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World of Warcraft: The Season of Discovery revitalizes WoW Classic, blending nostalgia with new elements. Blizzard’s relaunch, SOD, infuses the game with new skills, PvP events, gear, and raids—some unprecedented in WoW’s history. Despite new features, the traditional leveling grind persists, demanding extensive time. Yet, with Epiccarry’s discovery power leveling, you bypass this hurdle. Our discovery leveling boost services enhance your WoW experience, swiftly achieving desired levels and accessing the latest SOD content. Enjoy WoW SOD’s full potential, exploring every new addition seamlessly with friends without the grind.

Service Includes

  • Boost up to the desired level;
  • Huge amount of completed quests and other leveling activities;
  • All the loot and other reagents dropped during the run.

Delivery Info

Estimated Start Time: 15-30 minutes.
Estimated Completion time:

  • Normal: 5 days (120 hours);
  • Express: 4 days 12 hours (108 hours);
  • Super Express: 3 days 10 hours (82 hours).

Additional Options

Professions – choose the First and/or Second profession from the list of available options you wish to be boosted to 225 skill. The estimated completion time may increase by up to 1 day per added profession;
Runes Unlock – a professional player will unlock either the chosen five or all the runes on your character, depending on the selected options. Please note that the estimated completion time may increase by 1-3 days;
Add 100 Gold – after the completion of the leveling process, we will deposit an extra 100 gold into your account for more comfortable playing;
Riding Skill – we will unlock the 60% mount riding skill for you;
Unlock Fly Paths – we will unlock all the possible flying routes in Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdom;
Stream – we will provide you with a personal stream upon your request.


Active World of Warcraft subscription.

How it works

The leveling process in WoW’s Season of Discovery is intricately linked to trust, especially when it involves sod power leveling, where customers share their accounts, aiming for the desired level or level cap. We’ve meticulously crafted a step-by-step instruction for our discovery leveling boost, ensuring every customer feels confident their character is in the capable hands of professional players.

  • First, review the options that interest you for the discovery powerleveling, and proceed to checkout page with payment details. Our customer support, experienced in WoW SOD and ready to address any inquiries, is available before you finalize your custom order.
  • Shortly after purchase, within 3-10 minutes, our customer support will contact you to confirm all details, including payment and the preferred schedule for boosting your character to the maximum level quickly, adhering to safety measures throughout the entire process.
  • We’ll assign a booster, an experienced player in the WoW classic season, will ask your account credentials and offer a live stream on your request for transparency, showcasing our leveling speed and commitment to safety measures.
  • Upon completing your character’s level boost, showcasing significant progress in the game world and possibly reaching endgame content, we will notify you of the service completion.

That’s it! Enjoy the benefits of your newly leveled character, now ready to explore new content, dungeons, and abilities in the WoW Season of Discovery, without spending countless hours in the process. Our discovery level service is designed to save time, offering prompt delivery and affordable prices through various sales and potentially a promo code.

Epiccarry’s World of Warcraft: Season of Discovery power leveling service streamlines your WoW Classic experience, offering swift advancement to desired levels. This service includes a significant number of completed quests and activities, along with all loot acquired during the run. Don’t hesitate—experience our Season of Discovery Power Leveling Service today and accelerate your journey with our Express and Super Express options. In just a few days, you’ll be ready to dive into your favorite game and explore with friends!

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