WoW Cataclysm Classic Dungeon Boost

WoW Cataclysm Dungeons Boost

World of Warcraft Cataclysm dungeons differ a bit from the Wrath of the Lich King dungeons. They are more dynamic, more adaptive, and more PUG-friendly, but their simplicity is deceptive. This means they only appear simple, but each time you need to farm a Twilight Highlands dungeon for specific gear or something else, it’s really tough to complete multiple dungeons. So, we’re introducing our Cataclysm dungeons boost for classic WoW: Cataclysm Classic.

Wow Cataclysm Classic Dungeon Services

For Today, Epiccarry are able to provide you Dungeon Services for the following dungeons.

  • Blackrock Caverns;
  • Throne Of The Tides;
  • Vortex Pinnacle;
  • Stonecore;
  • Lost City Of The Tol’vir;
  • Halls Of Origination;
  • Grim Batol;
  • Shadowfang Keep;
  • The Deadmines;
  • End Time;
  • Hour Of Twilight;
  • Well Of Eternity;
  • Zul’aman;
  • Zul’gurub.

But please, we must notify you about the final encounter; most of these dungeons are not available in the game. They will be unlocked as veterans progress through the Cataclysm Classic content.

All Heroic Dungeons

Struggling to conquer all Heroic Dungeons in Cataclysm WoW Classic and can’t fight foe reaper? Our team at EpicCarry is your key to victory. From the elemental plane challenges to the final encounter with powerful elemental lords, we’ve got your back. Dive into Heroic Shadowfang or take on Ascendant Lord Obsidius with our expert party members. Boss drops, crowd control, and tackling every heroic version from Blackrock Mountain to the Abyssal Maw, we ensure your journey through each instance is victorious. Let us help you face the twilight’s hammer cult, hex lord Malacrass, and more for that ultimate heroic mode triumph.

Blackrock Caverns

Tackling Blackrock Caverns in Cataclysm WoW Classic? EpicCarry can light your path through the darkness. Face off against the likes of Rom’ogg Bonecrusher and Karsh Steelbender with us. From navigating the elemental lord’s challenges to mastering the final confrontation, we ensure your victory against every boss and their drops. Our expertise turns this daunting instance into a rewarding adventure, unlocking weapons and achievements with ease. Let’s conquer the depths together, where every fight becomes a triumph and every challenge, a tale of glory.

Throne Of The Tides

Battle Lady Naz’jar and the abyssal forces, overcoming powerful elemental lords and ancient foes. We guide you through each encounter, from Commander Ulthok to the Neptulon showdown, ensuring your group conquers bosses, secures epic drops, and masters this instance. With our expertise, the spirit world’s challenges and the ocean’s fury are but stepping stones to your glory. Let’s claim victory over the tides together, making every raid an epic tale of triumph.

Vortex Pinnacle

Ready to storm Vortex Pinnacle in Cataclysm WoW Classic? EpicCarry’s here to boost your climb! We’re all about dodging those wild winds and smashing bosses like Grand Vizier Ertan without breaking a sweat. With us, you’re not just running a raid; you’re on an epic loot grab, snatching up those sweet drops from every boss. Let’s kick some elemental lord butt together, making each fight a breeze.


Cracking Stonecore in Cataclysm WoW Classic? EpicCarry’s got your back! Dive deep with us, from slaying Corborus to toppling High Priestess Azil. We navigate through the rocky depths, ensuring every powerful elemental lord and tricky boss meets their match. With our help, you’ll snag those epic drops and weapons, making the toughest fights feel like a breeze. Let’s rock Stonecore together, turning challenges into victories and making sure every entrance leads to an epic win.

Lost City Of The Tol’vir

Heading into Lost City of the Tol’vir in Cataclysm WoW Classic? EpicCarry is your golden ticket through the sandstorms. We’ll guide you past General Husam, through the deadly traps, and right up to Siamat for that final showdown. Our expertise means you’ll breeze through the battles, snagging the best drops and mastering the most complex fights. With us, every corner of this ancient city turns into an opportunity for epic loot and legendary victories.

Halls Of Origination

We’ll help you outsmart the Temple Guardian Anhuur, dodge the deadly lasers of Rajh, and face off against the constructs of old gods. Our team ensures you conquer every boss, grab the sickest drops, and navigate the puzzles like a pro. With us, you’ll master the halls, tackling each challenge with confidence and walking away with all the glory.

Grim Batol

Storming Grim Batol in Cataclysm WoW Classic? EpicCarry is your ace in the hole! We tackle the dragon-infested halls, from General Umbriss to the twilight’s end, ensuring you beat every challenge, score the best loot, and outshine in every fight. Our team leads the charge, making tough bosses like Drahga Shadowburner a walk in the park.

Shadowfang Keep

We’re rolling deep through those spooky halls, taking down Baron Ashbury to Lord Godfrey like it’s nothing. Heroic mode? Pfft, we eat that for breakfast. Snagging all those juicy boss drops and making every shadowy corner our victory dance floor. With us, Shadowfang is less “boo-hoo” and more “let’s do this!”

The Deadmines

Plunging into The Deadmines in Cata WoW Classic? EpicCarry is your treasure map to success. We slice through VanCleef’s crew, from the prototype reaper to the pirate queen herself, making every fight a breeze. Heroic mode? More like heroic loot mode with us. We’re talking big boss drops, epic weapons, and a smooth sail to victory. Forget walking the plank; we’re diving into the loot pool. Join us, and let’s turn The Deadmines into your personal treasure trove.

End Time

Facing End Time in Cata WoW Classic? EpicCarry’s your time-travel buddy! We’re zipping through those dystopian futures, taking down echoes and Deathwing’s minions like pros. From the spirit world to Deathwing’s doorstep, we make it look easy. Struggling with difficulty or looking for that epic drop? We’ve got the heals, the attacks, and the strategy to make your run smooth and rewarding.

Hour Of Twilight

We’re smashing through Thrall’s epic escape, from the chilling grips of the frosty abyss to Deathwing’s final cronies. Facing down end-of-the-world vibes with style, our team guarantees you’ll conquer those bosses, snag insane weapons, and keep Azeroth safe. Need a bear-sized heal or a shadowy attack to take down the baddies? We’ve got all the moves. Let’s turn Hour of Twilight from daunting to done.

Well Of Eternity

We’re slicing through demonic forces, side-by-side with Azeroth’s legends, ensuring you snag the sickest weapons and face down Deathwing’s precursors in Well Of Eternity. Need a stealthy shadow attack or a beastly heal? We’ve got your back. Our crew turns this time-travel trip into a loot-filled blast from the past.


Ready to tackle Zul’Aman in Cata WoW Classic? EpicCarry’s squad is prepped to storm the Amani trolls’ fortress! We’re here to guide you through every boss battle, ensuring you snag the best weapons and gear. Whether it’s tanking a bear, dishing out shadowy damage, or dropping those heals, we’ve got the strategy to get you through. With us, Zul’Aman isn’t just another raid; it’s your treasure trove waiting to be unlocked. Let’s raid this jungle kingdom and claim its riches!


Heading into Zul’Gurub in Cata WoW Classic? EpicCarry’s your jungle guide to victory! We’re taking down bloodthirsty trolls and ancient gods, ensuring you snatch up the deadliest weapons. Whether it’s facing Hakkar or dodging Deathwing’s shadow, we navigate every corner of this treacherous city

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which of Dungeons are available on start of cataclysm?

At the start of Cataclysm, adventurers could plunge into the depths of dungeons like the abyssal breach of Throne of the Tides and the windswept corridors of Vortex Pinnacle. Braving the challenges within, heroes face the south wind's fury, the foe reaper's might, and the dark plots of the Twilight's Hammer.

Do the All Heroic dungeons guarantee me a BiS loot?

While all heroic dungeons in Cataclysm are a treasure trove of gear, they don't guarantee BiS loot on every run. However, with EpicCarry, we strategically navigate through each dungeon, from the shadowy halls guarded by Lord Walden to the pivotal battles against High Prophet Barim, maximizing your chances for the best loot.

What Ilvl can I expect from the Dungeons in Cataclysm classic?

333 In Cataclysm Classic, dungeons reward adventurers with ilvl 333 gear, preparing them for the dangers lurking in Azeroth. As you confront commanders like Springvale and face Deathwing's lingering threat, this gear serves as your arsenal against the encroaching darkness and the chaos unleashed by the horde and the alliance alike.

What EpicCarry Guarantee when provide the Dungeon carry service?

When you opt for EpicCarry's dungeon carry service, we promise to guide you to the end of your chosen dungeon, ensuring a successful completion. While the nature of loot drops means we can't guarantee specific items will fall into your hands, every piece of gear, weapon, or valuable you earn during our journey together stays with you.

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