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Zskera Vaults Overview

The Zskera Vaults, introduced in Patch 10.0.7, are a major activity in the Forbidden Reach zone of World of Warcraft. This guide will explain how to unlock the Zskera Vaults, traverse its depths, and uncover the treasures hidden within. The main incentives for exploring the Zskera Vaults include obtaining the Onyx Annulet and Primordial Stones to socket it, as well as unique collectibles like pets, toys, and mounts.

Unlocking the Zskera Vaults

After completing the introductory questline in the Forbidden Reach that unlocks World and Daily Quests, complete the following quests to gain access to the Zskera Vaults:

  1. Helping Hand and Claw
  2. Exploring Our Past
  3. Zskera Vault: Az

Note that Zskera Vaults are not account-wide, so each character must complete the questline to access them. However, Zskera Vault Keys, used to unlock doors within the Vaults, are account-wide.

Zskera Vault Basics

The Zskera Vaults can be accessed from a cave entrance at the northern part of Morqut Islet. Inside, you’ll find four floors with various locked doors that require Zskera Vault Keys. By unlocking doors and solving puzzles, you’ll progress through the Vault and gain access to valuable loot.

Onyx Annulet and Primordial Stones

During your first visit to a Zskera Vault, you’ll find an Unusual Ring that starts the quest “”The Forgotten Ring.”” Completing this questline rewards you with the Onyx Annulet ring and teaches you how to manipulate Primordial Stones.

Obtaining Zskera Vault Keys

Zskera Vault Keys can be obtained by completing activities in the Forbidden Reach. These include:

  1. Chance to drop from killing mobs and rares
  2. Guaranteed drop from Forbidden Hoard events
  3. Chance to drop from Sack of Oddities, purchasable for 2000 each

Spending Zskera Vault Keys

Each door in a Zskera Vault requires one Vault Key to unlock. You’ll need 28 keys to unlock all doors in one Vault per week.

Multi-Room Zskera Vault Puzzles

Some puzzles in the Zskera Vaults require visiting multiple rooms to solve. These include:

  1. Fire Rooms: Find a Fire Crystal in another room to gain Protective Ward of Flames, allowing you to withstand fire damage and loot chests.
  2. Arcane Watcher Rooms: Find an Arcane Crystal in another room to gain Reflective Arcane Ward, protecting you from the watcher’s damage while looting the chest.
  3. Chests Encased in Stone: Locate a room with alchemy vials and two cauldrons to create Stone Dissolver, which can be used to dissolve stone and loot chests.
  4. Frozen Rooms: Use Empty Obsidian Vials to collect Vial of Flames from another room, which can thaw ice in frozen rooms and allow you to loot chests.

Take a look at our Comprehensive Zskera Vaults Guide for further details!


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