CS2 Premier Rating Boost

Counter strike 2.0 has changed the rules of the game. Instead of the old ranking system, which includes global elite rank, today, Valve introduced us to at least a thousand different modes. But the highest of them is premier rating, which is an alternative to old global elite rank, and means that you’re a professional player. EpiCarry provides premier rank boosting for desired rank with a guaranteed result.

Counter Strike 2 Premier Rating Boosting Includes

Counter strike 2.0 rank boost completing only by professional players and includes:

  • Ordered ELO — amount of rating points (from +1.000).
  • High K/D rating.
  • Experience for loot chests.

CS 2 Premier Rating Boost Options

Counter strike 2.0 boosting services for getting desired rank boost may be done with following options:

  1. Mode – you may choose the Piloted mode in case you prefer our booster play on your account and the Self Play option in case you prefer to control your account and play in pair with one of our professional boosters;
  2. Rating – just choose the rating you an wish to get, and we will organize it for you;
  3. Placement Matches – in case you do not complete your calibration, we can do it;
  4. Premier Unlock – we will unlock the access to premier ranked matches in case you do not have it.

Please, bear in mind, that not all depends on professional boosters. The Elo calculation depends on the lobby, on the ladder, and on Gabe Newel’s mood. Also, the higher rank boost you want, the longer it may go.

Also, the highest ranks, like 20.000 + elo are doing only in Pilot-play mode, or with personal skill approbation with play alongside to counter strike professional boosters.

You can choose either Cs2 Premier Rating Boost | Buy BoostSelf-Play or Cs2 Premier Rating Boost | Buy BoostPiloted mode for this boost.


The CS2 Premier Rating Boost ETA may differ depending on the chosen rankings. Usually, it takes 1-7 days.

Counter Strike 2 Premier Boosting Requirements

  • Premier Ranked access is granted or the Premier Unlock option is chosen;
  • Calibration completed or the Placement Matches option is chosen;
  • Premier Status on your Steam account;
  • For the Piloted option – please disconnect the Authenticator or disable the “always require authenticator for login” setting in Security Settings. Your account will be protected by the secret question for the duration of your boost. Don’t forget to re-enable it once we finish the service.

Table of ELO Calculations

In our CS2 boosting service, ELO calculations are meticulously crafted to reflect your in-game skill. With a high win rate, skilled players put in the effort to achieve your desired CS2 rank boosting. By purchasing our service on the order page, not only can you feel safe due to our reputation but you can also witness the progress via live stream, ensuring you understand the average time required and effort invested to complete your CS2 boost.

Here you can find approximately elo, which you’ll get in the premier mode, if you do the solo boosting.


Elo calculation

Winning stronger opponent


Winning same opponent


Winning weaker opponent


Most Valuable Player


Losing stronger opponent


losing same opponent


losing weaker opponent


Please keep in mind that the ELO formula is dynamic, and strives to distribute professional players and average players evenly.
With our counter strike rank boos service, you can calculate how many wins you need from professional boosters at your lobby boosting service.

CS2 Boosting Services Security Guarantees

Epiccarry prioritizes unmatched security guarantees for your CS2 rank boosting. Our veteran players put in the effort required to achieve winning matches without the use of cheats. We utilize VPNs to protect your account, ensuring real players handle your games. Even in offline or piloted mode, your account details and Steam items remain safeguarded. Customers can confidently purchase our services at reasonable prices, knowing their Steam account is in trusted hands. Progress transparency is maintained in our members area, emphasizing our commitment to integrity.

  • No cheats used.
  • VPN protection.
  • Real player gameplay.
  • Account safeguarded.
  • Steam items secure.
  • Transparent progress.
  • Reasonable prices.

We can guarantee about you wouldn’t been banned if you get our cs2 rank boost in pilot mode. Also, because we’re not employ cheats, and prefer it, using the personal skills of professional gamers, we can guarantee that you will not be banned by VAC anti-cheat, or steam guard for using cheats.

Best packs for ELO Boosting from Epiccarry

The Elo calculations, and final price estimation depends on your current rank you want from cs 2 boosting service provider.

Remember that if you do not play regularly, your ELO will drop. We can provide you standard packs, like:

  1. 12.000 ELO rank boost.
  2. Cs2 Boosting to 18.000 Elo.
  3. Professional boosting service from current rank to 25.000+ ELO

If you need a more accurate ELO, please connect to our customer service.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to the old ranking system with Global Elite Rank in Counter-Strike 2.0?

In Counter-Strike 2.0, Valve revamped the ranking system. Instead of the previous system with the Global Elite Rank, they introduced numerous modes, with the premier rating now serving as the pinnacle, indicating a player’s professional status. so you should keep in mind that there is no more gold rating for your premier boosting in the same lobby.

What does the CS2 Premier Rating Boost offer?

The CS2 Premier Rating Boost offers players a pathway to high ELO. With this service from Epiccarry, you get a guaranteed boost to your desired rank in premier rating, which is now the alternative to the old global elite rank.

How is the ELO calculated for boosting in CS2 games?

ELO in our CS2 boosting service is calculated based on your in-game skill. Factors such as win rate, opponent strength, and individual performance (like MVP) influence the ELO you gain or lose. It’s worth noting that the ELO formula aims to evenly distribute both professional and average players.

In this service, we provide you with a cs2 boost to achieve the ordered rating. This means, even if you’re purchasing our boosting services, you should wait until we’ve done all the games to complete your boost.

What are the requirements for availing the CS2 Premier Rating Boost?

To avail the CS2 Premier Rating Boost, players must have the CS2 Prime status and have completed all 10 placement matches in the premier mode. If opting for the Pilot-play mode, additional Steam account details, especially your location, are required.

Is it safe to use the CS2 Premier Rating Boost service from Epiccarry boosting services provider?

Absolutely! Epiccarry ensures top-notch security for your CS2 rank boosting. We guarantee no use of cheats, VPN protection for your account, real players handling your games, and complete safeguarding of your account details and Steam items. Our services prioritize customer trust and transparency.

What options are available for boosting in CS2?

Various options are available, including Fast start, Pilot-play mode, Self-play mode, having a proven track record with a demo, streaming the progress, and choosing the number of boosters in the team to expedite the boosting process.

Can I track my boosting progress in counter strike 2 game?

You can track your boosting progress, by viewing streams, or demo, if you choose the exact point at the options when you order a counter strike 2 premier rating boost to desired rank.

Are there any risks of getting banned when using the CS2 rank boost service if played alongside?

With Epiccarry, we can assure you won’t face a ban when using our CS2 rank boost, especially in pilot mode. Our approach is cheat-free, and our emphasis on genuine gameplay by professional players ensures that you won’t be flagged by VAC anti cheat or steam guard.

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