Destiny 2 Update: Gear, Sandbox Tweaks &Amp; Exciting Livestreams

let’s dive into this whirlwind of Destiny 2 updates, shall we? Keeping it casual and laid back because that’s how we roll here. So, Bungie decided to grace us with the latest TWAB (This Week at Bungie) news, and oh boy, they’re spoiling us with some juicy details about Onslaught and a bunch of other cool stuff.


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  • New Armor: Fresh looks for all classes are on the horizon.
  • Weapon Teasers: A glimpse at the return of classic weapons, including Luna’s Howl and more from the Crucible’s glory days.
  • Gameplay Mechanics: Onslaught will challenge players to defend against waves of enemies, upgrade defenses with collected scraps, and tackle bosses on Pyramid ships.

Onslaught and Gear Updates

First up, let’s chat about Onslaught. Bungie gave us a sneak peek at some new armor for all the classes and a few weapons that are making a comeback, including the iconic Luna’s Howl. It’s like they’re bringing the band back together with some old Crucible favorites, and I’m here for it. They also teased a bit about the gameplay mechanics in Onslaught, like defending against waves of enemies and collecting scraps to upgrade defenses. Sounds like a blast and a half, right?

  • Auto Rifles: A slight nerf is coming to precision auto rifles to balance mid-range combat.
  • Hand Cannons: Get ready for a damage boost, making them more competitive.
  • Discount Alert: Starting March 26th, enjoy a 20% discount on silver purchases for a week.

PvP Sandbox Tuning

Then there’s the PvP Strike Team dropping some knowledge on us about sandbox tuning. They’re tweaking the damage for auto rifles, hand cannons, and a few other weapons to shake things up in the Crucible. And let’s not forget the 20% silver discount starting March 26th – your wallet might thank you for this one.

  • What to Expect: Insights into the “Into the Light” content, including a new social space, Destiny 1-inspired armor, and more.
  • Exclusive Emblems: Tune in to snag some exclusive in-game emblems.

Bungie’s also got another livestream lined up to dive deeper into “Into the Light” goodies. They’re promising to show off a new social space, Destiny 1-inspired armor, and more. Plus, they’re dangling some exclusive emblems for tuning in, so don’t miss out.

Weapon TypeChange Summary
Precision Auto RiflesBase damage decreased by 5%.
Hand CannonsIncreased base and crit damage for adaptives.
Pulse RiflesAdjustments to body and crit damage for various frames.
Scout RiflesSlight base damage increase for rapid fire frames.
BowsLightweight frames get a base damage boost.
Exotic AdjustmentsSunshot and Last Word to receive buffs.

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Now, for some community vibes, Bungie’s laying down the law on some players who decided it was cool to be toxic during a livestream. Not cool, guys. They’re getting banned and learning the hard way that respect goes a long way. And on a lighter note, if you’re spending some cash in the Bungie store, you get a free Ghost Shell papercraft. Neat little bonus, right?

Community and Miscellaneous Updates

  • Action Against Toxicity: Bungie is banning players for inappropriate behavior during livestreams.
  • Bungie Store Perks: Make a purchase and receive a Ghost Shell papercraft as a bonus.
  • Twitch Extension Fix: The Destiny 2 official Twitch extension should now be working correctly.

So, there you have it – a bunch of exciting stuff on the horizon for Destiny 2. What are your thoughts? Pumped for the new gear and game modes? Let me know down below, and let’s keep the hype train rolling. And as always, appreciate you dropping by for the update. Have an awesome day, and keep those Guardians ready for action!