Diablo 4 Season Journey Boost

In Diablo 4, the Season Journey is a player’s guide through all the new Seasonal Content. Each new Season in Diablo 4 has its own unique Season Journey that players can follow to experience the game and earn rewards along the way. With the start of its second season, Season of the Blood, Diablo 4 introduced several new progression systems, and kept some of the old ones, like the Season Journey.

The Season Journey is a set of chapters with objectives that players can complete to earn progress toward their battle pass, and seasonal Aspects for their Codices of Power and loot. These objectives encompass a wide range of activities, allowing players to explore different aspects of the game while working towards their goals.

Engaging with the Season Journey unlocks the potential of your character and with our Diablo 4 Season Journey Boost, we aim to help you navigate the content of the current season efficiently while ensuring you reap all the rewards.

Product Includes

  • Completion of the desired Season Journey Chapters on your account;
  • Favors (Battle Pass progression) for each objective completed;
  • Seasonal Legendary Aspects for your Codex of Power;
  • Gold, reagents, crafting materials, and experience that drop during the boost;
  • Chance to get Legendary and Unique items;
  • If you lack access to the World Tier or that is required for the selected Season Journey Chapter, we will unlock it for free;
  • If needed, we will progress your SoB campaign to unlock the selected Season Journey Chapter for you;
  • You will get the cosmetic set on your class if “Complete set for your class” option is chosen;
  • Other seasonal journey rewards.

This boost will be completed in Diablo 4 Season Journey Boost | Buy boostPiloted mode.

Alternatively, you can allow remote control of your PC using Parsec app. In this scenario, you will log into the game, allowing our player to assume control of your character remotely. The advantages of this method, compared to regular piloting, are twofold: first, you don't have to share your account details with anyone; second, the remote control is less noticeable and harder to detect than account sharing, making it arguably safer. Your Internet connection has to be good enough to support the gameplay, though.


The boost from scratch to Chapter 6 takes 3-5 days. The final Chapter takes 5-7 days.


Your Seasonal character has to be eligible for the selected Season Journey Chapter. Use our Diablo 4 power leveling boost service if you don’t meet this requirement.

We will need access to your Diablo 4 account for some meaningful amount of time to work on your order. It will be occupied while we work.

Please disconnect the Battle.net Authenticator or disable the "always require authenticator for login" setting in Security Settings. Your account will be protected by the secret question for the duration of your boost. Don't forget to re-enable it once we finish the service.

Diablo IV Eternal Campaign has to be completed. Feel free to use our Diablo 4 Eternal Campaign boost to achieve this.

Progressing Through the Season Journey and Earning Rewards

The Season Journey in Diablo 4 is a new progression system introduced with the Season of the Malignant. It is separate from the Battle Pass and Season Blessings, and all of these features are available for free to everyone who owns Diablo 4.

The Season Journey is divided into Chapters, each presenting various objectives to complete. Upon finishing the required number of tasks, you receive the current Chapter rewards and move on to the next Chapter. You don’t have to finish the main story Campaign to gain access to the Diablo 4 Season Journey, and you will be earning progress starting from character Level 1 no matter what. However, some of the Chapter objectives are tied to the Season Mechanic, which means you do have to finish the campaign to be able to complete them.

Completing a Diablo 4 Season Journey Chapter grants you different types of rewards. These include Favor – experience to progress your Battle Pass track – but also Loot Caches and Legendary Aspects. The developers have confirmed that last Chapters of the Journey will also include exclusive Seasonal Titles and Cosmetics that will commemorate your dedication to the greater good of the world of Sanctuary.

The Season Journey also introduces new Aspects that you can’t obtain from the Codex of Power, including the brand-new ones introduced in the Season of the Blood.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Diablo 4 Season Journey?

The Diablo 4 Season Journey serves as a roadmap for players to navigate through the new content introduced in each Season of Diablo 4. It’s an intricate gameplay feature that presents players with a variety of quests, fresh narrative content, new characters, and live events. The Season Journey is designed to offer players a chance to accumulate in-game resources, whether they prefer to play solo or in a group.

Is the Diablo 4 Season Journey Free?

Yes, the Diablo 4 Season Journey is accessible to all players at no extra cost. Each player has the opportunity to earn identical rewards as others by completing each chapter of the Season Journey.

Is Season Journey Boost Safe in Diablo IV?

Yes, purchasing a Season Journey boost is safe. Boosting services are provided by professional players who log into your account and complete the Season Journey on your behalf. These services are designed to be secure and confidential, ensuring your account details and progress are protected. However, it’s always important to purchase these services from reputable providers that employ all possible safety measures and precautions to ensure the security of your account.

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