing in the pools receive damage.
Strategy for TanksMove enemies out of the pools to prevent their healing.
Strategy for DPS/HealsAvoid standing in the pools to prevent self-damage and focus on positioning.
Weekly RotationPart of a rotating set of affixes, changes each week in dungeons.
Influence on CombatForces the group to adapt to positioning and manage the placement and duration of pools during the dungeon.

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Basically, it’s all about positioning and not letting these pools influence the fight too much. Lol, it’s like a dance, but with more healing for them and damage for you. Annoying? Sure. But it adds a bit of spice to the usual dungeon run!

How to really play Sanguine affix

Wow Sanguine Affix — Just Kite It!

Okay, now that we’re finished with formalities, there’s only one thing left: to tell you how to play when the non-boss enemy dies. First and foremost, there are no hints. This affix is not DPS-dependent, heal-dependent, or reliant on anything else. It does not require special routes for a run. Instead, it only requires two things.

The first requirement is more DPS. The higher the burster, the more meta, the better. Why? Because it’s one of the trickiest affixes.

Even if you play maximally carefully, do not pull the bosses with packs, do not do stupid things, any case, there’s a huge chance to leave a small part of mobs in the sanguine drop. And their will heal from that drop. So what may say you?

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It mean, what if their will been healed, you need to damage their again. So it’s mean, what you MUST to create more Overall damage. The more overall damage you must to create, the more id DPS-dependable affix.

Wow Sanguine Affix — Just Kite It!

So the first thing, is that use META DPS for all situations in the sanguini linguini weeks.

The second Big advice, which is you must to follow, if you want to stay alive.

Specific Advises

Wow Sanguine Affix — Just Kite It!
  1. Install Weakaura.
  2. Kite it.
  3. Use Bursting dpses, who can destroy pack, faster than affix will make troubles.

All is maximally obvious. But there’s one more advice, which you’re not expect for! Get the Druid. In cause? For the Typhoon of course!

The Typhoon’s Balance druid spell can cut the required dps in 2x times? In how, it’s just punch the mobs out the sanguine drops. If mob is not in the drop, it do not healed. If it do not healed. You kill it. All is pretty simple.

WeakAura for sanguine non boss enemies leave

Wow Sanguine Affix — Just Kite It!

Ok, if you’re in such a high keys, and just looking for one simple WeakAura, which will pass you through all the affixes, the first recommendation will be LuckyoneUI

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LuckyOneUI is a slick, user-friendly WoW UI addon that jazzes up your game interface. It’s like giving your WoW screen a makeover, making everything look cleaner and more organized. The addon streamlines info you need – like health, mana, and cooldowns – so you can focus on the fight, not searching for stats. Plus, it’s super customizable, letting you tweak it to suit your style, whether you’re a tank, DPS, or healer.

Wow Sanguine Affix — Just Kite It!
User-Friendly Interface: Easy to navigate, great for both new and seasoned players.Overwhelming for Newbies: The array of features might be a bit much for newcomers to WoW.
High Customizability: Tailor it to your playstyle, perfect for any role – tank, DPS, or healer.Dependency on Updates: Regular updates needed to keep up with game patches.
Clean and Clear Layout: Keeps your screen uncluttered, focusing on important gameplay aspects.Compatibility Issues: Might conflict with other addons, requiring some tweaking.
Regular Updates: Stays current with WoW’s latest changes and patches.Adaptation Time: Might take some time to get used to the new layout and features

Alternative WEakAura is a Sanguine Tracker 1.0.2-5 DF-WeakAura! If both are not pass you, you can get the WeakAura, exactly on the


Wow Sanguine Affix — Just Kite It!

Wrapping up our dive into the whimsical world of Sanguini Linguini, or as it’s formally known, the Sanguine affix in WoW, it’s clear that this affix is no mere walk in the park. It’s a dynamic challenge that requires a keen eye for positioning and a dash of tactical thinking. Whether you’re battling through fortified or tyrannical weeks, dealing with incorporeal adversaries, or juggling the health of your allies, Sanguine demands your utmost attention.

The key point here is adaptation. Sanguine pools, those remnants of the fallen, are not just obstacles but opportunities to test your group’s coordination and agility. Whether you’re a priest casting heals, a tank absorbing hits, or DPS dealing with the chaos, the Sanguine affix adds a layer of complexity to your dungeon runs, making each encounter a unique experience.

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As patches come and go, bringing changes and new challenges, remember that the essence of mastering any affix, especially one as capricious as Sanguine, lies in your ability to embrace change, anticipate the next move, and stack your strategies effectively. And, if all else fails, remember the golden rule of Sanguini Linguini week: when in doubt, kite it out!

Wow Sanguine Affix — Just Kite It!

In conclusion, the Sanguine affix, with its dance of death and healing, adds a vibrant hue to the tapestry of WoW’s Mythic+ dungeons. It’s a testament to the game’s ever-evolving nature, continuously pushing players to adapt, strategize, and above all, enjoy the thrill of the challenge. So, gear up, stay alert, and let the epic journey through the World of Warcraft continue!