Diablo 4 Vaults Guide - Season 3 Guide

So, the time Has come. I mean The Diablo 4 Season 3 has come to us, and it’s means, what we’re all must to forget about the blood, and view the Season of the Construct. All had to changed. Like no bloody minions, instead of it, seneschal companion. No vampire powers. Instead of them, Tuning and governing stones. And finally. There’s no more dungeons. Instead of them Nightmare vaults in the world tier iv. So to learn and master all the new mechanics, follow our Diablo 4 vaults guide. Only here, right now, just for nothing, you’re learn:

  1. What are the exactly vaults.
  2. The full instruction in how to get into vaults. I mean, arcane tremors, events, pearls of wardens, Zoltun buffs and other.
  3. What can you loot from the Vaults.
  4. What the hell are the Vault sigils?

And many other minor and major things, about the Vaults, which will be helpful to you, if you’re play the Diablo 4: season of the Construct. So stop wasting your time, dive into this guide, and learn more than you can expect about those new seasonal dungeons.

What are Diablo 4 Vaults Season 3: Of the Construct?

Diablo 4 Vaults Guide - Season 3 Guide

Vaults in Diablo 4, are the new version of nightmare dungeons. There are bit more laconic, than a casual nightmare dungeons, and much more laconic by a structure, but offers to the season players much higher rewards.

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Vaults in Diablo 4 are seasonal dungeons that offer unique gameplay experiences and challenges. Unlike traditional dungeons, Vaults change with each season and come with specific themes and mechanics. They are a central feature of each season and offer players a chance to explore new content, face challenging encounters, and earn valuable rewards. Vault dungeons are designed to provide a fresh and exciting gameplay experience with each season, making them a key element of Diablo 4’s ever-evolving world.

One of the most important things about those vaults are the way to get into them, and the way to increase your loot. All the others are completely more about upgrading your seneschal companion. It means what some loot which you’ll obtain in the end of the seasonal dungeon.

What’s the difference between the Diablo 4 nightmare vaults, and Diablo 4 Dungeons?

Diablo 4 Vaults Guide - Season 3 Guide

So, The Vaults are the Seasonal dungeons, and there are changes from season to season. This time Nightmare vaults in Diablo 4: Season of the Construct are connected to the Seneschal construct. It does mean, what you’re visiting they’re for getting not only unique and legendary gear, but currencies for getting and upgrading governing and tuning stones.

AccessRequire Vault Sigils or Pearls of Warding; often linked to Arcane Tremors.Accessible during standard exploration; no special sigils required.
Challenge LevelHigher, with Nightmare Vaults offering increased difficulty based on World Tier.Standard difficulty, with some elite constructs and elemental hazards.
RewardsWardwoven Chests, legendary items, and unique rewards like random Tuning Stones.Regular loot, occasionally includes legendary items and Paragon Glyphs.
ThemesSeason of the Construct introduces new Construct Monster Family and various hazards.Consistent themes, often with several elemental variants and dungeon-specific narratives.
Gameplay MechanicsSpecial mechanics, like maintaining Zoltun’s Warding intact to unlock higher-tier rewards.Standard combat and exploration, with elemental hazards and deadly traps.
Crafting RelevanceShattered Stones and Governing Stones used to craft Vault Sigils and maintain Zoltun’s Warding.Crafting materials collected for general gear and abilities enhancement.
Boss FightsVault boss fights often involve unique abilities and challenging mechanics.Standard boss fights, integral to dungeon storyline and progression.
Special FeaturesNew dungeons in open world with specialized challenges and hazards.Standard dungeons integral to the main storyline and character development.
Stacks MechanicManaging stacks of Zoltun’s Warding buff is crucial for a successful vault run.No specific stack management mechanic in regular dungeons.

How to get into the Vaults

Diablo 4 Vaults Guide - Season 3 Guide

Season 3, swing by The Gatehall, our cool new town below Kehjistan’s sands. It’s got vendors, artisans, and all the good stuff. Plus, you can dive into Vault Gateways for epic loot, take on bosses, and tackle those wild Nightmare Dungeons. The place to be for all the action!

Nightmare mode

Diablo 4 Vaults Guide - Season 3 Guide

To get into the Nightmare vaults, and get all the benefits from random tuning stone, gotten drop a nightmare wardwoven chest, you have to follow the simple instruction

It’s easy like one, two and three. You need to prepare something, gather something else, do something third, and finally earn the Zoltun’s Warding, and enter with some stacks of it into the Vaults. So, prepare for Vault exploration in Diablo 4, Season 3: Of the Construct:

  1. Reach World Tier 3: Unlock Nightmare Vaults.
  2. Farm Pearls of Warding: Gather them during Arcane Tremor events.
  3. Gain Zoltun’s Warding: Activate it at the Vault entrance with Pearls of Warding.
  4. Craft nightmare dungeon Sigils: Use Pearls of Warding for crafting.
  5. Navigate Vaults: Face traps, mechanical foes, and hazards in the dungeons.

Enjoy the hunt for legendary loot and unique Season 3 rewards!

What is the Zoltun Buff?

Diablo 4 Vaults Guide - Season 3 Guide

Zoltun’s buff is a valuable loot-enhancing effect in Diablo 4 Season 3. To obtain it, players must offer Pearls of Warding at the Statue of Zoltun Kulle within the Vault. This buff continuously stacks and is essential for better rewards from Wardwoven Chests at the end of Vaults.

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However, players should be cautious because leaving the Vault prematurely results in losing all stacks of the Zoltun’s Warding buff. This mechanic adds a strategic element to gameplay, encouraging players to navigate the Vault’s traps and hazards to maximize their loot. It’s a high-risk, high-reward system that enhances the challenge and excitement of Diablo 4’s Season 3 experience.

What Are Vault Sigils?

Diablo 4 Vaults Guide - Season 3 Guide

Vault Sigils in Diablo 4 are like magical keys to open up Vaults, these awesome dungeon places. You need ’em to dive into these dungeons where you’ll face big boss fights and grab sweet loot like shattered stones, random tuning stones, and crafting governing stones.

Zoltun’s Warding Buff StacksLoot Rewards after boss fight and hazards scattered
0 StacksNo extra rewards
1 StackBasic rewards
2 StacksBasic rewards + Improved rewards
3 StacksBasic rewards + Improved rewards + Rare & Legendary items
4 StacksBasic rewards + Improved rewards + Rare & Legendary items + Gold
5 StacksBasic rewards + Improved rewards + Rare & Legendary items + Gold + Nightmare Dungeon & Vault Sigils
6 StacksBasic rewards + Improved rewards + Rare & Legendary items + Gold + Nightmare Dungeon & Vault Sigils + Crafting Materials
7 StacksBasic rewards + Improved rewards + Rare & Legendary items + Gold + Nightmare Dungeon & Vault Sigils + Crafting Materials, like craft governing stones + Governing & one random tuning stone
8 StacksBasic rewards + Improved rewards + Rare & Legendary items + Gold + Nightmare Dungeon & Vault Sigils + Crafting Materials + Governing & Tuning Stones + Journals of Zoltun Kulle + dropping legendary items.

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Plus, there’s a chance to score legendary items. But beware, these dungeons are packed with hazards that’ll keep you on your toes. And depending on the Vault, you might need one stack of Sigils or a whole three stacks to get in on the action. So, they’re your ticket to the town center’s coolest adventures!

What in the end of the Vaults?

Diablo 4 Vaults Guide - Season 3 Guide

At the end of Diablo 4 Season 3 Vaults, you can find Wardwoven Chests. These are special chests that contain valuable rewards. The contents of these chests can include high-quality items, crafting materials, and other valuable resources. These chests are a sought-after reward for completing Vaults in Season 3.

1Gain Zoltun’s WardingInteract with the Statue of Zoltun Kulle at the start of any Vault dungeon.
2Acquire Pearl of WardingObtain Pearls of Warding from Arcane Tremors or regular chests at the end of Vault dungeons.
3Stack Zoltun’s WardingYou need three stacks of Zoltun’s Warding to open one Wardwoven Chest.
4Avoid Traps and HazardsBe careful not to get hit by traps and hazards within the Vaults, as this will reduce your Zoltun’s Warding stacks.
5Increase World TierHigher World Tiers provide more Wardwoven Chests at the end of Vaults.
6Unlock ChestsDifferent Wardwoven Chests require varying amounts of Zoltun’s Warding stacks.
7World Tier 1 & 2 Chest1x Zoltun’s Warding to unlock.
8World Tier 3 Chest4x Zoltun’s Warding to unlock.
9World Tier 4 Chest10x Zoltun’s Warding to unlock.
10World Tier 4 (All Chests)To unlock all chests at World Tier 4, you’ll need 15 stacks of Zoltun’s Warding at the end of the Vault.
11Use Pearls of WardingYou can use Pearls of Warding to reach the required stacks if you don’t want to avoid traps of the town center.

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From the Wardowoven chests you can loot the different vault rewards:

Diablo 4 Vaults Guide - Season 3 Guide
  1. Gear Rare & legendary. The level of gear depends on how many stacks of Zoltun’s warding you have. And on the Tier of the World.
  2. Gold and a shattered stone.
  3. Vault sigils, for nightmare dungeons and for nightmare sigils.
  4. All the Governing stones, and a chance to obtain some of random tuning stones.
  5. Journals of Zoltun Kulle.


Diablo 4 Vaults Guide - Season 3 Guide

In Diablo 4 Season 3, the Vaults have undergone a significant transformation, introducing Nightmare Vaults as the new dungeon experience. With the arrival of the Season of the Construct, players will leave behind the realm of bloody minions and vampire powers to embrace a fresh set of challenges. Instead of traditional dungeons, Nightmare Vaults have taken center stage, offering a unique and rewarding gameplay experience. Our Diablo 4 Vaults guide covers everything you need to know:

  1. Discover what Vaults are and how they differ from dungeons.
  2. Learn the step-by-step process to access Nightmare Vaults, including acquiring Pearls of Warding, gaining Zoltun’s Warding, and crafting Vault Sigils.
  3. Uncover the valuable loot and rewards you can obtain from the Vaults, including rare and legendary items, gold, and more.
  4. Understand the significance of Vault Sigils and how they serve as keys to these exciting dungeon adventures.

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The introduction of the Zoltun’s Warding buff adds a strategic layer to Vault exploration, rewarding those who can maintain their buff stacks while navigating traps and hazards. Don’t forget to collect Pearls of Warding from Arcane Tremor events and master the art of maximizing your loot at the end of each Vault run.

Vaults are the heart of Diablo 4’s Season 3, offering a blend of challenge and excitement that will keep you engaged throughout the Season of the Construct. Get ready to dive into this new adventure and secure your place among the legends of Sanctuary!