Anticipation Vampiric Power

Dude, need a Diablo 4 vampiric powers guide? Yup, we’ve got someone. Okay, let’s get a bit serious here. In Diablo 4, there’s now a new Season of Blood. By the plot, it means that there’s a cool vampire who looks like an old-fashioned Dracula called ZIR invading the Sanctuary. And what does it mean?

This article, is a part of our innovative compendium for the Diablo IV. If you’re interested in the next facts of the Season of Blood, you’ll can find more information about:

  4. DIABLO 4 SEASON OF BLOOD overview

You’re welcome, and we’re continue our tale!

Coven'S Fangs

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A new Season of Blood.

New upgrades for your armor.

A new currency that you need to farm.

A new faction where you need to gain Renown.

So, we have some guides about the Season of Blood, but here, let’s talk about the vampiric powers specifically. Okay, it’s a good tradition to provide you with the main information about vampiric powers and vampiric pacts right from the start… So, without any extra introductions, here’s the complete table of vampiric powers, their abilities, their types, and the number of vampiric pacts required to use and obtain them. And please, remember that you can obtain up to five powers for yourself, your companion minion and bat familiar.

Skill NameVampiric Pacts RequiredTypeRevised Brief DescriptionVampiric Powers
Anticipation1 DivinityMinorUltimate skills cool faster; a nearby enemy affected by your DOTs boosts damage.Enables rapid cooldowns.
Coven’s Fangs2 DivinityMinorBat familiar attacks deal more to crowd controlled enemies; lucky hit to inflict vampiric curse.Summons a bat familiar.
Domination1 FerocityMinorHit harder on stunned or immobilized foes; instantly killed if also injured.Empowers hits on stunned foes.
Feed the Coven1 EternityMinorLucky hit conjuration companion minion restores resources and boosts damage.Restores resources.
Hectic3 DivinityMinorBasic skill grants active cooldowns reduction; minor vampiric powers speed up hitting enemies.Speeds up cooldowns.
Hemomancy3 EternityMinorDirect damage infects nearby enemy with potent blood, healing per enemy affected.Grants area healing.
Infection1 FerocityMinorDirect damage infects with Pox; enemy expunges it for poison damage.Inflicts a poison.
Jagged Spikes1 Ferocity, 1 DivinityMinorThorns may deal more and chill enemies; weapon mastery increases damage.Enhances thorn damage.
Prey on the Weak2 FerocityMinorGreater damage to vulnerable enemies affected by a vampiric curse; weapon mastery increases strikes.Boosts damage on cursed enemies.
Rampart1 Divinity, 1 EternityMinorStand still, gain a life barrier of accursed souls; divinity 1 eternity power.Grants a life barrier.
Ravenous3 FerocityMinorLucky hit boosts attack speed based on movement speed; core skills overpower for rapid hits.Increases attack speed.
Resilience2 EternityMinorDamage reduction increases as life decreases; blood beneath you fortifies the skill.Boosts damage reduction.
Sanguine Brace1 Divinity, 1 EternityMinorKilling an enemy fortifies you; critically strike enemies when highly fortified.Increases crit chance.
Terror1 Ferocity, 1 Divinity, 1 EternityMinorChance to fear nearby enemies and slow surrounding enemies; critically strike those who are feared.Induces fear in enemies.
Undying1 EternityMinorCasting skills heals you; double this bonus if below 50% life.Boosts healing.
Accursed Touch6 DivinityMajorLucky hit may inflict vampiric curse; curse spreads to other surrounding enemies.Spreads a vampiric curse.
Bathe in Blood3 Divinity, 3 EternityMajorChanneling forms a blood pool beneath you, enhancing imbuement skill calls.Creates a blood pool.
Blood Boil6 EternityMajorCore skills overpower with your vampiric power, spawn volatile blood drops; collecting causes explosion.Causes explosive blood drops.
Call Familiar3 Ferocity, 3 DivinityMajorImbuement skills call a bat ally to attack nearby enemies dealing physical damage.Summons a stronger bat familiar.
Flowing Veins2 Ferocity, 2 Divinity, 2 EternityMajorDOTs deal more to moving or cursed enemies; affected by a vampiric power.Boosts DOTs.
Metamorphosis2 Ferocity, 2 Divinity, 2 EternityMajorEvade, turn to bats, unstoppable; affected by other vampiric powers when in bat form.Transforms into bats.
Moonrise6 FerocityMajorBasic skill increases attack speed; enter Diablo 4 season 2 Vampiric Bloodrage at maximum stacks.Induces Vampiric Bloodrage.

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So, use this table and increase your chance to inflict vampiric curse stores. These, are enough to unlock all vampiric powers.

What a vampiric powers in season of blood?

Feed The Coven

Okay, back to the briefing. Vampiric powers are the new upgrades. They can be Minor Vampiric Powers and Major Vampiric Powers. You have a special board of vampiric powers and can activate up to five powers at the same time. To activate vampiric powers from the board, you need to:


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Obtain the vampiric power.

Acquire the vampiric pacts.

Obtain gear with slots for pacts.

Farm Potent Blood to upgrade your powers.


Minor vampiric powers require about 1 to 3 pacts and provide you with small enhancements, such as a chance to inflict a vampiric curse with your ultimate skills or an increase in maximum life for your character.


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The major vampiric powers are game-changers. They can completely alter your playstyle. Additionally, you will acquire new pets that are also upgraded by the vampiric powers.

Jagged Spikes

So, it’s the heart or key to the new season. Before we move on to how to obtain all these vampiric items, let’s introduce you to…

Who are the companion minion and bat familiar in season of blood?

Prey On The Weak

Companion Minion and Bat Familiar are new pets available for more classes in Diablo IV Season 2. To summon some of them, you need major Vampiric Powers and sufficient Pact Armor.


But why do you need to acquire the Conjuration Companion Minion? Well, the answer is simple: both the Minion and Familiar can serve as:

  1. Your personal tanks.
  2. Your personal damage dealers. For example, some Bat Familiar attacks inflict enemies with a Vampiric curse.
  3. Some of the Companion Minion’s powers attack nearby enemies.

What they can’t do is farm and unlock Vampiric Powers on your behalf, and they can’t be your healers. By harnessing this power-up, you can significantly strengthen yourself during the Season of Blood. If you’re interested in other Vampiric Powers, such as Weapon Mastery Macabre Wrath, scroll up and find them in the table at the beginning of the article.


How to farm those vampiric powers, which are attack nearby enemies?

Sanguine Brace

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Okay, now there’s one thing preventing you from increasing your physical damage, which will be boosted upon reaching maximum stacks. It’s all about farming your Potent Blood and Vampiric Power and even the hunter’s acclaim’s reputation.


We have a concise answer that will completely guide you on how to acquire your new channeled skills without wasting your time on coordinates and mobs with higher drop rates of Vampiric Power. Let’s start with a brief answer: To obtain your Vampiric Power, you need to engage in content in Diablo IV: Season of Blood. There’s a Blood Harvest Season Event that offers a higher chance of obtaining your Vampiric Power, as well as acquiring more Potent Blood and earning more Hunter’s Acclaim reputation. However, if you don’t want to farm this specific event hoping for a volatile blood drop, just play the game.