CS2 Coaching

Do you want to play as a professional booster, and not buy any boosts for Counter-Strike 2? When you need to learn how to play CS2, you can do it with our CS2 coaching services. As a professional team, with some competitors from the Major, we can offer you the best services, which include aim and others, to enhance your skills. Do not worry, compared to all other Counter-Strike 2 boosting services, games with coaches are completely safe for your steam account.

CS2 Coaching Includes

When you buy counter-strike coaching by professional players, you’ll get:

  1. Ordered amount of hours of chosen service.
  2. Personalized guidance from the chosen coach.
  3. Learning strategies in theory.
  4. Practice with a trainer to correct your aim, or strategies understanding.
  5. Examination of your true potential.

As additional options for coaching, you can order demo analysis, by streaming, or on YouTube.

Requirements for CS2 Coaching

This service does not require prime status, you can get coaching services in Counter-Strike 2 with a free version of the game.

What Will You Get From a Personal Coach?

From the coaching services in Counter-Strike 2, you’ll get improved gameplay skills under the guidance of experienced coaches. Your rank will show noticeable progress due to proven coaching methods. With dedicated hours of lessons focusing on aim and strategy, your ability in the game will significantly improve, allowing you to dominate and excel in your play. This comprehensive coaching will provide a notable improvement in your overall gameplay

  • Improved gameplay strategy.
  • Enhanced aiming skills.
  • Effective team communication.
  • Map knowledge boost.
  • Tactical decision-making.
  • Optimal equipment usage.
  • Understanding opponents’ tactics.
  • Boosted game confidence.

It Takes Time to Master Some Aspects of the Game

As our customers found, the coaching services for Counter-Strike are complex. So to master all the 8 aspects of the game, you may require more than an hour of coaching work. That’s why, we recommend seeing the table with recommended estimates on how to master:

  1. Aim.
  2. Playing tactics.

And other aspects of the Counter-Strike. All to make your full competitive match maximally successful.

Game aspect

Hours of training with a personal coach

Improved Gameplay Strategy


Enhanced Aiming Skills


Effective Team Communication


Map Knowledge Boost


Tactical Decision-Making


Optimal Equipment Usage


Understanding Opponents’ Tactics


Boosted Game Confidence


Frequently Asked Questions

What are CS2 Coaching Services?

Professional guidance to enhance your Counter-Strike 2 gameplay skills.

Why buy CS2 Coaching from EpicCarry?

We have experienced coaches, some from the Major tournaments, offering tailored lessons focusing on aim, strategy, and more.

Is coaching safe for my Steam account?

Yes, gaming with our coaches is completely safe for your account.

What’s included in the coaching package?

Ordered hours with a chosen coach, theoretical strategy lessons, hands-on AIM training, potential assessment, and optional demo analysis.

Do I need a prime status for coaching?

No, you can receive coaching even with a free version of the game.

What will I gain from the coaching?

Improved gameplay, aiming skills, team communication, map knowledge, tactical decision-making, equipment usage, understanding opponent tactics, and boosted game confidence.

Is there a discount for more coaching hours?

Yes, the more personal coaching you book, the cheaper it becomes.

How many hours are recommended for each game aspect?

Aim: 15 hours, Gameplay strategy: 10 hours, Team communication: 5 hours, and so on. A detailed table provides estimates for each aspect.

Can I get demo analysis?

Yes, it’s available as an additional option, either by streaming or on YouTube.


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