Diablo Fresh Update

Hot off the press! The latest Diablo IV update, version 1.1.4, dropped on September 12, 2023, and it’s bringing some sizzling changes and fixes to the world of Sanctuary! We’ve got all the juicy details right here:

Gameplay Changes

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The XP bonus from the seasonal blessing “Urn of Aggression” has skyrocketed from 8% to a whopping 20%! That’s right, folks, they’re cranking up the heat to help you blaze through those levels and reach that coveted level 100 faster than ever before.

Bug Fixes

Special Abilities

They’ve squashed a pesky bug that was causing screen readers to completely miss enemy names. Say goodbye to that annoyance!

Quests and Events

Ever had trouble picking up Lorath’s Spear and the Strange Amulet during the “Missing Links” quest? Well, fret no more! They’ve fixed that glitch that made you toss them away and then struggle to pick them up again when re-entering the city while mounted.

In the “In Memory of a Goose” quest, if you used a portal to town or logged out right after placing Tavish’s Dagger, you were stuck. Not anymore, as they’ve patched up that issue!

For “Poisoned Hearts,” a bug prevented players from getting their gold reward for completing the “Nauseating Mass” event. But worry not, they’ve got your gold flowing again!

Miscellaneous Fixes

  • Choices in dialogues with Kress weren’t displaying correctly. Now you’ll get the right options!
  • The Seasonal Journey menu was showing the percentage of the last viewed chapter instead of the current one. They’ve fixed that mix-up.
  • You won’t be bugged by those pesky inventory full notifications appearing out of the blue anymore.
  • Completing Season Journey tasks related to plague tunnels without snagging a heart used to be a no-go. But not anymore! They’ve got your back.
  • Some sassy emotion lines like “I will end you!” and “Prepare to be forgotten!” weren’t playing correctly. But now they’re back in action!

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And that’s not all, folks! They’ve also sprinkled in some snazzy graphic updates and performance improvements to make your Diablo IV experience even smoother. So, gear up and dive back into the action, because Diablo IV is better than ever, and it’s ready to rock your world!