Dragonflight Gearing Guide

Welcome, Traveler! Ok, without extra words, let’s start our comprehensive Dragonflight Season 3 gearing guide. Right here, we’ll explain to you the following things:

  1. What has changed in the gearing system compared to 10.1 (including Drake’s Crests discounts for upgrading).
  2. The fundamental mechanics of upgrading gear with new Crests.
  3. How high you can increase your wow champion ilvl by engaging in different types of content.
  4. Where you can upgrade your high-end gear.
  5. How to understand the tiers in the gearing system for Dragonflight 10.2.

And of course, as a bonus, we’ll provide very important information on how to prepare for the starting season (if you’re not already prepared), or how to close the gap between you and the highest-geared people on your realm in the shortest possible time. So le’t dive into dragonflight gearing guide for season 3.

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Changes in Upgrade system compared to the 10.1

Wow Dragonflight Gearing Guide

First and primal, if you’ve already mastered the gear upgrade system with crests from 10.1, you know that upgrading your crafted gear requires tons of crests and Flightstones for gearing in dragonflight.

It’s great when you’re upgrading your first set of champion gear. But what about when you need to gear up an alt or if you’re farming a specific item, like a particular trinket that better suits your current stats and gives you an advantage over other players?

Here you can benefit from the innovation: Discounts on gear upgrades for lower-level crests, which Blizzard introduced.

How does it work?

Wow Champion Max Ilvl

It’s a pretty simple mechanics. When you have already upgraded the gear of this slot to the incoming item level, you can upgrade all other items for almost free. The more items you upgrade to the current item level (you want to reach), the cheaper the next upgrade will be.

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Dragonflight Season 3 Gearing Guide | How To Gear Up Fast In Wow Df 10.2

For example, let’s say you need X amount of drake crests to upgrade them by 4 ilvls at Dragonflight ilvl chart. If you’ve already upgraded a similar item to that ilvl at any time on your account, you’ll receive a percentage discount for the next upgrade. If you’ve upgraded your champion gear to that ilvl multiple times, you’ll have multiple percentage discounts.

Discounts are applied as follows:

  • Flightstone Discounts: 60% reduction in Flightstone cost for upgrades in a slot where gear of a certain item level has already been obtained for max champion ilvl.
  • Crest Discounts: No Crests are required for upgrades in a slot where gear of a certain item level has already been obtained.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The discount counter is separated for PvP and PvE content to prevent cheating situations where PvP players obtain the highest possible PvE content.

Interface innovations

Dragonflight Season 3 Gearing Guide | How To Gear Up Fast In Wow Df 10.2

One other important thing about the new Gear upgrade system is that now you shouldn’t need to consult any tables to determine which gear reaches which ilvl. This is because, now, you can obtain that information directly from the upgrading interface. You can now see not only the ilvl you currently have or the ilvl you will achieve, but also the entire range of possible ilvls for this type of gearing.

Updates For Gear upgrade system

Wow Gearing Guide

Except for the two previous notices about the interface and discounts for gear upgrading, you shouldn’t expect any real innovations in the perfectly balanced gear upgrade system for World of Warcraft: Dragonflight Season 3, Patch 10.2.

For today, you may expect:

  1. Increasing the maximum ilvl for keys from 447 to 483, which is an increase of up to 36 ilvls, a usual number for the season patches.
  2. New Crests and Flightstones, which are required for upgrading your gear.
  3. Disabling old tier-sets to increase the power of the new tier sets obtained from the new Raids.
  4. New recipes for acquiring high-end gear.
  5. New places where you can upgrade your gear for your routines.

If you want to get all this information about Crests, Stones, Ilvls, and most importantly, how to obtain the highest gear in the short term, you’re welcome to explore further!

New Crests and FlightStones

Dragonflight Ilvl Chart

There aren’t any significant changes in the Crests system. To be honest, there’s only one thing that has changed in the Crests system for upgrading gear in the World of Warcraft: Guardians of the Dream, and that’s the names of Crests and the ilvl you can obtain with all those crests. So here they are:

Item Upgrade TrackItem Level ChartRequired Dreaming Crests
Explorer gear415 to 437Whelpling’s Dreaming Crest
Adventurer gear428 to 450Drake’s Dreaming Crest
Veteran gear441 to 463Wyrm’s Dreaming Crest
Champion gear454 to 476Aspect’s Dreaming Crest
Hero gear467 to 483Aspect’s Dreaming Crest
Myth gear480 to 489Aspect’s Dreaming Crest

Here’s one of the most reasonable questions: Where is the old-fashioned Valor PvE gear upgrading system headed? Well, the answer is quite simple. Blizzard has introduced a new universal upgrade system to prevent situations where low-end gamers farm low-end keys to obtain items and then abuse the mechanics to fully upgraded myth gear just by collecting Valor for mythic+ gear chart.

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Comparison With Titles of Gear And Upgrade Gear Limits

Dragonflight Gear Guide

As you may recall, in Dragonflight, there’s differentiation not only by dragonflight gear levels but also by titled gear. Right here, you can find information about the type of content where you can obtain one or another titled gear, along with the dragonflight ilvl gear range. We hope that with this table, you’ll be able to optimize your approach to obtaining gear and upgrading it using shadowflame crests or relevante to them crestsfrom heroic and mythic raids.

Item Upgrade TrackItem Level RangeSource of Gear
Explorer Gear415 to 437Normal Dungeons, Early Mythic+ Dungeons, World Quests
Adventurer Gear428 to 450Higher Mythic+ Dungeons, LFR Raids, World Events
Veteran Gear441 to 463High-level Mythic+ Dungeons, Normal Raids, Competitive PvP
Champion Gear454 to 476Highest Mythic+ Dungeons (not weekly), Normal Raids
Hero Gear467 to 483Keystone +17 to +20 Dungeons, Heroic Raids
Myth Gear480 to 489Weekly Mythic+ Rewards, Mythic Raids

How to Get Gear in the new World of Warcraft: Dragonflight Season 3

Gearing In Dragonflight

To access high-end content, you can:

  1. Explore the world.
  2. Play dungeons.
  3. Win in Battlegrounds.
  4. Participate in raids.
  5. Engage in Arena battles.

Alternatively, you can exchange your old crests from previous seasons for the new crests upwards at a rate of 1:6. While it may not seem like much, this will significantly reduce the time you spend grinding high-end content and allow you to increase your ilvl gear faster through the same upgrade tracks.

Where to buy crests and upgrade gear?

How To Gear Up In Dragonflight

To buy crests and upgrade your PvP gear in Dragonflight:

  • Crests are earned through rated PvP activities, not bought.
  • To upgrade gear, visit any Item Upgrade NPC. In Dragonflight, key locations include:
    • Cuzolth in Emerald Dream (/way 14529 49.8 62.8) and Zaralek Cavern (/way 14022 56.6 56).
    • Corxian and Erza both in Valdrakken (/way 13862 44.3 36.5 and /way 13862 38.6 37.1, respectively).
    • Researcher Baneflare in The Forbidden Reach (/way 13862 37.5 59.4).

Just bring your gear and the required flightstones and crests to one of these NPCs to upgrad

Mythic+ Gear: Myth Track Gear

To be honest, all these routines of exchanging lower-level crests immediately for higher PvE gear advancement and the differentiation between equivalent Mythic Keystone levels and titles for gear are designed solely to prevent gaming the system. They aim to deter gamers from bypassing the sixth upgrade level threshold and obtaining high-level gear without participating in high-level keystones.

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That’s why World of Warcraft: Dragonflight Season 3 still maintains a separation between item level and the key level required to obtain it. Here is a table where you can find the key level required to obtain the highest nascent crests from them.

DifficultyEnd of DungeonEnd Dungeon Gear TrackGreat VaultGreat Vault Gear Track
2441Veteran 1/8454Champion 1/8
3444Veteran 2/8457Champion 2/8
4444Veteran 2/8460Champion 3/8
5447Veteran 3/8460Champion 3/8
6447Veteran 3/8463Champion 4/8
7450Veteran 4/8463Champion 4/8
8450Veteran 4/8467Hero 1/6
9454Champion 1/8467Hero 1/6
10454Champion 1/8470Hero 2/6
11457Champion 2/8470Hero 2/6
12457Champion 2/8473Hero 3/6
13460Champion 3/8473Hero 3/6
14460Champion 3/8473Hero 3/6
15463Champion 4/8476Hero 4/6
16463Champion 4/8476Hero 4/6
17467Hero 1/6476Hero 4/6
18467Hero 1/6480Myth 1/4
19470Hero 2/6480Myth 1/4
20470Hero 2/6483Myth 2/4

Tier Gear with Explanation

Max Champion Ilvl

Sure, let’s briefly discuss the new tier sets in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight Season, specifically in the “Dream’s Hope” raid dungeon.

First and foremost — we have a guide about WOW DRAGONFLIGHT TIER SETS 10.2 – ALL CLASSES OVERVIEW + TIER BONUSES!

Secondly, but still essential: previous season’s gear immediately doesn’t work.

All the other information you can obtain from other guide. Here you can catch the table with T-bonuses for different classes

ClassSpec2-Piece Bonus Summary4-Piece Bonus Summary
Death KnightBloodBone Shield makes Heart Strike strongerSoul Reaper and Abomination Limb apply Ashen Decay, extending its duration with Heart Strike and Blood Boil
Death KnightFrostChill Streak enhances damageMore Chill Streak bounces, improved Rune chances, and faster Empower Rune Weapon cooldown
Death KnightUnholyApocalypse summons an extra MagusRunes extend Magus duration, Magus casts Amplify Damage increasing damage
Demon HunterHavocBlade Dance may trigger Throw GlaiveThrow Glaive reduces The Hunt’s cooldown and increases its damage
Demon HunterVengeanceSigil of Flame generates a Soul Fragment and increases burnAttacking with Sigil of Flame increases damage, healing, and vitality
DruidBalanceAfter Eclipse or combat start, next Starfire or Wrath is more potentStarsurge or Starfall boosts Eclipse bonus
DruidFeralFeral Frenzy grants increased damageFeral Frenzy is faster and enemies take burn damage
DruidGuardianRage of the Sleeper enhances Dream ThornsRage extends Sleeper’s uptime, Dream Thorns become Blazing
DruidRestorationNourish and Grove Guardian affect more targetsClearcasting causes Regrowth to cast another Nourish
HunterBeast MasteryBestial Wrath summons a Dire BeastDire Beasts follow Kill Command with Beast Cleave
HunterMarksmanshipRapid Fire triggers VolleyVolley can send Wind Arrows to targets
HunterSurvivalFury of the Eagle enhances crit chanceFury flings a Wildfire Bomb, charged against primary prey
MageArcaneClearcasting increases spell damage, stackableClearcasting boosts Arcane Missiles’ damage and it affects surrounding targets
MageFirePyroblast and Flamestrike critical strikes increase crit damageCombustion doubles the critical damage bonus of Searing Rage
MageFrostGlacial Spike does more damage and explodes on ShatterGlacial Spike has a chance to trigger Brain Freeze
MonkBrewmasterBreath of Fire has bonus damage and healingBreath of Fire increases Shadowflame damage and Celestial Brew absorption
MonkMistweaverRenewing Mist spreads Chi Harmony, enhancing healingHealing on Chi Harmony targets gets stored and shared
MonkWindwalkerMelee strikes may grant a free Spinning Crane KickBlackout Kick reduces cooldown of several abilities
PaladinHolyExploding Keg leaves Holy ReverberationArc Bolt cooldown reduced
PaladinProtectionJudgment increases armor, stacking for bigger ConsecrationStacks make Consecration more powerful
PaladinRetributionExpurgation lasts longer with more damage, Judgment casts Wrathful SanctionWrathful Sanction enables Echoes of Wrath, double-hitting Templar’s Verdict or Divine Storm
PriestDisciplineSmite and Penance increased by 20%; Smite extends Atonement.Smite adds shadow damage during undefined.
PriestHolyHoly Word: Serenity triggers Renew; Holy Word: Sanctify grants Renew.Renew may make next Holy Word: Sanctify or Serenity free.
PriestShadowShadow Word: Death triggers more at lower damage, extra trigger if target is below 20% health.Shadow Word: Pain and Shadow Crash damage increase after Shadow Word: Death.
RogueAssassinationNature damage and speed increase with energy use.Envenom triggers a Nature damage explosion.
RogueOutlawChance for Sinister Strike to hit twice.Roll the Bones can refresh a combat buff.
RogueSubtletyShadowy doppelganger on Eviscerate, Rupture, or Black Powder use.Doppelgangers hit harder and grant combo points.
ShamanElementalEnhanced connection with elements.Lightning Bolt or Chain Lightning is faster and stronger after Lava Surge.
ShamanEnhancementPrimordial Wave summons a Lightning Feral Spirit, increases Nature damage.Feral Spirits reduce Primordial Wave cooldown.
ShamanRestorationImproved healing waves.Riptide heals more and may trigger additional Riptides.
WarlockAfflictionSoul Rot deals more damage and lasts longer.Malefic Rapture hits harder and extends other agonizing spells.
WarlockDemonologyDemonbolt brands target with Doom; Hand of Gul’dan reduces Doom cooldown.Hand of Gul’dan summons a Doomfiend.
WarlockDestructionImmolate burns hotter and may grant Dimensional Rift charge.Dimensional Rift can cause a Flame Rift.
WarriorArmsRend deals more damage; chance to trigger Sudden Death.Execute causes the target to bleed; Thunder Clap has increased damage.
WarriorFuryIncreased damage and focus for Bloodthirst and Odyn’s Fury.Critical hits with Bloodthirst reduce Odyn’s Fury cooldown.
WarriorProtectionShield Slam uses wounds to deal damage.Consuming wounds reduces enemy damage; Thunder Clap resets faster.
EvokerDevastationEmerald Trance from Dragonrage boosts damage.Essence Burst after Emerald Trance.
EvokerPreservationEmpowered spells cast Living Flame on friends and foes.Echoing Embers on healed allies or new targets.

AmirDrassil Raid Gear: Hero gear and others

Dragonflight Ilvl Table

Raid gear is indeed similar to the previously explained tier gear. If you require information about which raid modes offer different ilvl gear with titles for the universal upgrade system for players collected crest fragments for each gear slot, and how to progress through the Amirdrassil raid in normal raid difficulty to obtain higher-level crests without a weekly cap from the first week.

We have detailed tactics and strategies for all raid bosses that you can utilize right from the start of the expansion. This information is available to help you optimize your raid experience and gear progression. Catch the AmirDrassil Raid guide here!

PVP gear season 3

Dragonflight Ilvl

Gearing up in PvP is gonna feel a bit different in Dragonflight Season 3. Instead of grinding out honor for those same upgrade tracks, you’re going to use flightstones and crests to boost the item level of your PvP gear.

The Verdant titles in Dragonflight Season 3 PvP appear to correspond to a certain tier of gear similar to the PvE gear system. Below, I have enhanced the PvP gear table by providing a comparison with the PvE titles from the previous table you provided.

Gear TypeSourcePvP Item LevelPvE Gear Track Analog
Verdant CombatantCrafted463Champion 4/8
Verdant AspirantHonor476Hero 4/6
Verdant GladiatorConquest489Myth 1/4
Scalewarden Starter GearBloody Tokens (War Mode)473Hero 3/6
Scalewarden Upgraded GearTrophy of Strife (War Mode)486Higher than myth 4/4

So here’s the lowdown:

10.2 Gearing Guide
  1. Get Your Gear: First off, snag your PvP gear the usual way – jump into battles, scrap it out, and earn your pieces.
  2. Stockpile Flightstones: These little beauties are your ticket to higher item levels. You’ll rake in flightstones by doing pretty much any PvP stuff, so just get out there and mix it up!
  3. Grab Some Crests: Want those top-tier upgrades? You’ll need crests, and you only get those by showing your chops in rated PvP. So, if you’re all about climbing that ladder, this is good news for you.
  4. Upgrade Time: Once you’ve got a stash of flightstones and crests, hit up the upgrade NPC and bump up your gear’s item level. The better the gear, the more it’ll cost, but that’s just how it goes if you want to be the best, right?

Remember, all those honor points you used to use? You can forget about those for upgrades now – it’s all about those new currencies. So whether you’re crafting your gear or tearing it up in War Mode, keep those flightstones and crests coming and you’ll be decked out in no time!

The most optimal Strategy in how to get the highest gear for the first weeks with crafted gear

Dragonflight Gearing

So, finally, you’ve been waiting for this part of the Guide. How to collect the highest possible gear as clearly, quickly, and optimally as possible.

This section of the guide will be brief but still helpful. First, you need… Gold! Why do you need gold? It’s simple; with gold, you can purchase the most optimal gear to kickstart your journey. So, you should spend your gold on:

  1. The Explorer set that suits your class. It’s the set that’s typically available near Keystone level 2.
  2. One or more BoE (Bind on Equip) items with the highest possible ilvl dragonflight. You don’t need to overspend on Mythic ilvl gear; items for the heroic raid will suffice.
  3. Pick up BoE items from professions.

By using the Auction House, you can quickly achieve an average ilvl of around 440. With this ilvl, you can start farming Mythic dungeons at the minimal level. You’ll be overpowered for those keys, allowing you to run them without worrying about being kicked or wiped.

After completing 3-5 keys for +2 (without upgrading your own key), you can increase your ilvl from 440 to 450 or higher. This will enable you to tackle the hardest keys. In just a day, you can raise your gear ilvl from 0 to 460 in a straightforward manner, provided you have some knowledge of your rotation or tactics.

How To Gear Up Dragonflight

Next, you can move on to the normal raid and collect all the required gear. Now you have a moderately geared character capable of handling Keystone levels 8-10. Was it challenging? Just 5-6 hours and one or two million gold.

On the other hand, if you want to start the season with the most optimal gear, it’s much simpler. Farm 10 keys, complete the normal raid, and participate in Battlegrounds. With these activities, you can obtain your gear without going to the extremes of farming.

The most optimal way to farm gear is to consult our table in Mythic+ keys and obtain the gear that is at the lowest level of upgrading. Then, simply farm some crests, and you’ll become one of the most powerful characters on the server.

Don’t waste your time farming trinkets or other items from Emerald Dream; focus on keys, Battlegrounds, and Arena battles. It has been, is, and will be the most efficient way to obtain the highest gear in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight, the Guardians of the Dream.