Well, except for pure joy and enjoyment it brings, we all play WoW so we can get some cool achievements and get rewarded with some sleek titles. Besides, it feels great and rewarding when we get high ranks and, even more, when we get among the best. 

That’s why, Blizzard invented RBG Rating – a rating intended only for the best. In this mini-guide, you’ll learn exactly what it is and how to get it, as well as how it can benefit you.

What RBG actually is?

Straight to the point, RBG stands for Rated Battlegrounds — mode of the normal battlegrounds where only the best compete. RBG is a form of Player vs Player battle mode that has 10 heroes per group who battle among each other. Furthermore, in order to improve your status and rating, you need to keep fighting and do it smartly.

Precisely, if your group manages to beat, say, the group with a higher rating – you would earn more. Logically, the opposite is also applicable – fighting the group with lower stats is going to provide you less points.

So, to truly kill it in ‘’Rated Battlegrounds’’, it’s needed to come up with a solid tactical mode and, more than decent coordination among the team. Top it off by saying that your group must have a good leader and that every individual player must possess good solo skills.

What’s more, getting into an RBG battle isn’t as simple as just queuing up and choosing with whom to join. Now, finding a group to play with is a demanding task, and if you’re not a member of a guild or other organization, it becomes harder. 

However, you can find some players or groups who are in a similar rookie position as yourself. Additionally, there are RBG boosts – buyable rating boosts that’ll give you the desired rating, and we’ll delve into more details about it later.

Why play RBG?

Why Play Rbg? | Epiccarry

Well, to simply say it – because it is a valuable stream of quality gear, and because it is the challenge by itself. Next, it simply asks the players to use their brains and find an effective way to win, like a team. Therefore, RBG offers a challenge to try and find the best fit for a group of 10, class-wise, role-wise, and brain-wise, yeah. Finally, getting those prestigious ratings that RBG offers is something that nurtures the motivation of many players.

Now, when you play RBG, you will get Conquest points which are used to buy the most elite weapons and armor in PvP. The same applies with Arena play mode, and Conquest points are a currency for really valuable gear. 

RBG Rating Titles

Why Play Rbg?

Here are RBG Ratings with corresponding titles:

  • Scout/Private – 1100 RBG Rating
  • Grunt/Corporal – 1200 RBG Rating
  • Sergeant/Sergeant – 1300 RBG Rating
  • Senior Sergeant/Master Sergeant – 1400 RBG Rating
  • First Sergeant/Sergeant Major – 1500 RBG Rating
  • Stone Guard/Knight – 1600 RBG Rating
  • Blood Guard/Knight-Lieutenant – 1700 RBG Rating
  • Legionnaire/Knight-Captain – 1800 RBG Rating
  • Centurion/Knight-Champion – 1900RBG Rating
  • Champion/Lieutenant Commander – 2000 RBG Rating
  • Lieutenant General/Commander – 2100 RBG Rating
  • General/Marshal – 2200 RBG Rating
  • Warlord/Field Marshal – 2300 RBG Rating
  • High Warlord/Grand Marshal – 2400+ RBG Rating

Obtaining these titles surely is a hard task, therefore, some various boost options online are more than welcome. Those improvements will prep you up before playing RBG and also allocate you to the group of experienced legendary players of the game. 

Moreover, to get these titles and receive crazy-ass rewards, make sure to either use some of these boosts or level up your game. To explain, find a group of really serious and mature players or RBG champions and level up your hero before starting the RBG mode. Also, dedicate some time to learning new tactics, moves, or strategies or at least observe them from pro-players in RBG mode.