Now that Shadowlands has come out and is present for a while, we managed to experience its ins and outs notably. Furthermore, some players got some cool rewards, titles, and achievements and some have hit the cap level 60. Now, maybe specifically you guys reading this guide are in that situation and you are wondering what to do at level 60?! Well, we are here to help you solve the dilemma, give you some advice and motivate you to further explore Wow’s eight expansion. Finally, let’s move on to what you can actually do next and refresh your gameplay experience with these invigoration options which are to follow.

Here are many things you could do, and trust us, you are hardly going to be disappointed!

Choose a Covenant & Souldbind

Wow Shadowlands – What To Do At Level 60?

As you probably know, hitting the cap level is a prerequisite to unlocking and choosing Covenants. In that light, the first thing you can do at level 60, is to pick up and follow the Covenant storyline. That said, just relax and prepare for valuable end-game content, because most of the fun starts at 60. Furthermore, upon choosing your Covenant, you’ll be offered 3 Souldbinds directions, but you can only use one.

Moreover, Souldbinds are the keys to building new abilities and they combine the powers of your Covenant with skills from your class. Souldbinds come with 8 tiers which you’ll advance through while building your power up. The “crème de la crème” of Souldbinds is Conduits – a form of passive powers with the sole purpose of empowering your class and Covenant skill trees. To conclude, building upon Conduits is a smart endeavor to commit to as it will give you some cool, powerful combos in return.

Doing Torghast

Wow Shadowlands – What To Do At Level 60?

Maybe the most exciting activity after level 60 is unlocking and playing Torghast. Now, you can easily unlock it – simply by following an introductory storyline after you join Covenant. Nevertheless, the storyline will guide you to The Maw and the entrance to Torghast will become open for you at the back of Ve’nari Refuge.

Here’s a short explanation – The Torghast is a computer-generated megadungeon that changes each time you enter. It includes 6 wings and 3 Twisting Corridors intended only for grinding Cosmetics. 

Even more, you can push your limits by playing Dungeons on Heroic, Mythic, and Myhic+ (reserved only for the toughest) which provide level 171, 184, and up to 203, respectively.

Next, among doing Dungeons and grinding loot, hoping for some elite or rare drops, you will be able to use Runecarver’s abilities. Not to forget, Runecarver is a gigantic NPC in chains, which will use Soul Ash to craft Legendary items for you. Precisely, you will collect Soul Ash which acts as a binding agent for three more ingredients that the Runecarver will use to craft a Legendary. 

What’s more, these 3 materials include:

  • Base item
  • Legendary power – and you’ll need to pick up a memory to use it
  • Legendary armor piece

Suffice to say, having Legendary items will bring a whole new experience to your game-experience while refreshing your inventory with powerful items. So yeah, it’s worth investing time in this activity. 

World Bosses & Weekly Quests

Wow Shadowlands – What To Do At Level 60?

In Shadowlands, you can also chill when you get to 60 and enjoy some map-exploring activities. What’s more, this exploration will bring you closer to some interesting weekly activities like World bosses who rotate weekly. While we’re at it, there are a total of 4 world bosses and once you slay them, they’ll drop top-tier items, Legendary recipes, or Conduits. Additionally, you’ll come across:

Valinor – once a Kyrian centurion, used to test its best warriors, and now a puppet of Forsworn, infected with a seed of Doubt. It can be found in Bastion.

Mortanis – this boss abides in Maldraxxus and originates from the Necrolord Covenant. Currently, he is a brisk away from transcending to a more powerful, necromantic form. 

Oranomonos – A mighty boss, who lost great amounts of Anima now resides in Ardenweald. 

Nurgash – imbued with dark magic, it resides in Revendreth, and among all bosses, this one is a real brute. 

Except for the World bosses, you can accept and complete Weekly and World Daily Quests which will provide a lot of reputation which you can use to successfully tackle Covenant Callings. 

Farm Renown and Anima

Wow Shadowlands – What To Do At Level 60?

Farming these two is very important and by building Renown, your standing within Covenant will grow and many doors will open. This way, you’ll be able to enjoy all the benefits your Covenant offers, as well as some interesting playable content. Side note – the cap for Renown is level 40. 

Similarly, farming Anima and using it to rejuvenate your Sanctum will pay off in many ways. To be precise, you’ll unlock new quests, powerful enemy champions and foes, treasures, and some powerful, Covenant-specific daily enhancements. 

Wow Shadowlands – What To Do At Level 60?

Anyhow, these are most of the things you can do at level 60 and you should make good use out of them. Besides, completing these activities should be fun by itself and the rewards you’ll reap will be a logical by-product from doing so. To conclude, focus on enjoying the end-game content whatever you choose to do, and don’t forget to be creative and experiment with the possibilities Shadowlands offers.