World Of Warcraft: Season Of Discovery Phase 3 Revealed

The World of Warcraft Classic team is thrilled to announce the upcoming launch of Season of Discovery Phase 3, packed with an array of new content, system updates, and enhancements aimed at both veteran players and newcomers. Dive into the depths of the new challenges and rewards with this comprehensive overview of what’s to come in Phase 3.

Feature CategoryDetails
Sunken Temple Raid– First 20-player LevelUp raid: Temple of Atal’Hakar
– Features eight bosses
– New items including sets, revamped epic drops, and rebalanced quest rewards
New and Updated Loot– Introduction of the Drake Stone with a Shadow Arcane spell damage variant
– A unique axe gun for Shamans and Paladins
– Updated tier tokens to improve loot distribution
Rune Abilities– New rune abilities for each class, such as Gore for Druids, And Load for Hunters, and more
PvP Updates– New level 50 PvP set requiring ranks 5-7
– Adjustments to the Blood Moon event including new rewards
– Introduction of Massacre coins for level 50 rewards
World Events– New PvE world event: Nightmare Incursions for levels 25-50
– Opportunity to earn experience and reputation with the Emerald Wardens faction
Profession Updates– New Nightmare armaments CFT crafting recipes
– Updates for engineering, enchanting, and alchemy
– Focus on making professions more relevant and reducing gold costs for new recipes
System Update– Teased minor update involving a dashing dwarf, hinting at new talents or abilities
Launch Date– Phase 3 starts on April 4th, with the build available on the PTR soon for error checking


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Sunken Temple Raid: A New Challenge Awaits

World Of Warcraft: Season Of Discovery Phase 3 Revealed
  • 20-Player LevelUp Raid: Introducing the Temple of Atal’Hakar or the Sunken Temple, featuring eight bosses set to test the mettle of adventurers.
  • Rich Rewards: Discover revamped epic drops, rebalanced quest rewards, and unique item sets designed specifically for this raid.

Loot and Rune Abilities: Enhancements Galore

World Of Warcraft: Season Of Discovery Phase 3 Revealed
  • Innovative Loot: Phase 3 unveils new loot including the Drake Stone, a unique axe gun for Shamans and Paladins, and improved tier tokens for a fairer loot distribution.
  • Rune Abilities: Each class will receive new rune abilities, offering fresh strategies and gameplay dynamics.

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PvP Expansion and World Events

  • Level 50 PvP Set: Designed for ranks 5 through 7, this new set focuses on specialized PvP stats.
  • Blood Moon Event: Enhanced with new rewards and the introduction of Massacre coins for level 50 rewards.
  • Nightmare Incursions: A new PvE world event for levels 25 through 50, partnering with the Emerald Wardens for unique rewards.

Profession and System Updates: A Fresh Take

  • New crafting recipes and updates across professions aim to enhance relevance and enjoyment, with a focus on accessibility.
  • Teasing a minor update involving a dashing dwarf, hinting at new talents or abilities available for a fee.

Launch Date and Future Directions

World Of Warcraft: Season Of Discovery Phase 3 Revealed

While the exact release date for Phase 3 remains under wraps, anticipation builds as the build heads to the PTR for final checks. The WoW Classic team is keen on community feedback, urging players to engage and share their thoughts on the evolving content.

As WoW Classic moves closer to level 60 content, players can look forward to changes in raid lockouts, weapon skill bonuses, and new tier sets tailored to various class roles.

Join the Adventure

With Season of Discovery Phase 3, World of Warcraft Classic continues to grow and evolve, promising new challenges, treasures, and stories for its dedicated community. Stay tuned for more updates and get ready to dive into the new content that awaits in the Temple of Atal’Hakar and beyond.