The clock is ticking on your chance to secure one of the most sought-after mounts in Azeroth: the Spirit of Eche’ro. Available through Legion Archaeology for a short window until February 21st, this rare mount makes its appearance only twice a year for two weeks at a time. Here’s everything you need to know to ensure you don’t miss out.

Getting Started

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To kick off this epic quest, swing by Dariness the Learned in Dalaran and snag the quest “The Right Path.” Your mission? Head over to Highmountain and start digging through those archaeology sites like there’s no tomorrow. You’re on the hunt for the Bone Fragment of Eche’ro, pieces of a puzzle that, once solved, completes the “Laying to Rest” quest. Sounds easy, right? Well, brace yourself. Each survey at a Highmountain site could net you up to five fragments, but you’re gonna need a whole lot more than that. What starts as a seemingly simple task might just turn into a marathon grind session.

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The Grind

Spirit Of Eche'Ro: Your Limited-Time Legion Archaeology Guide
  • What to Expect: Each survey in Highmountain can award up to 5x Bone Fragment of Eche’ro.
  • Challenge Level: High. Accumulating enough fragments to complete the quest can transform this adventure into a lengthy grind.
  • Pro Tip: Equip your character with Enchant Gloves – Legion Surveying to accelerate the survey process and make your quest a bit smoother.

Key Points to Remember

Key AspectDetail
Availability PeriodOnly until February 21st
FrequencyTwice a year, for two weeks
Starting PointDariness the Learned in Dalaran
Main ObjectiveCollect Bone Fragment of Eche’ro in Highmountain
Helpful ItemEnchant Gloves – Legion Surveying
Completion RewardSpirit of Eche’ro Mount

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For those looking to streamline their quest or seeking further guidance, here are two invaluable resources:

Comments Section for Spirit of Eche’ro: Engage with the community for firsthand tips and experiences.

Legion Archaeology Guide: A comprehensive guide filled with strategies, tips, and insights to help you secure your mount with efficiency.


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With the deadline fast approaching, there’s no time to waste. The Spirit of Eche’ro won’t be around for long, and missing out means waiting another six months for your next chance. Equip yourself with the right knowledge, gear up with the Enchant Gloves – Legion Surveying, and set forth on your quest. Good luck, adventurers—may the spirit of Eche’ro soon be yours!