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Counter-Strike 2 is a competitive game where players are divided into teams and while personal skill plays a crucial role, grinding wins, acquiring loot chests, or attaining a higher ELO can be challenging if you’re a solo player. With EpicCarry, you can enhance your performance. Opt for our CS2 wins boosting and benefit from our team’s expertise. We provide boosting services for all Counter-Strike modes. However, to guarantee the quality of our services, the EpicCarry team may limit the available options in some product versions.

Counter Strike 2 Wins Boosting Services Include

By buying the Counter-Strike 2 boosting service, you’ll get:

  • Ordered amount of wins in chosen map.
  • Some XP for your rank boost.
  • ELO points, if chosen in options.
  • Competitive or Wingman mode rank boost.
  • Authority from teammates.
  • Possible rank boosting upgrade.

This boost will be completed in Cs2 Wins Boosting | Buy BoostPiloted mode.

Please note that this service is restricted to the designated number of wins and does not guarantee an improvement in ranking. Be aware that your rank might decrease during the process.


Service delivery may take 1-24 hours depending on the chosen amount of wins.

CS 2 Wins Boosting Requirements

Premier Status on your Steam account.

Chosen mode has to be unlocked and playable (i.e. placement matches completed).

Please disconnect the Steam Guard or disable the "always require authenticator for login" setting in Security Settings. The secret question will protect your account for the duration of your boost. Remember to re-enable it once we finish the service.

Counter-Strike 2 Wins: Security Guarantees for CS2 Boosting Service

As the CS2 boosting team, EpicCarry does all to defend you from Ban when we do CS2 rank boost and other services. We will:

  • Never use cheats, ensuring a fair play environment.
  • Utilize VPNs closest to your location, masking the booster’s activity.
  • Prioritize your account’s security, always recommending the use of Steam account Authenticator.
  • Ensure that all matches played are by real players, opposing the use of bots or automated programs.
  • Strive for record time in completing boosts, allowing customers to witness rapid progress in the member’s area.
  • Safeguard all your Steam items, with our boosters strictly following guidelines to not interact or trade.
  • Keep all customer interactions transparent through our CS2 boosting service order page.
  • Focus on our main goal to achieve desired ranks while ensuring other players see natural gameplay.

Our CS2 boost is not just about the win, but playing the matches crucially, to give customers genuine progress and complete satisfaction.

We assure you that with our CS2 boosting service, you will not be banned by the VAC anti-cheat system. This is because we do not use cheats to enhance your CS2 rank.

CS 2 Wins Boosting | Options (except Global Elite Rank)

Our Counter-Strike boosting services are designed to elevate your status. These services, under the Global category, offer various options without strict estimation. For your convenience, the Counter-Strike boosting services provide enhanced precision, making your journey to the global elite more predictable.

You can get CS2 wins boosting:

  1. With a Duo (not available for Wingman option). It means, that you will play with our professional boosters. The final result depends not only on our professional players but on your personal skill, too.
  2. As a Spectator. Our professional players will play instead of you. This way is not limited by modes.

Also, you can choose the league or mode where you want to get ordered significant amount of the winning matches.

  • Casual lobby boosting service.
  • Wingman professional team.
  • Completing competitive matches for get you a competitive rank (only if you buy more than 10 winning matches for this service).
  • Completing wins for a higher rank in the chosen map.
  • Do the boost by professional gamers in the premier mode for a higher premier rating.

The final price and estimation of service will vary from the chosen options and the way in which you want to get the CS2 boosting process. Also, remember that in DUO modes, you and our boosters are totally protected from any possible and impossible bans from Steam. We do not use cheats, so you shouldn’t worry about VAC anti-cheat, but when you play with our boosters, your account will be secured from any risks.

Counter-Strike 2 Boosting Service Demonstration

When EpicCarry undertakes a CS2 wins boost, we offer assurance in two ways: by recording a demo of the crucial matches played or by streaming the games to you. This assurance is provided only if you grant us access to your account. For duo or pilot modes, no records are made. Solo boosting with our veteran players can make a significant difference in placement matches, pushing your current rank to higher ranks with high priority and no effort on your behalf.


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