Wow Dreamsurge Coalescence

Hey there, traveler! On the hunt for something, huh? Maybe some Dreamsurge coalescence? Well, unfortunately, we don’t have any Dreamsurge coalescence for you at the moment. But fear not, we’ve got something even better – a Dreamsurge coalescence farming guide!

This guide is split into two parts:

  • Obvious Guidelines: This part covers various methods to acquire Dreamsurge coalescence, including completing world quests, taking down bosses, and exploring minor and major avenues to gather these precious resources.
  • Secret Drake Route: Now, here’s the exciting part! We’ve got a hidden pathway for you to follow with your trusty drake. This route can yield a whopping 800 of Dreamsurge coalescence per hour. Impressive, right? 

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However, before you dive in, we need to drop a small disclaimer. All the information we’re sharing about Dreamsurge coalescence farming is based on patch 10.1.7. Be aware that Blizzard might tweak things at any time. Our sneaky route might not remain as effective if folks like you use it a tad too much. So, make sure to gear up, find your drake, and, most importantly, Dreamsurge coalescence farm like lightning because, come tomorrow, Dreamsurge events might be no more, or it may be nerfed, and  you can’t earn as much for a half-hour. Also, these DreamSurges are not actual. so it been much better, if you’ll farm the Dreaming Crests instead of it!

What is Dreamsurge Coalescence?

Ok, let’s start from a primal. Dreamsurge coalescence is the fresh currency of the Dragon Isles. Fire druids are the culprits behind these waking dream portals that keep popping up, and guess what? You have to face them all over again.

So, each day, these fire druids crank open major waking dream portal, and your duty is to shut them down. Alternatively, you can engage in repetitive open world tasks in the emerald dream within the open world, partake in numerous new event activities, take down group rares, acquire new powers, and all that jazz. All of this hullabaloo leads to one ultimate goal – vanquishing those fire druids once more and sealing those bothersome Dreamsurge chrysalises.

But let’s be real, we all know you’re not doing this event out of sheer plot enthusiasm. You’re in it for a different reason. You hunger for more Dreamsurge coalescence, the shiny currency you can trade for upgraded gear. And this gear? It’s a stepping stone toward the high-level loot you’d expect from those grueling mythic+ key runs.

Also, by this event you can gain access for new buff in the game, which will be helpful for your week world quests for making gold.

Ways to get DreamSurge Coalescence: Except Dreamsurge weekly quest

Dreamsurge Coalescence Loot

Certainly, here are the most apparent avenues to acquire Dreamsurge coalescence, excluding world quests with direct rewards:

  • Rare Creature Elimination: While it might be tough for solo players, rounding up small groups makes this viable. Each empowered rare creature you defeat yields around 25 units of Dreamsurge coalescence. Collaborate with others and take down these empowered rares, ideally once per day.
  • Weekly Quests: These quests provide a swift route to amass a substantial amount of Dreamsurge coalescence. They’re your shortcut to reaching the soft cap of this currency.
  • Shadowflame Crest Hunt: Seek out the shadowflame crest – a minor yet meaningful method to uncover more of this material. It’s a better alternative to weekly quests, especially if you’re an explorer of the Dragon Isles in patch 10.1.7.
  • Closing Dreamsurge Portals: The focal point for many Dreamsurge coalescence farmers is the act of sealing Dreamsurge portals. These waking dream portals are the go-to method that most individuals employ. These portals remain active for approximately half hour at the onset of patch 10.1.7. You can spot these active portals on the map. Both minor and major Dreamsurge portals remain active for around thirty minutes each.

When combining these traditional methods, you can potentially accrue around 100 units of Dreamsurge coalescence within a day. The full farming regimen generally demands around 2-3 hours daily.

But wait, there’s a concealed approach that permits you to obtain 25 Dreamsurge coalescence in just five minutes. Intrigued?

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The Secret DreamSurge Coalescence farming guide route for your drake

Ways To Get Dreamsurge Coalescence


Ok, let’s shortly talk about that secred hidden stashes that come to your aid in fulfilling your Dreamsurge coalescence requirements for your catch-up gear.

Step one: Head to the zone you’ve spotted in the earlier screenshot. Once there, select your most well-equipped character and mount up on your trusty drake. Now comes the easy part. Glide beneath the bridges and hover near buildings. As you do so, you’ll notice a peculiar green fog enveloping you. This is where the magic happens. Seek out those Warcraft-green fog splats and pocket anywhere from 1 to 5 Dreamsurge coalescence from each one.

Now, here’s why we felt the need for a disclaimer for early-bird Warcraft players. While the process might seem straightforward, there’s a catch. This method could be subject to Blizzard’s tweaks, like a potential nerf or adjustments to cooldowns for these green splats. It’s possible that the route or mechanics might become standardized for all players within the Warcraft region. So, it’s a smart move to keep this in the back of your mind. And hey, tackling your Dreamsurge coalescence farm during the night might just turn out to be a savvy idea!

Exchange Dreamsurge coalescence for a catch up gear

Dreamsurge Coalescence Rewards

Ok, when you finally completed your Dreamsurge weekly quest, or use our secret route for your chosen amount, you’re ready to spent your new currency for various objectives, and finally catch your rewards.

You can snag two types of catch-up gear through Dreamsurge:

Dreamsurge Coalescence Gearing

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Veteran Gear (ilvl 402): You can get this gear by completing Dreamsurge events. They drop ilvl 402 gear, which you can eventually upgrade to ilvl 424. If you’re feeling impatient, you can also buy this gear from Celestine of the Harvest at Dreamsurge locations. Each piece costs 100 Dreamsurge Coalescence.

Champion Gear (ilvl 415): Finish the Dreamsurge weekly quest to get your hands on the Dreamsurge Chrysalis. With these, you can buy ilvl 415 gear that can be upgraded to ilvl 437. Archdruid Hamuul Runetotem is your go-to for this gear. It’ll cost you 1 Chrysalis per piece.