Wow Classic Cataclysm Gearing

Wow Classic Cataclysm Gearing

So, you’ve finally obtained the best gear from Wrath of the Lich King, but then a cataclysm happened. Now, you must gear up again just to play comfortably. Here at Epiccarry, we understand your problem, so we’re ready to offer our Cataclysm gearing service, which will make your journey in Azeroth more comfortable. We know the best places and how to avoid the tedious grind for getting the BiS (Best in Slot) gear. Moreover, we know which gear is BiS for you, not based on common guides, but tailored to your gaming style.

WoW Cataclysm Classic Gearing Services

As the Epic Team, EpicCarry can do all the Gear boost services, like:


Also, we have PvP gear boosting services, which includes earthen ring for hit cap, but this service is in our PvP Part. visit it, and get your best Arena gear there!


Introducing Gear Boost, our premier service tailored for Cataclysm Classic enthusiasts. With Gear Boost, you’ll gain access to top-tier raid gear, optimizing your spell hit, hit rating, and stat weights for a superior gaming experience. Epiccarry is ready to assist, leveraging our expertise to navigate raid bosses, dungeons, and quest rewards efficiently, ensuring you get the most out of your Cataclysm adventure at a reasonable price.


Tier Sets is our specialized service aimed at players seeking the prestigious tier sets available in WoW Cataclysm Classic. This service guarantees you not only the acquisition of iconic tier sets but also enhances your character’s performance with optimized stats and secondary stats. EpicCarry is prepared to guide you through raids, heroics, and quests, ensuring you secure your desired tier sets efficiently, navigating through the challenges of Cataclysm Classic with expertise and strategic insight.


Pre Raid Gear is our service for getting ready gear for raids in WoW Cataclysm Classic. You will get strong gear to help you start raiding, with better stats and items. EpicCarry can help you get this gear fast, making your game more fun and giving you a good start in raids. It do not includes icc gear, In cause ICC gear is not the pre raid gear, and also do not suit for the alternative as the Heilrooms gear.


PvE BiS Gear is our elite service tailored to arm you with the ultimate gear for tackling PvE challenges in WoW Cataclysm Classic. This service promises to outfit your character with the finest gear, meticulously selected to match your class and role, thereby maximizing your effectiveness in raids, dungeons, and against formidable foes. EpicCarry is dedicated to navigating you through the acquisition of this top-tier gear, utilizing justice points, valor points, and the intricate knowledge of raid guild dynamics, heroic encounters, and the critical spell cap.

We focus on enhancing your character’s item level through strategic gear replacement, covering everything from your head slot to off-hand items. Whether it’s conquering the Lost City, venturing into the depths of Grim Batol, or facing the Twilight Highlands’ dangers, our service ensures you’re equipped with the necessary gear, including those elusive items from starter raids or random heroics. Our expertise extends to optimizing your secondary stats, leveraging reputation gains with factions like the Guardians of Hyjal or Baradin’s Wardens, and ensuring your equipped gems and gear reflect the best possible stat weights for your mage, death knight, or any class you wield.

With EpicCarry, bad luck in loot drops becomes a thing of the past. We understand the value of each piece of gear, from the importance of the right gems to the strategic benefit of specific set pieces. Our goal is to save you time and effort, replacing the common sense of frustration with hope and excitement for your next raid or heroic adventure. Trust in EpicCarry to not just equip you but to prepare you for victory, making every raid guild want you and every challenge a bit more interesting. Your journey through Azeroth, powered by our PvE BiS Gear service, will be a testament to what well-thought-out gearing can achieve, turning the potential of your account into actual, remarkable power.


Looking for the best PvP gear to dominate in Arena Season 9 of WoW Cataclysm Classic? Arena Season 9 Gear service is here to outfit you with powerful gear, ensuring you have a competitive edge in every match. With EpicCarry, acquiring this top-tier gear is hassle-free, providing you with a faster path to PvP success and more options to customize your character for victory.

Why have you to choose the Exactly EpicCarry

We can spend infinite time on how we’re cool, but better we’ll provide our best of the best services. But the numbers will be more expressive than words:

  • 20% lower prices.
  • 1000+ Ready boosters for PvP.
  • Infinite Masters for BiS PvE Farm.
  • ASAP service procedure… Typically, from 3 to 7 minutes to start.
  • Experienced since Cataclysm was released. more than 13 years.

Frequently Asked Questions

From what can you get Pre BiS gear?

Pre BiS gear can primarily be obtained from heroic dungeons, a service expertly provided by Epiccarry. These dungeons, including the Vortex Pinnacle and Grim Batol, are treasure troves for acquiring not just any gear, but pieces pivotal for enhancing your character's performance. Epiccarry's seasoned team navigates these dungeons with precision, ensuring that the gear you receive isn't just filler but a significant upgrade, replacing items that no longer serve your journey towards becoming an Azeroth legend.

What About Gold and Other Drop While You do Gearing Service?

Yes! Regarding gold and other drops during our gearing service, rest assured that all valuables (excluding trash) encountered during our expeditions will be yours. Trash items are converted into gold, adding to your treasury. This process isn't just about decluttering your inventory; it's a meticulous job we undertake to ensure that every piece of loot, from the depths of the Cataclysm beta to the high reaches of Hellscream's Reach, benefits you, reinforcing your arsenal and coffers alike. Also, we're farming Ascendant lord obsidius, general husam and other members of dragonmaw clan.

Do You Have Heirlooms Farm Service?

As for Heirloom (Heilroom) farm services, yes, Epiccarry provides this with attention to detail that rivals the meticulous care of the High Priestess herself. Heirlooms are essential for bolstering your character's growth, acting as a cornerstone for both new adventures and those revisiting the cataclysmic landscapes of Azeroth. With this service, we don't just hand you items; we're handing you keys to unlock potential, carefully selecting each piece to suit your class and future endeavors. This isn't just a service; it's a strategic investment in your character's prowess and versatility, ensuring that every slot, from your chest to your back, is equipped not just for the present but prepared for what lies ahead with other gear and do not figure for gear in stormwind city, it's such a bad idea.

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