Welcome Hoplet: Your New Lunar New Year Companion

As the Lunar New Year celebrations unfold, World of Warcraft players have a unique opportunity to enhance their gaming experience with a new, limited-time companion. The adorable Hoplet, dressed in festive Lunar New Year attire, promises to add joy and companionship to your adventures. Available exclusively in the Battle.net Shop until February 29, 2024, Hoplet is a must-have for any adventurer looking to make their journey a little more special.

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Adoption and Activation Details

  • Immediate Availability: Upon purchase, Hoplet joins your adventure instantly, ready to accompany you across Azeroth.
  • Universal Access: Hoplet integrates with all present and future characters on your regional Battle.net account, accessible via the Collections interface (default: Shift+P).
  • Requirements: Active World of Warcraft subscription or game time. Note: Hoplet is not compatible with World of Warcraft Classic.

Season of Discovery: Class Updates and Enhancements

In alignment with our commitment to delivering a dynamic and balanced gameplay experience, we are introducing a series of class adjustments with the upcoming weekly maintenance.

Class-Specific Changes

Welcome Hoplet: Your New Lunar New Year Companion


  • Swipe Enhancement: Now benefits from attack power, with increased threat generation.
  • Berserk and Lacerate: Enhanced to improve combat efficiency.
  • Rip and Starfire: Duration and damage output adjustments for better performance.


  • Dual-Wield and Lava Lash: Improved damage output for a more formidable Shaman.
  • Maelstrom Weapon: Increased proc chance with Windfury Weapon for enhanced combat dynamics.


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  • Conjure Water Update: Now creates a full stack of 20, with tooltip adjustments planned for future updates.


  • Mana Cost Reductions: Significant decreases for Exorcism and Holy Shock under Art of War, and for Beacon of Light.

Implementation Schedule

  • Paladin Changes: Already activated across all Season of Discovery realms as of February 14.
  • Other Class Updates: Set to go live on February 20.