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Ok, when we’re talking about Awakened Crests, they don’t need long introductions. The Awakened Crests are part of the new World of Warcraft: Season 4, and we’re able to provide you with an Awakened Crests guide. We’ll cover:

  1. What is the new Crest system for Awakened?
  2. Can you upgrade Legendaries from the Awakened Crests?
  3. How to earn Awakened Crests in new Raids?
  4. Types of Drake’s Awakened Crests
  5. What’s the weekly limit on Awakened Crests?
  6. How many Awakened Crests can you stack at the start, middle, and end of the season?



And many other things about World of Warcraft: 10.2.7, Season 4. Also, this isn’t a standalone guide; it’s part of our Compendium about the last season of World of Warcraft: Dragonflight, which includes:

  1. Guides for Mythic+ runs;
  2. PvP Guides;
  3. Mount Guide;
  4. Plunderstorm Event Guide;
  5. Pandaria remix activity as part of the 10.2.7 guide;
  6. Gearing guide.
  7. Tier Sets Guide for Season 4

And we’re moving forward!

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What are new Crests system

Whelpling Awakened Crest
Dreaming Of Drakes

DragonFlight season 4 introduces Awakened Crests, a spiffy new gear upgrade system that’s a step up from last season’s Dreaming Crests.

These badges—like the Enchanted Aspect’s Awakened Crest or the Nascent Wyrm’s Awakened Crest—are your ticket to better gear, offering upgrades across various item levels. Whether you’re battling through world quests, facing down raid bosses, or engaging in weekly events, snagging these crests can seriously boost your setup. The system spans four tiers—from the basic Whelpling’s Awakened Crest to the elite Aspect’s Awakened Crest—each tailored to different levels of gameplay and challenges in WoW Dragonflight.

Gear TypeItem Level RangeRequired Awakened CrestsCommentary
Explorer’s Set454 to 476Nascent Whelpling’s Awakened CrestPerfect for those hitting the open world. Use these to upgrade your gear and tackle new challenges with ease.
Adventurer’s Set467 to 489Drake’s Awakened CrestIdeal for crafting superior gear. Combine these with materials as you journey through the world of Azeroth.
Veteran’s Set480 to 502Nascent Wyrm’s Awakened CrestMade for LFR enthusiasts and Mythic dungeon divers. These crests unlock higher item levels, boosting your prowess.
Champion’s Set493 to 515Nascent Wyrm’s Awakened CrestTackle mid-level Mythic keys and normal raids with these crests, enhancing your gear for tougher battles.
Hero’s Set506 to 522Nascent Aspect’s Awakened CrestAimed at high-key Mythic runners and heroic fated raid challengers, these crests prepare you for the fiercest fights.
Myth’s Set519 to 528Nascent Aspect’s Awakened CrestReserved for the elite, these crests help conquer the highest raid and dungeon levels for ultimate gear upgrades.

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You can use Awakened Crests in WoW Dragonflight Season 4 to:

  1. Make your equipment better.
  2. Create new, stronger gear.
  3. Earn gear by doing quests, beating bosses, and joining events.

Types of Drake’s Awakened Crests

Wow Whelpling'S Awakened Crest
How To Get Drake’S Awakened Crest

Here’s the lowdown on the types of Drake’s Awakened Crests for upgrading your gear in WoW Dragonflight Season 4. Think of these as your gear-boosting tokens:

  1. Nascent Whelpling’s Awakened Crest – These are the entry-level crests, great for getting your feet wet. You’ll pick these up from easier content like early Mythic+ dungeons and regular world activities.
  2. Drake’s Awakened Crest – Step it up a notch with these. Hit up those normal difficulty raids and mid-tier Mythic+ dungeons to snag some.
  3. Nascent Wyrm’s Awakened Crest – Now we’re getting serious. These drop in heroic raids and the tougher Mythic+ dungeons, perfect for the seasoned players.
  4. Nascent Aspect’s Awakened Crest – Top of the line stuff here. You’ll need to challenge yourself with the highest raid and dungeon difficulties to earn these.
  5. The Nascent Aspect’s Awakened Crest is basically the raw material you need if you’re looking to craft the more powerful Enchanted Aspect’s Awakened Crest. Think of it as the base ingredient that gets a magical boost to become something even better.

Each tier helps you upgrade and craft better gear, pushing your item levels even higher to keep you competitive.

How to Earn Drake’s Awakened Crests?

How To Farm Drake'S Awakened Crest
Whelplings Awakened Crest

First you should know, never get the Drake’s awakened crests boosting services. Better play the game, and learn in how to earn Nascent aspect’s awakened crests with this little guideline:

Crest TypeWhere to GetUse
Nascent Whelpling’s Awakened CrestWith some special events, rare dropsKickstart your gear upgrades, useful for newcomers or casual gameplay.
Nascent Wyrm’s Awakened CrestAbove Drake’s level, found in heroic and some Mythic contentPush your gear further, ideal for high-end PvE content.
Nascent Wyrm’s Awakened CrestMost challenging content, often high Mythic levels or special eventsTransform into Enchanted Aspect’s Awakened Crest for ultimate upgrades.
Enchanted Whelpling’s Awakened CrestEnhance a Nascent Whelpling’s Crest through crafting or eventsSignificant upgrade, boosts early gear item levels.
Enchanted Wyrm’s Awakened CrestUpgrade a Nascent Wyrm’s Crest with high-level enchanting suppliesSupercharge mid to high-level gear for tougher encounters.
Enchanted Aspect’s Awakened CrestPinnacle of crafting, upgraded from Nascent Aspect’s CrestBest for gear upgrades, preparing you for the toughest WoW challenges.

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What’s the Weekly limit on Awakened Crests?

Dreaming Aspect Crest
Wow Dreaming Of Drakes

Each week, you can collect up to 150 pieces of each type of Awakened Crest in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight Season 4. This includes various types such as Whelpling’s Awakened Crests, Drake’s Awakened Crests, Wyrm’s Awakened Crests, and Aspect’s Awakened Crests. Collecting these allows you to engage in the gear upgrade system, utilizing the crests for enhancing equipment through the new upgrade system.

How many Awakened crests can you stack?

Wow Awakened Crests
Nascent Aspect’S Awakened Crest

You can stack Awakened Crests pretty high in your bag, so no worries about running out of space. Whether you’re hoarding Whelpling’s, Drake’s, Wyrm’s, or Aspect’s Awakened Crests, the game’s bag system allows you to keep a hefty supply ready for whenever you need to crank up your gear’s item level or dive into crafting some powerful new PvP or PvE gear. This comes in handy especially when planning for those high-stakes raid bosses or gearing up for the weekly events in WoW Dragonflight. So, stack ’em high and keep pushing those item levels!


Wyrm'S Awakened Crest
Wow Drake Awakened Crest

First things first, if you’re just stepping into the world of Awakened Crests, you’ll want to start collecting Whelpling’s Awakened Crests. These are ideal for anyone who’s gearing up or new to the scene. You can find them by participating in early Mythic+ dungeons and world quests. They’re your basic building blocks for gear upgrades.

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As you get more comfortable and ready for bigger challenges, you’ll want to aim for Drake’s Awakened Crests. These are sourced from standard difficulty raids and mid-tier Mythic+ dungeons. They’re perfect for enhancing your gear as you prepare to tackle more difficult content.

Once you’re seasoned and looking for significant boosts to your effectiveness, Wyrm’s Awakened Crests will be on your radar. These are gathered from heroic raids and the tougher Mythic+ dungeons. They’re essential for anyone looking to maximize their gameplay and gear stats.

At the top of the crest hierarchy are the Aspect’s Awakened Crests, designed for the top-tier players engaging in the highest levels of play like Mythic raids. If you’re aiming to be among the best, these are the crests you’ll need to compete at the highest levels and maximize your gear’s potential.