Destiny 2 Dawning Delight: Baking, Battles, And Beta Bonanzas!

Hey, Guardians! It’s time to dive into the latest from Destiny 2. We’ve got a whole bunch of exciting updates, so grab your gear and let’s get going!

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Without extra words, let’s move to the essential!

The Dawning Event: Bake Your Way to Glory!

Crota’s End Raid Boost

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The Dawning is back, and it’s time to put on those aprons. Gather ingredients, bake up a storm with Eva’s Holiday Oven, and exchange those tasty treats for sweet rewards. It’s all about gathering, baking, and gifting – a true holiday spirit in Destiny 2!

  • Baking Cookies: Gather ingredients and Dawning Essence by defeating enemies and completing activities. Use Eva’s Holiday Oven to bake treats like Gjallardoodles.
  • Stasis Snowballs: This year, snowballs spawn differently. Use Dawning weapons or abilities to create a snowball spawn point where an enemy was defeated.

Fireteam Finder Beta Extended

The beta-testing period for Fireteam Finder is extended! It’s now active for all activities, so team up and dive into the action. Remember, teamwork makes the dream work!

Season of the Wish Updates

  • Riven’s Lair and The Coil: New loot, increased difficulty, and rotating paths through The Coil.
  • PvP Updates: Control mode tweaks and Checkmate Control adjustments.

Crota’s End Raid Boost

Crota’s End Awaits, Boost Your Way to Glory!

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New Dawning Weapon: Albedo Wing

Check out the Albedo Wing, a new Glaive with cool perks like Beacon Rounds, exclusive to this season’s weaponry.

Warlord’s Ruin Rewards

Destiny 2 Dawning Delight: Baking, Battles, And Beta Bonanzas!

Completed Warlord’s Ruin? Get ready to flaunt your success with exclusive Bungie Rewards, including a sleek reversible vest and pin. Show off your triumphs in style!

The Great Dawning Bake Off

Outside the game, join the Great Dawning Bake Off! Make your best desserts and share them with the community using the #DawningBakeOff hashtag. Get creative and let your culinary skills shine!

Season of the Wish Launch: Key Highlights

Trials of Osiris Boost

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  • Blind Well: Increased difficulty and new loot await.
  • PvP Updates: Balancing ability and weapon cooldowns, improving the Checkmate system.
  • New Rocket Sidearm: A fresh way to tackle Barrier Champions.

Focusing Cost Changes

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Grow with Gear and Season Pass XP!

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  • Ritual Vendors: Reduced focusing costs for legacy focusing.
  • Nightfall Weapons: Unobtained weapons still cost a bit more.

So, Guardians, gear up for an action-packed season with baking, battling, and a whole lot of festive fun! Let’s make this Dawning one to remember!