We all know the bleak and grim world of Shadowlands, we experienced it first hand. Moreover, now that we have adapted to its mechanics and its storyline, we take our time to immerse ourselves in the storyline. However, while uncovering and rethinking the story itself, some dilemmas start popping and one of them begs the questions about the Undead. To be precise, what is going to happen with the Undead?

Undead and Shadowlands

Wow Shadowlands: What Is Going To Happen With The Undead

As we all know, Shadowlands is the realm of Death, a place where the lost and souls of the dead await their trial. Furthermore, it is a foundation of Necromancy – a place where it was created, particularly in Maldraxxus. Over the ages, Necrolords have been practising Necromancy there and were creating vast armies of the undead. 

However, the true question is – What is the meaning of undead and necromancy in Shadowlands, when everyone else is already dead? Furthermore, death in Shadowlands is not the same as death in any other realm and the core purpose of Necrolords was to defend Shadowlands. This means that Death in Shadowlands can be understood as Life in Azeroth. Precisely, each of these two forces represents a lifeforce of these two realms. 

Now, as fun, as it may sound, the Undead can die in Shadowlands, for the simple reason of not yet being judged by the Arbiter.

But particularly, the main question that worried many players is what will happen with the undead race, after Shadowlands storyline comes to its closure. Well, there are many theories and analysis, from experienced fans who were passionately following the lore and there are a few possible outcomes.

What is going to happen with Undead?

The first possibility is, that after Shadowlands, the undead race won’t exist anymore. Unfortunately, the Forsaken were left without leadership since Sylvanas and Nathanos went M.I.A. Hence, there is currently nobody who can extend their ranks and lead them, so they might evaporate as a race. 

However, there might be a silver lining to this possibility, as Sylvanas and Nathanos just might return at the end of Shadowlands. Additionally, Sylvanas did promise us something before she opened Shadowlands – “I will set us all free” and we keep our fingers crossed she’ll live up to it.

On the other hand, some speculations are saying that Forsaken and Undead might just get a new leader. Specifically, rumours are suggesting more candidates with some of whom would and wouldn’t fit as a new Forsaken-chairmen. 

Naturally, there a few characteristics that a new Forsaken leader must possess to, logically, fit as a candidate:

  • Indisputable loyalty to the Horde
  • Likes the Forsaken
  • Has a decent background (in terms of character development)

As we already hear rumors, Calia Menethil, the last descendant of the Menethil dynasty, might pop as their new commander, she is a Forsaken after all. More notably, things might take a twist here and she might want to create an army of Light Forsaken made in her image. However, there were some hints from Steve Danuser that this is highly unlikely – since he mentioned she’s involved in Shadowlands for “personal reasons”. What’s more, he subtly added that the storyline won’t portrait her as any kind of leader, more likely a bit like a lone wolf. 

The next contestant is High Warlord Cromush, who’s been supporting the Forsaken and understood their adversities for a long time. His flaw is that his origin isn’t of the undead race, but the orcs, but who knows. 

Finally, maybe the best candidate is Leonid Barthalomew the Redeemed, an original offspring, carrying loyalty and determination in his veins. To cut the clutter, Leonid always stood for his people, had clear reasoning and always sought opportunities for the Forsaken. Besides, he cooperated with the Brotherhood of Life for the benefit of its race, so he just might join forces with Lilian Voss. That way, the fate of the Forsaken would have a stable thrust into the future where they’ve outlasted and advanced as a race.

Anyhow, among other candidates, there is equally important Lilian Voss, following Nazgrim who might also be a decent choice. 

To wrap up this battle, let’s see one final and most surprising possibility. In particular, king Arthas might come back after quitting his job for the Jailer and take control of the Forsaken army. It’s just a wicked possibility, but how can we know what will Blizzard serve to the table? 

Final Words

To sum up, there are many possibilities and we cannot virtually predict how things will play out for the Forsaken. Nonetheless, a lot of things in Shadowlands don’t always follow a common logic and that might apply to the Forsaken too. Whatsoever, the story will certainly unfold promptly and we advise you to just enjoy it – and leave the Forsaken dilemma aside. Anyways, did you check out new undead character customizations? – If not, do it, and make your character abominably-amazing.