Enchanted Wyrm'S Dreaming Crest

Note: Crests are a part of the gearing in the 10.2 services. If you want to learn more about how to collect gear in WoW Dragonflight 10.2, you’re welcome to read this article. So, the Crests! Dreaming Crests are the new thing in WoW: DF. They’re like an alternative to the classic valor system. But why create an alternative gear upgrade system with a drakes dreaming crest?


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It’s simple. When the Keystone system was introduced to the game, there was no gear upgrade system. But in Shadowlands, Blizzard added the possibility to upgrade your gear for Valor. Many people (specifically boosters and crab-hands) abused this mechanic. How? They spammed the low keys (like 2 to 8), earned lots of valor, and increased their ilvl up to the 15th key ilvl. Then, they pushed higher keys by overgearing.

To stop this abuse, Blizzard invented a new system with Crests and Flightstones. These Crests are an alternative to Valor, but they don’t pass for all gear. The limited crests pass for limited gear ilvl, which is marked by different titles.

To block abuse across seasons, each season has new crests for gear, so with a new season, there are new Crests. This ensures players upgrade gear efficiently and fairly, reducing the need for a crest boosting service or dreaming crest service to obtain crests effortlessly..

What are new crests system

Enchanted Whelplings Dreaming Crest

For today, New Drake’s Dreaming Crests are matts for the upgrading and crafting.

You can use Dreaming crest for profession to create epic Binds for Equip items. Catch the table, of all the Drake’s dreaming crests passes the different type of gear.

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Wow Dreaming Crests Guide 10.2 Season 3
Gear TypeItem Level RangeRequired Dreaming CrestsCommentary
Explorer’s Set415 to 437Whelpling’s Dreaming CrestDream of conquering new challenges? Use these for slot upgrades and revel in the rewards.
Adventurer’s Set428 to 450Drake’s Dreaming CrestFor those who yearn to explore the world, combine these with materials to craft better gear.
Veteran’s Set441 to 463Wyrm’s Dreaming CrestA must for seasoned players in patch 10.2. These crests are key to unlocking higher ilvl.
Champion’s Set454 to 476Aspect’s Dreaming CrestChampion your way through instances and use these to enhance your ability and limits.
Hero’s Set467 to 483Aspect’s Dreaming CrestHeroes of Warcraft, these are your treasures. Upgrade to keep up with the evolving challenges.
Myth’s Set480 to 489Aspect’s Dreaming CrestThe dream of every high-tier player. Combine these with a certain amount of currency for upgrades.

Types of Drake’s Dreaming crests

Enchanted Wyrms Dreaming Crest

They’re like different tiers of rewards. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Whelpling’s Dreaming Crests: These are the basic ones. You can grab them from the easy Amidrassil raid, beginner Mythic+ dungeons (up to +5), and some regular outdoor stuff like world quests. They might also drop from things like the Aiding the Accord quest or when you’re digging around.
  • Drake’s Dreaming Crests: A step up. You get these from normal Amidrassil raids, mid-level Mythic+ dungeons (from +6 to +10), and some special outdoor activities. There’s this weekly quest, A Worthy Ally: Dream Wardens, that gives a bunch of these as a reward. Plus, you can find them in paragon rewards and trade 90 Whelpling’s Crests for 15 Drake’s ones once you’re all geared up.
  • Wyrm’s Dreaming Crests: Even better ones, but harder to get. They’re only in heroic Amidrassil raids and higher Mythic+ dungeons (from +11 to +15). Once you’re fully decked out in gear, you can trade Drake’s Crests to get these.
  • Aspect’s Dreaming Crests: The top-tier stuff. You find these in the toughest raids and dungeons, like Mythic Amidrassil and super high-level Mythic+ dungeons in high mythic difficulty. Same deal as before: get all geared up, and you can trade in Wyrm’s Crests to get these.

How to earn Drake’s Dreaming Crests

Enchanted Drake Dreaming Crest

There are only two ways to obtain Dreaming Crests in the Emerald Dream. One of them is very simple: do not use the Dreaming Crests boosting service. Instead, play that type and difficulty of content to get the Dreaming Crest. What? Look — want to get Wyrm’s Dreaming Crests? Play AmirDrassil on heroic, or high keys, and exchange your Drake’s chests for the crests effortlessly..

Type of drake’s dreaming crestsHow to Get drake’s dreaming crests — four types
Whelpling’s Dreaming CrestFrom easy LFR raid bosses, Mythic+ dungeons up to +5, world quests, treasures, and other activities in Emerald Dream. Spinsoa also sells fragments of these in raid finder difficulty.
Drake’s Dreaming CrestNormal amirdrassil raid bosses, mid-range Mythic+ dungeons (+6 to +10), and weekly events in Emerald Dream. Again, Spinsoa has fragments.
Wyrm’s Dreaming CrestTo get dreaming crests you need to pass Tougher heroic amirdrassil raid bosses and higher Mythic+ dungeons (+11 to +15).
Aspect’s Dreaming CrestThe really hard Mythic raid amirdrassil bosses and Mythic+ dungeons (+16 and up).

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Grabbing an Enchanted Wyrm’s Dreaming Crest

How To Get Enchanted Wyrm'S Dreaming Crest
  1. Hit the High-Level Stuff: Jump into those heroic raids or tackle those tougher Mythic+ dungeons.
  2. Collect Wyrm’s Crests: You’ll get these bad boys from completing these challenging activities.
  3. Enchant Them: Now, you need to enchant these crests. If you’re not an enchanter yourself, buddy up with someone who is.

Getting your Hands on an Enchanted Aspect’s Dreaming Crest

  1. Go Big or Go Home: We’re talking the toughest raids like mythic amirdrassil and dungeons here, like Mythic Amidrassil and the really high-level Mythic+ challenges.
  2. Snag Aspect’s Crests: These will drop once you beat these epic levels.
  3. Enchanting Time: Just like with the Wyrm’s Crests, you gotta get these enchanted. Find an enchanter or put your own skills to work.

In short, you gotta play the tough stuff to get these crests. Then, find an enchanter or use your own enchanting skills to turn them into the enchanted versions

Crest Discount System

This is a cool new feature. Once you snag some gear at a certain item level (either by leveling it up or getting lucky with drops), any further upgrades in that particular gear slot won’t need any more Crests. It’s like a “buy one, get the rest free” deal, but only for that specific type of gear. This isn’t an account-wide thing, though, so you’ll have to unlock it for each character separately. For items like rings, trinkets, and one-handed weapons, you need to have two items at the target item level to get this discount.

What’s the Weekly Limit on Dreaming Crests?

So, each week you can nab up to 150 pieces of each Dreaming Crest. To whip up a complete Crest, you’ll need 15 bits. Missed your weekly cap? No sweat, you can play catch-up anytime.

How Many Dreaming Crests Can You Stack?

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You can hoard Dreaming Crests and fragments in your bag, and they stack real high, so no worries about space. But remember, you can’t obtain Dreaming Crests for a gold.

There’s a cap on how many Crests you can grab each week. Think ten of each type, limiting you to ten upgrades a week for each item level. This cap’s set high, so most folks won’t hit it, and it goes up over time for those lagging behind.

As you game on and grab Crests, you’ll find epic gear that’s already top-notch, meaning no need for more Crests. Soon, you’ll see the cap’s no biggie, as you’ll have more than enough Crests for your gear game.

Dreaming Crests: Not Just for Upgrades!

Dreaming Crest Fragments

These Crests aren’t just one-trick ponies; they’re also crafty! Stored in your bag, they’re used by enchanters to make Enchanted Dreaming Crests, which you can snag through crafting orders. These enchanted goodies set the item level for your crafted pieces.

Obtain the World of Warcraft: Dragonflight Tier sets from the 10.2 update to increase your prowess!

Your crafting skills matter here. Higher quality = higher item level. Once you’ve crafted your gear, use those enchanted Dreaming Crests to keep leveling it up on the Auction House. This is awesome for gearing up a new character. Think about it: bumping up your epic gear with an enchanted Aspect’s Dreaming Crest to a 467-487 item level range, and you didn’t even have to do any world quests or normal amirdrassil raid bosses.

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