Tarisland Raid Boost & Carry

Tarisland is a truly unique game. While other games offer long, multi-hour raids, Tarisland provides concise, small raids, sometimes featuring just a single boss. However, these boss battles are much tougher than those in other famous MMORPGs. The world bosses in Tarisland require incredibly difficult tactics and strategies, making them incomparable to any others.

Currently, there are two major raids, each offering a unique experience and valuable rewards. Like dungeons, raids in Tarisland require a minimum level of 30 and a Gear Score (GS) of at least 90 to start. At Epiccarry, we provide Tarisland Raids boost, including Raid Attunements and other services like exclusive gear farming.

Tarisland raid boosting services

At Epiccarry, we help you play Tarisland by offering different services to make the game easier and more fun. Our team can help you beat the hardest bosses and get the best gear. We have different ways to help, like playing for you or playing with you.

  1. Root of Corrosion Raid Boost — We help you beat all the bosses: Merfolk King, Ancient Tree, Synthesis Doctor, and Forest Gemini.
  2. Battle of Ancash Raid Boost —help you complete the raid against Aslow the Shadow Witch.
  3. Raid Attunements —assist you in getting ready to join raids.
  4. Exclusive Gear Farming —help you get the best gear from raids.
  5. Difficulty Boosts —offer help in Normal, Elite, and Epic difficulties.
  6. Shadow Witch Kills —help you defeat the Shadow Witch boss.
  7. Forest Gemini Kills —assist in defeating the Forest Gemini bosses.
  8. Synthesis Doctor Kills —help you defeat the Synthesis Doctor boss.
  9. Ancient Tree Kills — help you beat the Ancient Tree boss.
  10. Merfolk King Kills — assist in defeating the Merfolk King boss.

Ancash Defense Battle carry

We provide help for the Battle of Ancash raid, one of the most challenging raids in Tarisland. Our Tarisland raid boosting services are designed to help you conquer this raid and earn amazing rewards. Whether you need help with specific raid bosses or want to complete the entire raid, we have you covered.

  1. Complete Raid Boost — We help you finish the entire Battle of Ancash raid.
  2. Shadow Witch Kills — Our team will assist you in defeating Aslow the Shadow Witch.

Tarisland Raid Boosts — Root of Corrosion carry

At Epiccarry, we provide help for the Root of Corrosion raid in Tarisland. This raid contains five different bosses and is available in three difficulties: Normal, Elite, and Epic. Our Tarisland raid boosting services are designed to help you conquer all the raid bosses and earn amazing rewards.

  • Complete Raid Carry — We help you finish the entire Root of Corrosion raid with defeating all four bosses.
  • Merfolk King Kills — Our team assists in defeating the Merfolk King and get the amazing gear.
  • Ancient Tree Kills — We help you beat the Ancient Tree boss.
  • Synthesis Doctor Kills — We support you in taking down the Synthesis Doctor.
  • Forest Gemini Kills — We help you defeat the Forest Gemini bosses.

Shadow Witch kills

The Shadow Witch is a super tricky boss in Tarisland who uses dark magic to make things really hard for players. But don’t worry, Epiccarry is here to help! They’ll join forces with you to beat the Shadow Witch, using their best Tarisland raid boost service. They’ve got awesome professional MMO players who know exactly how to get all the amazing rewards from the boss, and they’ll keep your account safe the whole time. Whether you play along in self-play mode or let them handle it in piloted mode, they’ll make sure you have a great time beating this formidable boss!

Forest Gemini kills

The Forest Gemini are twin bosses in Tarisland that like to team up and make battles really tricky. At Epiccarry, we’ll help you take them down with our top-notch Tarisland raid boosts. Our professional players are ready to join forces with you, ensuring you scoop up all the awesome rewards. You can choose to be part of the action with self-play mode or let us handle things in piloted mode—either way, we make sure it’s safe and fun. If you’re up for tackling these challenging twins and grabbing some great gear, we’ve got all the Tarisland raiding services you need to help you hit the maximum level cap and enhance your Tarisland gaming experience.

We’ve been able to provide this kill in two difficulty modes because our professional boosters have been delivering all the Tarisland raid services since the second beta test in November 2023. So, the only thing standing between you and the best boosting service is your decision. Buy a Tarisland raids carry and get:

  1. Multiple raid boss kills.
  2. The best raid gear (averaging 10 points higher than dungeon gear at the same level).
  3. An amazing experience.
  4. Reputation tokens.

And all the rewards that Tarisland has hidden for killing specific bosses.

Synthesis Doctor kills

The Synthesis Doctor is a really smart boss in Tarisland who makes battles tough with his unobvious tactics! At Epiccarry, we can help you beat him with our cool Tarisland raid carries. We have a team ready to join you, make sure you get awesome gear, and have a super fun time. We keep your account safe and make sure you get all the amazing rewards like the chief judge necklace. So, if you want to have a great time and grab some cool stuff, just let us help with our Tarisland boosting services!

Ancient Tree kills

The Ancient Tree is one of the  hugest, toughest Tarisland raid bosses, kind of like a giant tree that you get to climb and explore, but it’s not easy to beat! At Epiccarry, we help you take down this Tarisland raid boss by offering Tarisland raid carry services where our team joins you in the fight.

We make sure you have all the gear you need and help with the xp grind, so you can have fun and win! Just think of us like your adventure buddies, ready to help with all the challenging activities and make sure you get the best out of the game. Buy a Tarisland raid boost from us and let’s go on this adventure together!

Merfolk King kills

The Merfolk King — the incredible boss, which refers us to undersea battles in another MMO-game RPG! At Epiccarry, we help you defeat this splashy king by being your sidekick team. Just buy Tarisland raid boost, and leave all the raiding routines to professionals

Tarisland Raid Attunements

To access Tarisland raids, players must meet specific requirements such as reaching at least level 30 and having a gear score (GS) of 90 for common difficulty. At Epiccarry, we offer services to help players meet these prerequisites quickly. We provide raid gear farming, assistance with the leveling process, and other necessary activities to ensure you can enter and enjoy the raids. Our services prioritize account safety and efficiency, making us a reliable Tarisland raid provider. Choose Epiccarry to streamline your preparation for challenging raid runs and formidable bosses.

Tarisland Raid Gear Farming

In Tarisland, raid gear farming involves running multiple raids each week across different difficulty levels. At Epiccarry, we specialize in maximizing your loot gains by using loot traders during these runs. Our teams strategically defeat multiple bosses, which increases your chances of getting all the available loot from the fewest number of raid runs. This means you can equip your character faster and more efficiently without having to participate in countless raids.

When you buy Tarisland raids from us, you get all the services needed to enhance your gaming experience. Our skilled teams handle the challenges across different difficulties, ensuring that each run is optimized for the best possible outcomes in terms of gear and rewards

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