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Surely, you all have been reading and following new features that will see that light once Shadowlands airs. Among the many new features that Shadowlands is going to introduce, one that we have never seen before is Covenants. There is a lot of info about Covenants and a myriad of advice and suggestions on picking the best. Well, we decided to also make an overview, but the one with all the necessary info and up-to-date information. Furthermore, expect precise information on every Covenant, including all benefits they give.

Not to forget, Covenants are a momentous segment of Shadowlands, which we gladly welcome within giving props to the Blizzard-team. Precisely, although Blizzard didn’t introduce newfangled races in his expansion, implementing Covenants will give you a feeling like they did. Among many new and enhanced customizations, Covenants comes as nice addition to further drive innovation&refresh the game style. Now, let’s jump straight to the Covenant-analysis and carefully explain them.

What are Covenants?

Immediately, let’s start by stating that Covenants are world-old fractions, where each rule over one zone which comprises the Afterlife. Also, expect a total of four zones, and for every Covenant to have its own unique code, aims, goals, plus individually, a vital and distinctive purpose that keeps the Afterlife well-guarded. Logically, their role is crucial to Shadowlands and they’re supposed to be one of the major highlights in the eight expansion.

Besides, Shadowlands is a realm for lost spirits to cross and get judged by the hand of the Arbiter, whose role is to pass them to the Covenants. Namely, the whole goal is to purge these fallen spirits, reconnecting them to their Anima and making them soldiers of eternity. However, some of those spirits are so depraved and desperate, so redemption is impossible. Unfortunately, they will forever be sentenced to The Maw.

Furthermore, your hero enters Afterlife as a special soul – having both, access to the living and to the dead. Comparably, you pick the Covenant you want while fallen souls are intentionally forwarded to a specific Covenant tailored by Arbiter’s choice. Precisely, you choose among these houses: Kyrian, Venthyr, Night Fae, or Necrolord. All are a story of their own and expect a breakdown on each to help develop a deeper view of which will suit you the most.

Additionally, hitting the cap level will allow your hero to join one of them and to align your paths. Every Covenant gives a special ability considering your class. On top of that, you get a Covenant-unique movement ability with the addition of transmogs and rewards.

Also, Covenants’ epicenters of power are called Sanctums and their unique style and lore can be observed there. Plus, expect an interesting and distinctive system of transportation and special features for every Covenant. Truly, these fractions carry diversity and enrich the expansion, while parallelly pursuing everything that will ensure the perseverance of Shadowlands. Some look evil, others feel pure, but in the end, only peace in Shadowlands stands as the ultimate goal.

Next, let’s carefully observe these fractions.

The Kyrian Covenant

The Kyrian Covenant

Sentient creatures, marching bravely to the battle with Forsworn, fighting honorably and diligently, are members of the Kyrian Covenant. If you come as brave, worthy, and respectful, always committed to serving and fighting for the eternal good – then this is a crew for you. The Kyrian stronghold is in Bastion, and you’ll bump into this zone first, once Shadowlands content starts. Furthermore, their Sanctum is  Elysian Hold and it represents the main HQ of this Covenant. So, this is a place where you will be bringing collected souls, activate new quests, and meet some of the “key-Kyrian”. Now, Kyrian Covenant is currently failing in this battle and they cannot find purest among fallen souls to fill rows in this war to preserve the good.

Precisely, let’s see what you get if you choose to ally with Kyrian.

Kyrian abilities

As we already said, Covenants give you two abilities as a reward for joining and so does the Kyrian. With them, an extra of two skills are at your disposal for your hero to use:

Kyrian Signature skill – if you decide to fill Kyrian ranks, Covenant gave a unique skill called Summon Steward. To explain, this ability calls a steward who will bring you a Phial of Serenity. When you take it, this Phial retrieves 20% HP while eliminating all effects cast on you.

Kyrian Class skill – Depending on which class your character belongs to you’ll get a Class skill unique for every class.

Additionally, you get access to the Kyrian Transport network, which delivers you anywhere within Bastion once every 8 hours.

Also, there is a unique feature every Covenant comes with, and for Kyrian that is the Path of Ascension. Furthermore, the Path of Ascension’s purpose is to challenge your Souldbinds in the trial of courage. You will choose among 3 characters – Pelagos, Kleia, or Mikanikos, and note that every one of them is specific, coming with a particular skill set that will help face the horrors along the way. 

The purpose is to gather materials to conjure a  boss and when you defeat it – expect valuable bounty. Additionally, you will battle it in form of Souldbind you prefer and if are victorious – expect valuable bounty like cosmetics, upgrade for Covenant Signature skill, and blueprints.

Necrolord Covenant

Necrolord Covenant

Necromantic magic is the moving force behind this fraction, and only the strongest can chime in. Besides, ambitious, and controversial ones can march as soldiers of the wicked Necrolord force, protecting the Shadowlands. What’s more, a prophecy told a tale of the valiant one who will show up, and if the power of might is your driving force, maybe Necrolord is your destiny. Finally, the Necrolord crew resides in Maldraxxus practicing only sturdiness and unyieldingness.

Incidentally, Necrolord Covenant Sanctum is the Seat of Primus where their HQ lies. Therefore, picking quests, meeting interesting crew members, and using Anima will be your main activities here.

Necrolord’s means of transport is the Bone Gates, but you can also use an alternative option to travel around. Therefore, with a bit of creativeness, little effort, and some spare materials, you can use Abominable Factory for transportation. Now, you probably ask how – well, you can make a creation that will carry you around.

Necrolord abilities

Now, the two special skills which Necrolord gives its members are:

Necrolord Signature skill – A special ability that comes reserved for Necrolord associates is Fleshcraft. Particularly, Fleshcraft forms a flesh&bone shield for 4 sec and it takes up the damage of 20% of max HP, lasting 2 min. Using it around a cadaver will take its essence and strengthen the shield up to 50% of max HP.

Necrolord Class skill – Depending on which class your character belongs to, you’ll get a Class skill unique for every class.

Further, a special feature reserved only for Necrolord is the Abomination factory. Eerie and mysterious, this is the place where you’ll improve fleshwork skills and creating life out of death through Abominable Stitching. Hence, this is a crafting system this Covenant uses and along with Rathan and Emeni, you’ll use it to expand the Butchers Block community. Anyhow, you’ll retrieve a myriad of materials for fleshwork, and the abominations you create will join this community with their distinctive personalities.

Venthyr Covenant

Venthyr Covenant

The last Covenant you’ll come across in Shadowlands is Venthyr who represents an ultimate purger of the deprived souls. Specifically, Venthyr Covenants seeks those who are at the tip of spending perpetuity in The Maw – those greediest and insatiable. 

Also, this vampiric Covenant has ancient lore which along with its baroque style exudes aristocratic elegance. If you like what you hear and identify with Venthyr values, then you’ll be able to choose them once you hit the cap.

Venthyr controls Revendreth and yeah, you can anticipate gothic elements interwoven into their realm. Apparently, there are many castles, horrific creatures, with a bunch of gothic members who will reside here, so if this fits you – great.

Not to forget, Venthyr Sanctum is Sinfall and you will come here often to pick up new quests, find new allies, bring Anima and change your Souldbinds. Ah, the vampiric hub of activity – what’s not to like.

Venthyr travel through Blood Mirrors and it will help you get around Revendreth. To top it off, you can even alter some mirrors – and they’ll provide in turn some useful shortcuts to custom locations.

Venthyr abilities

Next, the two special Venthyr abilities exclusive to its members are as follows:

Venthyr Signature skill – For the Venthyr house a unique skill you’ll get access to are certainly the Door of Shadows. This skill serves to covertly skim among shadows and get to the point you targeted. It comes with a 35yard sweep and needs a minute to cool down.

Venthyr Class skill – Depending on which class your character belongs to, you’ll get a Class skill unique for every class.

A unique trait for Venthyr Covenant is The Ember Court where you’ll witness Venthyr elegance at its prime. Further, gala parties and events are held here, and you’ll be in charge of guest invitations, taking care of refreshments, and securing the venue. 

Basically, your role is to be a host or hostess, giving some beatings to party-crashers and mingling among the elite. Besides, you’ll get valuable rewards like loot if you make it a successful event.

Night Fae Covenant

Night Fae Covenant

Finally, the most magical of all Covenants is Night Fae, with its fairytale-like story and looks. Normally, they present defenders of Nature and the Life-Death cycle and fight for good. Most notably, they have a similar cause as Kyrian Covenant and seek nature-oriented, emphatic souls. Interestingly, they have helped Cenarius, a demigod, to return to Azeroth in Cataclysm. Nevertheless, if you prefer natural elements, fairy realms, or incline to it, then this Covenant is for you. So, defending nature, preserving light, using magic for good are all Night Fae’s objectives.

Anyhow, Ardenweald, is the area they control and it’s the third of four realms each Covenant controls. Incidentally, their Sanctum is Heart of the Forest, a place where your progress will be rewarded and an HQ for members. As with previous Covenants, here you’ll pick up objectives, bring Anima, and make your upgrades.

Night Fae’s system of transportation is Fae Circles and you will unlock 3 tiers within it, which allow more transportation options. To explain, Night Fae uses a living transportation system – Marasmius, a world-old Court of the Night member. While you are restoring the Sanctum, Marasmius will be repairing himself and will give gradually give you further clearance to access the rings around Ardenweald. Precisely, the tiers we mentioned before making for access to mushroom rings which you use to travel.

Night Fae abilities

Players that go into the Night Fae Covenant will be provided with these special abilities: 

Night Fae Signature skill – In case you bound weapons with Night Fae, they’ll enable you to transform to Vulpin who can teleport 15 yards forward with a boosted speed of movement (50% boost). The name of this special ability is Soulshape and its duration goes for at least 12 seconds. 

Night Fae Class skill – Considering your hero’s class, you’ll get a special ability from this Covenant.

Overall, a unique feature for Night Fae is the Queen’s Conservatory, a magical, empyreal garden where this fraction reaps an essence of rebirth. Further, this is used to empower ancient deities to rise to life. You will cooperate with the Warden and utilize the power of the seeds of Ardenwald to empower the deities to become alive again. To cut it down, your hero will enhance seeds with magic force and in turn, get a gift from deities. These gifts range and cover resources, mounts, pets, and cosmetics. Pretty cool, huh?

Final Words

We believe you’ll develop a clear understanding of every Covenant after reading this overview, so you can pick the right one for you when the time comes. Besides, you can now differentiate the uniqueness every Covenant has and compare your style and values with it– so your hero really develops the right way. What’s more, while every Covenant matches a certain class seemingly (on paper), we encourage you not to limit your choice to this logic. 

For example, Druid might go with Night Fae the best way, but in case you personally better identify with, say Venthyr, then pick them. Last, also consider what each Covenant offers– so we advise fitting personal style and aligning it with your goals when deciding which will be your Covenant. Finally, re-read this guide while you’re progressing to the cap will make sure that you’ll know how to pick when the time comes.