The Onyx Annulet is a new Best-in-Slot ring coming in Patch 10.0.7, perfect for players looking to maximize their DPS and min-max their character. In this guide, we’ll walk you through obtaining the Onyx Annulet, understanding its unique gem system, and optimizing your gameplay with its powerful Primordial Stones.

Obtaining the Onyx Annulet

Primordial Stones And Onyx Annulet System Guide

To unlock the Onyx Annulet, follow these steps:

  1. Complete the Forbidden Reach intro quests, starting in Valdrakken. Talk to Kazra at the Seat of Aspects and fly to the Forbidden Reach. Complete the questline up to the point where you save Jeb and Tacha and meet them at the entrance to Zskera Vaults. The quest is named “Exploring Our Past.”
  2. Accept the follow-up quest “Zskera Vault: Az” from Pathfinder Tacha, which requires you to explore the vault for the first time.
  3. Complete “The Keys You Need” quest from Pathfinder Tacha to receive your first six Zskera Vault Keys. These keys are used to open doors in the Vault and are obtained by completing content in the Forbidden Reach.
  4. Enter Zskera Vaults by talking to Pathfinder Jeb. Secure the vault by defeating the NPC in the center.
  5. Find the Unusual Ring on the ground during your first run, which starts the quest for the Onyx Annulet.

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Unique Gem System and Primordial Stones

The Onyx Annulet features three sockets for Primordial Stones, which come in 25 varieties with varying effects. Your goal is to farm vault keys to open as many doors as possible every week, allowing you to collect these powerful Primordial Stones and socket them into your Onyx Annulet.

Zskera Vaults and Vault Keys

Primordial Stones And Onyx Annulet System Guide

Zskera Vaults are on a weekly reset, and Zskera Vault Keys are BoA, so you can funnel them to your main character if you have Level 70 alts.

The Vault has three floors, each containing eight doors. Each door requires a key to open and contains an Elite NPC that must be defeated, a puzzle that you solve by opening other doors, or chests with various rewards, including Primordial Stones. Learn more about this feature in our Zskera Vault guide.

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Upgrading the Onyx Annulet and Primordial Stones

The Onyx Annulet starts at Item Level 405, but you can upgrade socketed Primordial Stones with Unstable Elementium, created by Jewelcrafters. Upgrading Primordial Stones increases the Item Level of your ring, up to 424.

  • Rank 1 Primordial Stone Upgrade: Goes from Item Level 411 to 418.
  • Rank 2 Primordial Stone Upgrade: Goes from Item Level 418 to 424.

Primordial Stone Sources and Effects

Primordial Stones And Onyx Annulet System Guide

Primordial Stones can be obtained from various activities in the Forbidden Reach, such as events, rare encounters, and Zskera Vaults. The stones come in 25 varieties, each with unique effects that can benefit your character differently.

Primordial Stone effects include:

Cold Frost Stone: Acquire Frost protection every 20 seconds, which absorbs damage and slows down melee opponents.

 Deluging Water Stone: Abilities have the potential to soak a nearby ally in healing waters, providing gradual restoration.

 Desirous Blood Stone: Inflicting damage may siphon life from surrounding enemies, causing Shadow damage and self-healing.

 Echoing Thunder Stone: Accumulating motion generates an electrical charge, empowering your next damaging ability with Nature damage.

 Entropic Fel Stone: Fire damage resulting from your Primordial Stones increases by 60% and is now classified as Chaos.

 Exuding Steam Stone: Receiving healing may release steam, restoring health to yourself and two nearby allies.

 Flame Licked Stone: Inflicting damage may ignite enemies, causing Fire damage over a period of time.

 Freezing Ice Stone: Inflicting damage may freeze opponents, causing Frost damage and a slowdown effect.

 Gleaming Iron Stone: Remaining stationary for 3 seconds fortifies your defenses, increasing armor and autoattack damage.

 Harmonic Music Stone: Engaging in combat enhances the tertiary stats of you and four nearby allies.

 Humming Arcane Stone: Magic damage inflicted may launch Arcane missiles based on the types of magic employed in the past 20 seconds.

 Indomitable Earth Stone: Receiving damage may envelop you in an earthen shield, absorbing incoming damage.

 Necromantic Death Stone: Proximity to a corpse grants Blood, Frost, and Plague Primordial Stone effects.

 Obscure Pastel Stone: Spells and abilities have a chance to trigger a random Primordial Stone effect.

 Pestilent Plague Stone: Inflicting damage may contaminate the target with a disease that spreads to other foes.

 Prophetic Twilight Stone: Damage effects from your Primordial Stones activate your healing effects, and the reverse is also true.

 Raging Magma Stone: Damage absorption may encase your armor in lava, inflicting Fire damage on melee attackers.

 Searing Smokey Stone: Successful interruptions emit smoke, dealing Fire damage to enemies directly ahead.

 Shining Obsidian Stone: Activating a Primordial Stone effect generates a damage-absorbing shield.

 Sparkling Mana Stone: Expended mana permeates the stone, granting incremental mana regeneration.

 Storm Infused Stone: Landing critical strikes on enemies may electrocute them and two nearby foes, causing Nature damage.

 Swirling Mojo Stone: The presence of a dying creature drains a portion of their mojo, eventually forming a crystal.

 Wild Spirit Stone: Nature or healing effects from Primordial Stones activate, healing up to 5 allies over time.

 Wind Sculpted Stone: Movement rallies wind to your aid, granting 370 Speed.

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