Secrets Of Destiny 2'S Latest Riven Wishes Quest

Hey there, Destiny 2 enthusiasts! It’s your go-to guide, Rick Cacus, bringing you the hottest tips and tricks for conquering the latest Riven Wishes Quest. With a new week comes new challenges, but also, new opportunities to score some incredibly juicy rewards, including those coveted red butter raid weapons. Trust me, you’ll want to tackle this quest every single week, and I’m here to make sure you do just that, efficiently and effectively.

This Week’s Quest Objective: Combatant Carnage

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This week’s mission is clear: defeat combatants in Legend, Legendary, or Master Lost Sectors. And here’s a pro tip – head to the Dreaming City for additional progress. Specifically, the Aelan Rest Lost Sector is your golden ticket today. It’s teeming with easy-to-defeat Taken, making your quest step not just achievable but highly efficient.

Solo or Squad: How to Maximize Your Progress

Secrets Of Destiny 2'S Latest Riven Wishes Quest

Wondering if you should go at it alone or rally your squad? We’ve got the answer. As long as you’re within close proximity of your teammates, their kills count towards your progress. So, yes, team up for a faster and more efficient run. And for those curious about the points per kill, whether it’s a lowly thrall or a daunting champion, each is worth 1% progress in the Dreaming City on Legend difficulty. Master difficulty only bumps that to about 1.25%, making Legend the sweet spot for most players.

Mastering the Lost Sectors: Builds to Dominate

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No matter the day or the Lost Sector, having the right build is crucial. Here’s where our “Lost Sector Cheat Codes” come into play. From Strand’s champion-stunning abilities to the indispensable Indebted Kindness for barrier champions, we’ve got you covered. Overload rocket launchers are another key piece of the puzzle, ensuring you’re equipped to handle any type of champion Destiny 2 throws at you.

The Ultimate Builds:

  1. Strand & Indebted Kindness Combo: Utilize Strand to stun Unstoppable Champions, an auto rifle for Overloads, and the Indebted Kindness for Barrier Champions. This setup leaves your heavy slot open for your most powerful weapon.
  2. Legendary Hand Cannon & Galahorn: A hand cannon with Unstoppable rounds, the Indebted Kindness for barriers, and the Galahorn for Overloads. A balanced build for any scenario.
  3. Arbalist & Legendary Rocket Launcher: The Arbalist for anti-barrier, a good energy hand cannon for Unstoppables, and a legendary rocket launcher for Overloads. Versatile and effective.