Azure Vault Mythic+ Dungeon Guide | Mdt | Mdi | Tricks | Routes | Season 4

Within the Mists of Dragon Isles, nestled deep in the realm of Dragonflight, Blizzard graces us with the Azure Vault—a dungeon heralding from the inaugural season of Dragonflight. But now, in Season 4, Carl, in Season 4! So, what does this signify for us? Simply put, we’re here to craft the first, comprehensive guide to the Azure Vault for both newcomers and veterans alike. Here and now, we shall reveal to you the secrets of Azure Vault, from the seasonal nuances of the MDI Mythic+ dungeon, enabling you to learn:

  1. Top MDT and MDI routes to conquer the dungeon with the highest keys imaginable.
  2. The ultimate MDI secrets, grounded in the abilities of bosses and thrash.
  3. Essentials for beginners, including the dungeon timer and entrance location.
  4. Insider strategies and shortcuts for Pick-up Groups.
  5. The loot table, to discern what treasures the dungeon holds.
  6. The lore and narrative of Azure Vault.

And a plethora of both invaluable and trivial insights. So, what are you waiting for? Step forth and delve into our Azure Vault Mythic+ Guide for Season 4 in Dragonflight.

Hold, hold, please pause a moment. If you believe you’ve stumbled into the wrong place, stay your departure. This article is but a piece of our comprehensive Dragonflight Mythic Season 4 compendium. And what does this mean for you, oh mortal traveler? Simply, we possess guides for all affixes and dungeons in Season 4. Here they are:

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And we’re moving towards!

Azure Vault | Dungeon Entrance

Azure Vault Mythic+ Dungeon Guide | Mdt | Mdi | Tricks | Routes | Season 4

Head straight to the Azure Vault in the Azure Span, coordinates are /way 38.89 64.76. Inside, you’re diving into a frosty abyss where every step echoes with the power of the blue dragonflight. Picture icy crystals underfoot and the air crackling with arcane energy. You’re not just facing down mobs; you’re up against the lore itself, where the blue dragons failed and the vault turned into a battlefield of arcane power and crystal fury.

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  1. Head to the Azure Span: This is where the adventure begins. Find your way through the icy landscapes, where every footstep echoes the ancient power of the blue dragons.
  2. Nearest Flight Point: Once in the Azure Span, use the nearest flight point to cut down your travel time. This area is vast and full of peril, so saving time on travel is key.
  3. Locate the Entrance: Using the given coordinates, navigate the frostbitten grounds to find the entrance to the Azure Vault

Azure Vault | Timer

Azure Vault Mythic+ Dungeon Guide | Mdt | Mdi | Tricks | Routes | Season 4

Entering the Azure Vault on mythic keystone difficulty is like stepping into an ancient center of raw arcane power, where the stakes are as high as the magic is potent. With a Mythic+ timer of 34:00, aiming for those +2 and +3 keys means you need to wrap up the dungeon in roughly 27:12 and 20:24, respectively. It’s a race against the clock, through halls echoing with the power of the blue dragonflight, arcane constructs, and the whispers of millennia past.

DungeonMythic+ Timer+2 Timer (approx.)+3 Timer (approx.)
The Azure Vault34:0027:1220:24

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Also, we must inform you one very important thing. For today, heroic difficulty, and Some Mythic + low keys. Only mythic difficulty difference, is that timer starts from 10+ key and higher.

Azure Vault | MDT Routes

Azure Vault Mythic+ Dungeon Guide | Mdt | Mdi | Tricks | Routes | Season 4

Ok, we’re prepare for you many different MDT routes. Most of them, are community friendly, some of them, are oriented for pugs, some for MDI pushers. But we must inform you, about even if you use weird, specific or not standard MDT routes with a very icy crystal, with pushing mobs during the boss fight, you have to inform your teammates, by sharing them MDT routes, before you, as tank will start to push the Azure vault!

Route NameWho’s InQuick Talk
PuG Freeze-FestCasual crewsSlide past icy traps, and blast through frost with some crowd control on the side. Just a laid-back run where you dodge and deal damage, easy game.
MDI Ice SprintElite runnersBrace for a blizzard of boss fights, arcane speed tests, and frost damage face-offs. It’s all about hitting those movement speeds and smashing through on heroic or mythic difficulty. Hardcore stuff.
Weekly WondersAffix fansEach week throws you a curveball of arcane and frost, mixing up your run with unique challenges. Expect to slide on frozen ground, dodge mage hunter’s fervor, and unleash some major healing cooldowns. Dive deep into the lore with every step.
Overkill ChillPower playersIt’s a full-on arcane assault with damage dealers going ham. Think massive damage, smashing through notable trash, and the thrill of overcoming overwhelming energy. Go big, or go home.
Affix FreezeTyrannical teamsTyrannical Week turns boss fights into epic showdowns. Expect to face the vault’s toughest with enhanced boss mechanics, where every arcane construct and dragon strike tests your limits. Time to pop those cooldowns and show the bosses who’s boss.
Fortify FrenzyFortified fightersOn Fortified Week, the trash mobs become the main event. Brace yourself for notable trash mobs with a tank buster ability, and arcane damage that hits like a truck. Movement speed and crowd control are your best friends as you plow through, dealing damage and dodging frost like a pro.

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Each route’s dialed into the Azure Vault’s icy veins, from casual jaunts to full-throttle magic storms. Pick your poison, gather your crew, and dive into the frost.

Azure Vault | Thrash abilities

Azure Vault Mythic+ Dungeon Guide | Mdt | Mdi | Tricks | Routes | Season 4

From the dangerous caster wielding Illusionary Bolt casts, capable of dealing frost damage to nearby enemies, to the last important trash mob with its mage hunter’s fervor aura, these encounters test the mettle of any group. Important trash mobs like those smashing shimmering geodes or deploying a polymorph trap demand immediate focus due to their ability to deal massive damage or control the battlefield, integrating seamlessly with boss strategies and requiring keen awareness of dungeon bonus auras. This guide not only highlights mechanics like the Absolute Zero cast or the Vault Rune but also advises on managing incoming damage, whether through avoidance, employing one’s own immunity, or targeting strategies for melee DPS to minimize the risk from frontal spells and ensure the group’s survival against the arcane vault’s deadliest denizens.

Mob NameSpellActionInformal Commentary
Arcane TenderErratic GrowthCC/InterruptArcane Tenders might sound like they’re here to take care of the garden, but really, they’re all about turning you into part of the flora. Getting hit with Erratic Growth will have you sprouting leaves faster than you can say ‘I’m not a salad!’ Keep these guys in check, or it’s photosynthesis time.
Conjured LasherMystic VaporsInterruptConjured Lashers bring a whole new meaning to ‘vape nation.’ Except, instead of clouds, it’s Mystic Vapors that’ll choke you faster than a bad perfume. Interrupt these botanical baddies unless you want to find out what your ancestors felt like when they wandered too close to a swamp.
Shrieking WhelpShriekCCShrieking Whelps are like that annoying neighbor’s dog, but instead of barking, they’re calling their friends to the party. And trust me, you don’t want an invite. Keep these noisy nuisances quiet, or you’ll have more uninvited guests than you can handle. Remember, silence is golden.
Arcane ElementalArcane BoltFocus/KillArcane Elementals are those party guests who think hurling glowing energy balls is a fun party trick. Spoiler: It’s not. Especially when you’re on the receiving end. These guys don’t understand the concept of ‘too much.’ Best to show them the door before they redecorate the place with arcane scorch marks.
Unstable CuratorForbidden KnowledgeAvoidEver get blasted by a fact so hard, you felt it the next day? Meet the Unstable Curator, your not-so-friendly source of Forbidden Knowledge. Dodge their info dumps, or you’ll be stunned by more than just their wisdom. Knowledge is power, but in this case, it’s also a whole lot of pain.
Rune Seal KeeperIcy BindingsInterruptRune Seal Keepers are like those friends who get a little too clingy. Except instead of a hug, you get Icy Bindings. Suddenly, being frozen in place doesn’t sound so cool, does it? Keep these chill casters in check, or you’ll be stuck in the most uncomfortable icebreaker session ever.
Crystal FuryPiercing ShardsAvoidCrystal Furies are like glass cannons, if the glass was also a cannon and the cannon hated you. Piercing Shards? More like ‘Piercing Ouch.’ These things don’t just hurt; they humiliate. It’s like being stabbed by a thousand tiny, angry crystals, all shouting ‘Take that, adventurer!’ Avoid the front or find yourself becoming part of the floor décor. Remember, only YOU can prevent forest fires… and crystal-induced faceplants.
Detonating CrystalFractureKillDetonating Crystals are the party crashers of The Azure Vault. You know, the type that shows up uninvited and then explodes. Fracture? More like ‘Oops, there goes the raid.’ If you see one of these ticking time bombs, make like a hero in an action movie and get rid of it. Fast. Like, yesterday fast. Nobody likes surprise explosions, especially when they’re surprise-exploding your raid group. Kill it before it puts a dent in your armor—and your pride.
Scalebane LieutenantSpellfrost BreathDodgeScalebane Lieutenants are basically the big, bad breathers of The Azure Vault. Spellfrost Breath? Sounds cool, right? WRONG. It’s a cold, harsh blast of ‘Please, no more.’ Getting caught in this frosty exhale is like finding out your winter coat is made of tissue paper. Dodge it, or get ready to experience firsthand what a popsicle feels like. In summary: avoid, dodge, and for the love of all that is warm, keep moving!

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Azure Vault | Bosses

Azure Vault Mythic+ Dungeon Guide | Mdt | Mdi | Tricks | Routes | Season 4

The Azure Vault, bosses pack a punch with their unique flair, making each fight a memorable clash. From arcane mysteries to frosty blasts, this dungeon’s lineup promises a rollercoaster of tactics and teamwork.

  • Leymor: The tree whisperer with a green thumb for chaos, turning the battlefield into a sprouting nightmare.
  • AzureBlade: A master of the arcane with a sharp edge, slicing through reality with magical precision.
  • Telash Greywing: This frosty foe chills to the bone, turning the floor into a slippery slope of icy traps.
  • Umbrelskul: The arcane behemoth that distorts space, making every step a calculation in this magical melee.

Let’s describe each of the bosses, with introducing you the tactics of the boss. We’ll show you it with a following format:

  1. The boss description.
  2. The key features, specific mechanics.
  3. The most valuable spells, and what to do with them.
  4. The wipe potential mechanics.

All to give you the best MDI experience, and help you to push the Dungeon in keys, higher than 20+.


Azure Vault Mythic+ Dungeon Guide | Mdt | Mdi | Tricks | Routes | Season 4

Leymor, an imposing figure in the Azure Vault, is a testament to the cunning and might of the Blue Dragonflight. Through the eons, Leymor has overseen the preservation of curious magical artifacts and the arcane conservatory, developing an array of potent abilities to thwart any who dare challenge him. His prowess is not to be underestimated, embodying the essence of the arcane vault achievements, wielding the energy of the blue dragonflight left by Malygos over millennia. His key abilities demand absolute attention and swift reactions from any group daring enough to face him. Tanks must brace themselves for the Erupting Fissure, a powerful frontal spell with a high wipe potential, demanding they position Leymor carefully to avoid hitting allies while potentially knocking out ley-line sprouts. DPS players should focus on managing Ley-Line Sprouts by utilizing Explosive Brand to deal direct damage and clear these sprouts effectively within the time limit, ensuring they’re not overwhelmed. Healers are tasked with navigating the chaotic energy of Consuming Stomp, a devastating ability where timing and spatial awareness are critical to mitigate magic damage and reset combat rhythms. The battle against Leymor is a dance of destruction and precision, requiring a deep understanding of boss mechanics, dungeon bonus auras, and an unwavering focus to overcome.

SpellWipe PotentialWhat to Do (Informal Commentary)
Erupting FissureHighAim it at those pesky sprouts, not your pals. Tanks, this is on you. Dodge if you’re not the target.
Ley-Line SproutsMediumDPS, smash these ASAP with everything you’ve got. They’re not just for show.
Consuming StompExtremeHealers, buckle up. Everyone, less sprouts = less pain. Keep those sprouts in check.
Explosive BrandHighTime to pop those sprouts. Get in, get out, and watch them go boom. Ideal for making room and breathing space.

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Faced with Leymor, parties are thrust into a realm where arcane might meets strategic finesse, each member playing a pivotal role in navigating the ebb and flow of this challenging encounter. Mastery over one’s class and an adaptive strategy are key to triumphing over Leymor, making every victory a well-earned badge of honor


Azure Vault Mythic+ Dungeon Guide | Mdt | Mdi | Tricks | Routes | Season 4

The Azure Vault stands as a notable challenge within the sprawling landscapes of the Azure Span, inviting adventurers to confront its mysteries and dangers. One of the key encounters in this Mythic+ dungeon is with Azureblade, a formidable guardian whose mastery of arcane forces poses a significant threat to all who dare to challenge its vigil. Success against Azureblade requires not only strength and valor but also a keen understanding of its abilities and the strategic insight to counter them effectively.

Key Abilities to Focus On

  • Tanks: Your primary concern should be Arcane Cleave, a devastating attack that demands careful positioning to ensure the safety of your allies.
  • DPS: Interrupting and managing adds from Summon Draconic Image should be your top priority, as these can quickly overwhelm an unprepared group.
  • Healers: Keep a vigilant eye on Overwhelming Energy, which will test your ability to heal through intense group-wide damage.

Key Tactics Engaging Azureblade is a test of precision and coordination. The encounter emphasizes the importance of spatial awareness and the ability to react swiftly to Azureblade’s arsenal of spells. Properly handling Ancient Orb projectiles, avoiding the wide arc of Arcane Cleave, and mitigating the relentless assault of Overwhelming Energy are all critical to securing victory.

Guide Table

SpellWipe PotentialWhat to Do (Informal Commentary)
Arcane CleaveHighTanks must immediately focus on angling Azureblade away from the group to mitigate cleave damage.
Summon Draconic ImageModerateDPS should give priority to these adds, utilizing as many interrupts as possible. This boss mechanic is notable for its potential to quickly escalate.
Overwhelming EnergyHighThe entire party must spread to minimize the damage impact. Healers should prepare for intense healing to sustain the group through this mythic-exclusive mechanic.
Ancient OrbModerateAll members need to actively dodge the orbs, treating it as a lethal variant of dodgeball.

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Telash Greywing  with his very icy crystal

Azure Vault Mythic+ Dungeon Guide | Mdt | Mdi | Tricks | Routes | Season 4

Telash Greywing is the guardian of the Azure Vault, ensuring that the powerful artifacts within are kept from falling into the wrong hands. As a formidable blue dragon, Telash uses a combination of frost magic and physical might to challenge intruders. Here’s a concise guide to facing Telash Greywing in the Azure Vault, including key abilities to watch out for as a tank, DPS, or healer, along with overall tactics to ensure success over millenia leymor with a highest threat target.

Tanks: Pay attention to “Frost Bomb” and “Absolute Zero” , as these spells require precise positioning to minimize their impact on the party. Frost Bomb targets all players, creating patches of ice that grow and can hinder movement significantly. Absolute Zero is a devastating attack that can wipe the party if not properly mitigated with Vault Rune protection.

DPS: Your primary focus should be on avoiding “Frost Bomb” patches and dealing with “Icy Devastator” . Icy Devastator targets a random player, dealing significant damage and requiring quick DPS focus to reduce the threat.

Healers: Be prepared for the damage spikes from “Frost Bomb” and “Absolute Zero” , as well as the sustained damage from “Icy Devastator” . Positioning and timing your heals will be crucial to navigate these challenges successfully.

Key Tactics:

  • Positioning is critical to avoid the effects of Frost Bomb and Absolute Zero.
  • DPS should prioritize targets affected by Icy Devastator to minimize its impact.
  • Healers need to manage their cooldowns effectively, especially during Absolute Zero, to keep the party alive.

Strategy Table:

SpellWipe PotentialWhat to Do (Informal Commentary)
Frost BombHighAvoid dropping the frost patches too close; dance around them if needed. Use all the blue dragonflight’s wisdom to dodge.
Absolute ZeroExtremeGet to a Vault Rune quickly! This is when you’ll want to completely walk into safety or you’re frozen dinner.
Icy DevastatorModerateDPS need to focus fire and bring it down fast, like unleashing the blue dragonflight’s fury. Healers, keep an eye on the target cap—it’s a tricky one.

Remember, the blue dragonflight’s legacy is long, filled with guardians like Telash Greywing, who’ve protected Azeroth’s arcane secrets over millennia. Facing him requires understanding and adapting to his frost-infused assaults, leveraging your group’s agility, and the strategic use of the environment provided by the vault itself. With careful planning and coordination, your party can ensure Telash’s treasures remain secure from those who would misuse them.


Azure Vault Mythic+ Dungeon Guide | Mdt | Mdi | Tricks | Routes | Season 4

Umbrelskul is a boss that epitomizes the essence of the Azure Vault, with challenges that demand attention to detail and precise execution from every member of the group. To ensure success against Umbrelskul, it’s crucial to understand the boss’s key abilities and the strategies required for tanks, DPS, and healers alike.

Key Abilities to Focus On:

  • Tanks should brace themselves for Dragon Strike, a potent melee attack that demands damage mitigation strategies to survive the onslaught.
  • DPS roles must prioritize the elimination of Detonating Crystals, which, if not dealt with promptly, can lead to Fracture, a devastating effect that can cripple the party’s ability to sustain the fight.
  • Healers need to be on high alert for Unleashed Destruction, a powerful ability that can strain the group’s health pools, requiring timely and efficient healing to counteract.

Key Tactics:

The crux of the battle revolves around managing movement and positioning due to Oppressive Miasma, which slows players, making evasion of Crystalline Roar and other area-of-effect abilities challenging. Coordination is key, as players must navigate these constraints while dealing with Arcane Eruption, forcing the party to spread out to avoid massive damage, yet stay close enough to support each other.

Strategy Table:

SpellWipe PotentialWhat to Do (Informal Commentary)
Dragon StrikeHighTanks need to use their mitigation and cooldowns effectively. Don’t stand in front of the boss unless you’re the tank, or you’ll get smacked hard.
Detonating CrystalsCriticalFocus these down ASAP. Letting these pop is basically asking for a wipe.
FractureHighHealers, keep an eye on those debuffs. DPS, don’t slack on crystal duty.
Unleashed DestructionModerateSpread and prep for healing throughput. It’s a rough ride but manageable.
Oppressive MiasmaModerateMove as little as possible. Plan your steps or you’ll be too slow to dodge anything.
Crystalline RoarModerateKeep an eye on the boss’s orientation. Don’t get caught in the line of fire.
Arcane EruptionHighWhen you see those vortexes, move! Getting hit by one is a big no-no.

The battle with Umbrelskul is a blend of arcane chaos and strategic movement, echoing the ancient magic that has thrived within the Azure Vault over millennia. Notable trash enemies leading to Umbrelskul set the stage, but it’s the boss’s mystic might that truly tests adventurers.

One must embrace the azure vault dungeon guide principles: standing still against Oppressive Miasma, while dodging Crystalline Roar and managing Detonating Crystals effectively. Tanks absorbing Dragon Strike’s brutal melee damage, DPS navigating through Detonating Crystals to prevent Fracture, and healers bracing for Unleashed Destruction’s onslaught are all pivotal.

Remember, achieving azure vault achievements against Umbrelskul requires understanding its mythic exclusive additional mechanic, Oppressive Miasma. It’s a fight where every move counts, and only one member’s mistake can lead to disaster. As many sprouts of wisdom as this guide offers, it’s your coordination and teamwork that will lead to Umbrelskul’s downfall.

Let this guide be your beacon through the arcane-infused halls of The Azure Vault, steering you towards victory over Umbrelskul and closer to the coveted azure vault achievements.

Azure Vault | Loot Table

Azure Vault Mythic+ Dungeon Guide | Mdt | Mdi | Tricks | Routes | Season 4

Azure Vault’s loot table is like unboxing the legacy of the blue dragonflight, seasoned with a sprinkle of arcane chaos. You’ve got items that are legends in their own right, echoing the power of illusionary bolt casts and the wisdom accumulated over millennia by Leymor. Imagine gear that’s soaked in the essence of the highest threat targets, crafted with the precision to withstand a consuming stomp or two. This isn’t just any loot; it’s the kind that summon draconic image at your command. Sure, some pieces might seem like they carry a less valuable aura at first glance, but in the right hands, they’re game-changers, transforming how you face down the vault’s guardians. Ready to dive in? This table’s not just about the loot; it’s about carrying forward the might and magic of all the blue dragonflight, distilled into artifacts that’ll make your enemies think twice before taking you on.

Tome of Unstable PowerTrinket
Cloak of Lost DevotionBack
Twenty-Two-League StridersFeet
Horizon SplitterOne-Hand
Tz’onna, Fear-StrikerOne-Hand
Unstable Arcane LoopFinger
Burgeoning SeedTrinket
Infused Elemental BandsWrist
Cinch of Forgotten DutyWaist
Spaulders of Wild GrowthShoulder
Ley-Line TracerTwo-Hand
Umbrelskul’s Fractured HeartTrinket
Headwrap of the AbandonedHead
Mantle of Yearned FreedomShoulder
Stasis-Freed LeggingsLegs
Cuirass of Irreparable MadnessChest
Crystalized BulwarkShield
Refraction’s EdgeOne-Hand
Custodian’s Medallion of DelusionNeck
Azureblade’s Work GlovesHands
Mirage BindingsWrist
Illusion Breaker’s WaistguardWaist
Golden-Winged RodTwo-Hand
Umbrelskul’s Fractured HeartTrinket
Tome of Unstable PowerTrinket

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Azure Vault | Plot

Azure Vault Mythic+ Dungeon Guide | Mdt | Mdi | Tricks | Routes | Season 4

Over millennia, Leymor has gone from a tiny sprout to this overwhelming presence, threatening to overrun everything with its sheer size. You’ve got Telash Greywing stirring the pot, dead set on unraveling secrets tucked away by the blue dragonflight. This place is all about the boss fights, each one dialing up the intensity with mechanics like overwhelming energy bursts, icy crystal hazards, and the dreaded vault rune that messes with movement speed.

When tackling these bosses, the dungeon throws a mix of challenges at you. You’re dodging frost damage on frozen ground, avoiding consuming stomps, and getting targeted by illusionary bolt casts that demand your damage dealers to be on their toes. The fight against Leymor is a spectacle of mythical difficulty, with the arena becoming a chessboard of hazards like random player targeting and frost damage, demanding precise movement and quick thinking.

Azure Vault Mythic+ Dungeon Guide | Mdt | Mdi | Tricks | Routes | Season 4

In the midst of all this chaos, dungeon bonus auras and Azure Vault achievements add layers of strategy and reward, pushing teams to adapt. Some auras might feel less valuable, but they can turn the tide when used cleverly, especially when only one member can snatch them up and dish out extra damage or mitigate incoming hits.

Conclusion on azure vault guide    

Azure Vault Mythic+ Dungeon Guide | Mdt | Mdi | Tricks | Routes | Season 4

Azure Vault rollercoaster with some final wisdom nuggets. We’ve darted through icy corridors, squared up against legends like Telash Greywing not once but twice, feeling the chill down to our bones on that frozen ground. From the depths of the Azure Span to snagging those azure vault achievements, it’s been a whirlwind of dragon strikes, boss fights, and dodging those sneaky illusionary bolt casts like we’re born to do it.

Talking about Telash Greywing, that dude’s all about testing our movement speed, throwing down overwhelming energy that’s got us on our toes, zipping around like it’s our job. And let’s not forget about Leymor, a legend grown over millennia, proving time’s got nothing on him when it comes to throwing down a consuming stomp or two.

Boss fights in this vault? They’re not just fights; they’re epic tales of heroism, packed with overwhelming energy, where every damage dealer becomes a legend. You’ve got random players becoming heroes, dealing damage like it’s going out of style, all while navigating through dungeon bonus auras that are as tricky as they are rewarding.

Azure Vault Mythic+ Dungeon Guide | Mdt | Mdi | Tricks | Routes | Season 4

And those azure vault loot drops? They’re the cherry on top, a reward for facing down every illusionary bolt cast, every consuming stomp, and for outrunning the icy grip of frozen ground underfoot. Whether you’re a veteran damage dealer targeting the highest threat or a newbie learning the ropes, this loot’s got something for everyone.

But it’s not just about the gear or the glory. It’s about the stories we forge, the strategies we devise against foes like Telash Greywing, and how we adapt our movement speed to avoid that next dragon strike. It’s the thrill of mythic difficulty, the satisfaction of unlocking those azure vault achievements, and the camaraderie of summoning draconic images to fight by our side.