Diablo 4 Hunters Acclaim`s Reputation - How To Farm Guide

Okay, it has become a good tradition to provide you with all the answers right from the start, quickly leaving all our demagogy for the latter part of the article. So, in this article, you will learn about Diablo 4 Hunter’s Acclaim’s reputation.

You will also learn about:

  1. What the Blood Harvest season event is all about.
  2. How to farm Diablo 4 Hunter’s Acclaim reputation.
  3. Information about the main currency – Potent Blood.

But the main question remains the same: why do you need to acquire Diablo 4 Hunter’s Acclaim reputation in Diablo 4?

This article, is a part of our innovative compendium for the Diablo IV. If you’re interested in the next facts of the Season of Blood, you’ll can find more information about:

  4. DIABLO 4 SEASON OF BLOOD overview

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Diablo 4 Hunters Acclaim`s Reputation - How To Farm Guide

So, Diablo 4 Hunter’s Acclaim is a new faction introduced in the Season of Blood. It consists of 18 levels of renown, and each of them offers enticing rewards. Below, you’ll find a comprehensive table detailing the renown levels, the reputation required, and the exact prizes you can earn.

Renown Levelhunter’s acclaim rewardshunter’s acclaim faction points RequiredCommentary for blood harvest seasonal event reward
1Hunting Party Cache250Great starter kit. The weapons will help you go toe-to-toe with early foes.
2Hunters’ Insignia Cache300Rings to boost your attributes. A must-have for any dungeon events.
3Patchwork Leggings350Basic pants, but useful for early world tier activities.
4Vampiric Power, Sanguine Brace400Unleash the vampiric power and gain some lifesteal abilities.
5Hunters’ Liver Cache450Headgear to protect you while freeing prisoners or engaging in new world events.
6Sack of Skeleton Chokers500These amulets provide a nice boost. Useful in Diablo 4 season 2.
7Sack of Vampire Spoils550Misc items and gold. Good for buying materials in major towns.
8Blood Lord’s Armory600Weapons of legendary rarity. Time to reap some serious Hunter’s Acclaim.
9Vampiric Power, Accursed Touch650A new vampiric skill to add to your arsenal. Essential for blood harvest activities.
10Pile of Vampiric Footwear700Don’t underestimate boots; they could make or break your dungeon events.
11Blood Seekers Personal Effects750Chest armor to keep you safe. Receive pact armor in style.
12Crate of Vampire Spoils800More gold and miscellaneous items. Always welcome.
13Vampiric Signet Cache850More rings, more power. These will help you earn more reputation.
14Pack of Ghoul-skin Gloves900Gloves that not only protect but also add to your damage.
15Blood Bone Leg Reinforcements950More sturdy pants for the later stages. Secrets lie within their pockets.
16Blood Seeker’s Weapon Cache1000More weapons to choose from. Time to climb tiers faster.
17Sack of Vampiric Torques1050These amulets are the real deal, useful for late-game content.
18Lord Zir’s Personal Stash1100The ultimate prize stash. It’s a smorgasbord of loot and gold.

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Diablo 4 Hunters Acclaim`s Reputation - How To Farm Guide

Alright, as we’ve concluded our brief introduction, let’s move on to how to summon Blood Seekers and bursting Blood Blisters.

How to farm those reputation in blood harvest seasonal event

Diablo 4 Hunters Acclaim`s Reputation - How To Farm Guide

There’s nothing particularly special about the Blood Harvest seasonal event. During this event, there’s a higher chance of encountering Blood Seekers and obtaining various “Bloody” items such as:

  1. Potent blood.
  2. Vampiric powers.
  3. Vampiric pacts.
  4. Keys to summon Zir and Duriel.

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This helps in farming more efficiently, consequently speeding up Hunter’s Acclaim reputation farming. All you need to do is head to the area where the Dark Master’s army calls for some intense action. Eliminate everything you can, from the dispatched cunning Blood Seekers to other vampire foot soldiers.

How to farm hunter’s acclaim reputation not through the blood harvest event

Diablo 4 Hunters Acclaim`s Reputation - How To Farm Guide

If there isn’t a Blood Harvest Seasonal Event, but the Season of Blood is still ongoing, you have other opportunities to obtain crafting materials while completing world events and earning reputation to unlocks higher tier rewards. You should focus on completing local events such as:

  1. Disrupting vampiric rituals.
  2. Free prisoners.
  3. Eliminating as many Dark Master Blood Seekers as possible in Legion events.

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And please, do not forget to continue hunting down more Blood Seekers. Why? The reason lies in their…

Blood seekers is the key!

Diablo 4 Hunters Acclaim`s Reputation - How To Farm Guide

Are the keys part of the seasonal progression system? While the Blood Harvest events provide you with regular Reaper Hunter’s Acclaim reputation, these Blood Seekers can grant you up to 100 Acclaim. Where can you find all these little creatures? Of course, in the Tree of Whispers.

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And last but certainly not least, the Blood Harvest events, the Tree of Whispers, and Blood Lures reset every hour. So, hurry up, sanctuary traveler, it’s time to slay enemies and quench your thirst for blood!