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In World of Warcraft, resources like WoW Gold are crucial for progression. Buying WoW gold can expedite your WoW journey, providing you with the necessary currency to purchase gear, complete quests, and defeat enemies. Epiccarry offers fast delivery and top-notch service, making it one of the best places to buy WoW gold. With efficient delivery times and security measures, you can buy WoW gold without worry. Whether on the Horde or Alliance side, purchasing WoW gold can save you much energy and free time, allowing you to enjoy the game more. Fans of older versions have the option to buy WotLK Classic Gold, WoW SoD Gold, and WoW Hardcore Gold.

Service Includes

  • Chosen amount of hand-farmed gold;
  • Delivery via one of the following methods of your choice – trade, auction house, mail;

Delivery Info

Estimated Delivery Time: up to 15 minutes via trade and 1 hour 15 minutes via auction house and mail.


Active World of Warcraft subscription.

How it works

Our company believes simplicity and clarity are key, especially when buying WoW gold and enhancing your World of Warcraft experience. We understand that acquiring gold in WoW, whether for WoW Dragonflight, WoW Classic, or securing WoW tokens, can be time-consuming and energy-draining. That’s why we’ve crafted an easy-to-follow guide for a hassle-free gold acquisition journey:

  1. Choose how much WoW gold you need, whether you’re looking for cheap WoW gold or fast Warcraft gold. Our selection caters to all your needs, ensuring you get the best and cheapest value;
  2. Within 3-10 minutes of your purchase, our customer support will reach out to confirm the details of your WoW gold order. This quick and efficient communication ensures that your needs are met promptly;
  3. After confirming your order, we quickly inform our gold delivery team, gearing up for the fastest delivery time possible. Our process is designed to respect your time and free you from the grind of gold farming, making gold acquisition an effortless part of your WoW journey.
  4. Depending on your preference, whether it’s through the auction house, direct trade, or other warcraft gold acquisition methods:
    1. Delivery via Trade for WoW Gold:
      • Log In for WoW Gold: be online in World of Warcraft and ready to receive your purchased WoW gold within 15 minutes. For those looking to buy WoW Dragonflight gold or classic WoW gold at the cheapest price, schedule a specific delivery time with our customer support.
      • Prepare Items: have some green or rare quality items to trade back to our delivery manager for added security. This step ensures a safe exchange of gold, reflecting efficient ways to enhance gaming without spending much real-world money or energy farming gold.
    2. Delivery via Auction House for Warcraft Gold:
      • List Items for WoW Gold: put one or a few items on the auction house with the character you’ve mentioned in your order. Then, inform our customer support about their names. This method is ideal for players looking to spend less time farming gold and more time enjoying the game.
      • Set Price for Buying Gold: list your items for 5.3% more than the WoW gold amount you’ve ordered. This accounts for the auction house’s 5% fee. For example, for 500,000 gold, list for 526,000 gold. We cover this extra commission, ensuring you get your Warcraft gold at no extra cost.
      • Item Purchase for WoW Gold Delivery: our gold delivery department will buy your listed items within 15 minutes. Remember, delivery through the auction house system takes another hour due to mail delivery times within the game.
    3. Delivery via Mail for WoW Gold:
      • Mail Delivery of WoW Gold: our gold delivery manager will send your character the ordered amount of WoW gold within 15 minutes. This method is straightforward and efficient for those looking to increase their gold stock without the grind.
      • Delivery Time for Warcraft Gold: please note that delivery will take an additional hour due to World of Warcraft’s in-game mail-sending rules.Thats it! Enjoy your gold and have a happy spending! 🙂

By choosing our service, you’re selecting the best place to purchase WoW gold, ensuring a smooth and secure transaction. Enjoy your gold, and remember, we’re here to make your WoW journey more enjoyable, allowing you to focus on defeating enemies, completing quests, and enjoying the game with enough free time and currency for all your needs.

After the gold delivery process, please do not trade any gold back; this is a scam. We will never ask you to return the gold.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Warcraft gold acquisition methods do you use?

The primary rule for our gold suppliers is that all WoW gold must be farmed by hand. We strictly avoid partnerships with farmers who use bots, engage in duping, or engage in illegal activities, ensuring that when you buy WoW gold from us, you get it safely and securely from the best place. Our method guarantees that all gold is stored for at least a week before delivery, minimizing any risks to your account and making us a reliable choice for purchasing cheap WoW gold:

  • Gathering Professions: an age-old, efficient way to farm gold in World of Warcraft, gathering professions remains crucial for leveling professions and as a source of crafting materials. We have a select group of suppliers known for their legitimate methods of gold acquisition, ensuring that when you purchase WoW gold or WoW classic gold from us, you’re guaranteed clean, safely farmed currency.

  • Boosting: recognized as a completely legal method, boosting allows players to earn WoW gold and WoW tokens efficiently. We collaborate with some of the largest communities to replenish our stock, adhering strictly to our rule that all gold, including Dragonflight gold, is stored for at least a week before selling, ensuring the safest delivery time for your purchases.

  • Rare Items: farming rare items, like transmog sets, recipes, pets, and toys, is a lucrative method for making gold in WoW. These items are highly sought after by collectors and, while they may take longer to sell, can fetch a high price due to low competition. This method is perfect for players with enough free time to maximize their earnings through sales on the auction house.

  • Auction House: this strategy requires a deep understanding of market dynamics and an ability to monopolize certain items. It’s a game of buying low and selling high, capitalizing on items in high demand but listed at the cheapest price. This method is ideal for those willing to invest time into monitoring the market, undercutting competitors, and making strategic purchases and sales to earn a significant profit in gold.

By choosing our services, you’re not just buying WoW gold; you’re securing a reliable, risk-free way to enhance your gaming experience, afford the gear you need, and enjoy your game time without the grind. Whether you’re part of the Horde or Alliance, our website offers more info on how to complete your gold purchases with ease, ensuring you can get back to what matters most in WoW: completing quests, exploring dungeons, and enjoying the world of Azeroth with your guild and other players.

Is it safe to buy wow gold?

We pride ourselves on being fair and honest with our customers, especially when it comes to the topic of buying WoW gold. Our practice is to deliver Warcraft gold directly from our stocks, which have been securely stored for at least a week before dispatch. This contrasts with other vendors who may resell gold, often bought cheaply from suppliers using bots. Despite these precautions, it’s important to acknowledge that no safety measure can eliminate the risk of account penalties, such as suspensions, from Blizzard. We cannot influence Blizzard’s decisions to conduct ban waves, which thankfully occur quite rarely, perhaps once every two years.

Given this, we advise our customers with transparency: while many players seek efficient ways to acquire WoW gold, WoW classic gold, or WoW SoD Gold to enhance their World of Warcraft experience—be it for gearing up their characters, trading on servers, or preparing for the latest WoW season—it’s crucial to proceed with caution. We cannot claim it’s 100% safe to proceed with a purchase, as misleading information does not serve our community. Our goal is to support your in-game needs thoughtfully, focusing on providing a reliable service rather than merely maximizing profit. Whether you’re part of the Horde or the Alliance, seeking to conquer dungeons, raids, or simply to enjoy the game without the grind, we’re here to help, ensuring a smooth exchange and delivery time for your gold, all the while keeping your account’s safety as our top priority.

What are the benefits of ordering cheap wow gold from Epiccarry?

Epiccarry is the perfect destination for players looking to buy WoW gold with confidence. Below are the key features that distinguish us from other vendors:

  • Own Stock: Unlike many shops that merely resell WoW gold for a profit without a dedicated supply chain, we prioritize our integrity. We proactively purchase Warcraft gold, storing it securely for at least seven days before making it available to our valued customers. This ensures the gold you buy is safe and adheres to the high standards of World of Warcraft gameplay.

  • Fair Price: Our team diligently monitors the market 24/7 to offer the best prices for buying WoW gold, ensuring you get great value for your currency. If you encounter a more affordable option, contact our customer support. We’re committed to maintaining competitive pricing, thanks to our dedicated department overseeing our website’s pricing strategy.

  • Fast Delivery: Owning our stock means we can guarantee quick delivery times. Choosing Epiccarry to buy WoW gold ensures your purchase will be delivered within 15 minutes. Please anticipate an additional hour for in-game mail processing for the auction house and mail delivery methods.

  • Clean Gold: We stand by the quality of our WoW gold, avoiding cheap sources and bot-farmed gold. Our partnerships are with reputable sellers known for their legitimate farming methods. Although this might mean our costs are slightly higher, ensuring clean, bot-free gold for our customers is our top priority.

  • Customer Support 24/7: Our dedicated customer support team is always available to assist with any queries, whether about the delivery status of your WoW gold or any other inquiries. Whether you’re gearing up for the next WoW season, raiding with allies, or engaging in epic battles against fallen enemies, our goal is to enhance your gaming experience without worry or waiting.

With Epiccarry, you’re not just buying WoW gold but investing in a seamless, secure gaming experience. Join the many players who trust us for their World of Warcraft needs, and let us help you focus on enjoying the game, whether you’re part of the Horde or the Alliance, without the grind.

How may I spend the wow gold?

Gold is the essential currency and lifeblood of the World of Warcraft economy, making it crucial for players keen on enhancing their gameplay. Whether you’re looking to buy WoW gold or WoW Classic gold to advance in the game, gear up for the upcoming WoW season, or engage in epic raids, having a sufficient gold reserve is key. Here’s a breakdown of the primary gold uses in the game:

  • Repair: Encountering fallen enemies often leads to durability loss. Should your gear reach 100% damage, you’ll lose its stat benefits until repairs are made, necessitating gold expenditure. This system ensures that players regularly invest in maintaining their gear, especially after intense battles or raids.

  • Consumables: For those diving into raids or tackling Mythic+ dungeons, purchasing consumables like potions and flasks is essential to maximize DPS/HPS. These items, available at the auction house, require gold, highlighting the demand for efficient resource management.

  • Items: Launching a new character, or ‘alt,’ means you’ll likely need new BoEs to accelerate progress. The auction house offers a convenient platform for buying these items with gold, facilitating a smoother in-game experience for players seeking to enhance their characters quickly.

  • Black Market: Collectors of unique transmogs, pets, and mounts will find the Black Market a tempting yet expensive venue. Each week, rare items previously removed from the game appear, attracting bids from those willing to spend significant amounts of gold for exclusive acquisitions.

  • WoW Token: Players can also use gold to purchase WoW Tokens, offering a cost-effective alternative to traditional game time payments. This system provides a practical use for excess gold, allowing players to extend their subscriptions without needing real-world money.

For players navigating the World of Warcraft, our website is a reliable source to buy WoW gold, ensuring you have the resources to acquire gear, consumables, and other essentials without the wait. Whether part of the Horde or the Alliance, our service aims to meet the high demand for gold across all servers, simplifying the buying process and letting you focus on enjoying the game.

How to make gold in wow?

There are numerous methods of farming WoW gold in World of Warcraft, including gathering, grinding, completing quests, and selling items on the auction house. Each method requires a considerable amount of time, yet they offer different experiences:

  • Grinding – Ideal for gamers who prefer an active way of farming in WoW Classic and World of Warcraft. You’ll be actively engaged, pressing buttons to kill monsters and loot items from them. It’s especially effective when combined with the skinning profession, allowing you to collect skins from beast monsters and sell them to other players or at the auction house.

  • Gathering – Slightly less intensive but still time-consuming, gathering is perfect for those who enjoy exploring Azeroth. Combining mining and herbalism professions enables you to farm gold from ores and herbs simultaneously, making it a versatile option for Horde and Alliance players looking to increase their gold reserves on any server.

  • Questing – The most time-efficient method for players with limited schedules. Completing outdoor quests offers a straightforward path to earning gold, with the added benefit of experiencing World of Warcraft’s expansive storyline.

  • Auction House – Requires the least physical activity but a keen sense of market trends. Monitoring the sale dates and prices of high-demand products allows you to buy low and sell high. This method requires understanding the server-specific economy and can be greatly aided by using addons like Auctionator for market analysis.

Each method offers a unique way to engage with the game, whether you’re part of the Horde or Alliance, and helps accumulate WoW gold for buying gear, mounts, or other valuable items in WoW Classic and World of Warcraft.

Should I buy WoW Gold with wow tokens?

As mentioned, we are here to ensure every one of our customers enjoys their World of Warcraft experience, including those in WoW Classic. That’s why we won’t mislead you about any downsides of buying WoW gold, even with WoW tokens. The only drawback is the price, usually 2-3 times more expensive than purchasing from Epiccarry. However, if you decide to buy WoW gold via WoW tokens for extra safety in your dealings within the Horde or Alliance or while engaging in raids and selling items on the server, we will never discourage you.

How much is a wow token in gold?

The WoW token price fluctuates daily, so for those playing World of Warcraft, including WoW Classic enthusiasts, we highly recommend using Google to search for “WoW token price.” This way, you’ll discover numerous websites that actively monitor and update the token’s price in real time. Whether you’re from the Horde or the Alliance, looking to make a deal, sell items, or simply gauge the market’s circumstances before a raid, these resources can save you much energy and worry, keeping you informed about the latest sale dates and server-specific prices.

How to buy wow gold?

A few realistic methods exist to buy WoW gold, such as through WoW tokens or reputable shops like Epiccarry. If you opt for WoW tokens, you must log into the shop and add as many WoW tokens as you desire. However, remember you can’t purchase more than 20 WoW tokens at once, and you should have played for at least 30 days for the game time paid with real money.

On the other hand, buying gold from Epiccarry comes without any limits or stringent requirements. Choose the amount you wish to acquire, complete your purchase, and anticipate the delivery within 15 minutes. This straightforward process bypasses the need for selling items in-game, offering a direct route to bolster your in-game currency. Whether you’re aligned with the Horde or the Alliance, Epiccarry ensures a seamless sale and delivery process, making it as easy as possible for players to enjoy their gaming experience without unnecessary waits.

How much gold can you transfer wow?

Each character can transfer a cap of gold, which is now 9,999,999 gold. If you decide to move your Horde or Alliance character to another realm, this is the maximum amount you can take.