Greetings, brave adventurers! You stand on the brink of a unique challenge, a journey through the dimensions that will test your bravery to its utmost. Consider this guide as your compass, your beacon in the mystifying mist of the Forgotten Time Battlefield, where formidable adversaries lurk. Our quest takes us to the heart of the Dragon Isles, a realm where ancient dragons clash with the Endless Dragonflight over the very fabric of existence. Here, the atmosphere pulsates with the rhythm of primordial earth magic, and the past, present, and future merge in an awe-inspiring display of power.

In this guide, we’ll illuminate the tactics and skills of the daunting enemies you’ll confront, including the enigmatic Time Lord Deios and the his Endless Guardian. We’ll explore the dynamics of these encounters, from handling inevitable AoE damage to navigating intricate spells and subsequent shifts in enemy positioning. We’ll also examine the unique features of this instance, such as the Stabilized Portal, a mechanism that can spare you time and frustration by removing the need to reset and start from the beginning of the gauntlet.

This guide is designed with Mythic difficulty in mind, but the wisdom and tactics we share will be advantageous for adventurers of all levels. Whether you’re a battle-hardened veteran or a newcomer to the Forgotten Time Battlefield, this guide will arm you with the knowledge and tactics required to overcome the trials that lie ahead.

So, ready your gear, sharpen your weapons, and brace yourself for a voyage through time and space. The battlefield beckons, and with this guide at your side, you’ll be prepared to meet any challenge it presents. Stay tuned for the next installment of the guide, where we’ll delve further into the location, enemy abilities, and tactics. Until then, may your speed be swift, your defenses strong, and your determination unyielding. The journey of a lifetime is just beginning!


Dawn Of The Infinite Megadungeon Location - Entire Existence

Embarking on a journey across the realms, we find ourselves drawn to the mystical core of the Dragon Isles, where the hallowed Bronze Temple, a sanctuary of the Bronze Dragonflight, stands in solemn majesty. This age-old temple, slumbering through countless eons, has been awakened and reclaimed by the dragons, only to be shadowed by an impending peril.

Sinister powers, commanded by the Infinite Dragonflight, are now converging upon the temple, their eyes fixed on the Timeways concealed within its ancient walls. Their dark ambition threatens to unleash the ascension of Murozond, a force that could unravel the very fabric of time itself. The echoes of a battle yet to come resonate through the corridors of the Bronze Temple, a battle that may decide the fate of all existence.
Within the sacred chambers of the temple resides Chrono-Lord Deios, the cunning architect of the Infinite Dragonflight’s insidious scheme. Journeying deep into the annals of the past, he seeks to orchestrate the ascent of Murozond and twist the very threads of the true time-line. The responsibility now falls upon the valiant champions of Azeroth, those who stand as guardians of time, to thwart his dark machinations and safeguard the unbroken continuity of history.

The battle for time itself awaits, and the echoes of destiny call for heroes to rise.

Boss Strategies

Infinite Dragonflight Commander: Chronikar boss guide

Chronikar - Dawn Of The Infinite Megadungeon

Prepare, for we shall delve into the very core of the Mega-Dungeon’s secrets, centering our attention on the fearsome foe, Chronikar. This master of time stands as a central figure in the Time-Lost Battlefield, a critical juncture in the eternal Dawn of the Infinite.


Chronikar, a being that symbolizes the purest form of elemental earth magic, is a creature whose very being is interwoven with the Infinite Dragonflight. This encounter will challenge your courage within the vast labyrinth.

  • Sand Stomp: This technique demands players to position themselves near the periphery to create sand puddles and retreat to evade explosive harm. Though a simple mechanic in this battle, it can inflict colossal injury if mismanaged.
  • Chronoshear: A vital skill for the tanks, this unyielding assault necessitates the activation of defensive powers and ample healing to endure.
  • Eon Shatter: Beware, for this is the most critical skill to monitor. When Chronikar’s energy peaks, he unleashes Eon Shatter, inflicting tremendous harm upon all warriors and leaving behind Eon Residue.
  • Eon Residue: Post Eon Shatter, Eon Residue zones materialize on the battlefield. Warriors must absorb these areas to avert them from detonating and wounding the entire squad.


The shield-bearer must engage active defenses prior to each Chronoshear to aid the healer in countering the “Sheared Lifespan” subsequent effect. Damage dealers must align themselves closer to the end of chamber before the Sand Stomp invocation to minimize unnecessary movement.

When Chronikar’s energy reaches its zenith and he invokes Eon Shatter, all warriors must stand prepared to absorb the Eon Residue zones that materialize. This phase is the linchpin of the battle and could spell the difference between a triumphant victory or a crushing defeat.

Manifested Timeways boss guide

Manifested Timeways - Dawn Of The Infinite Megadungeon

The Manifested Timeways is a spectacle, a dance of cosmic powers that toy with the very fabric of existence. This boss is a testament to your team’s ability to groove with the unpredictable beats of the universe. Let’s break down its cosmic choreography:


The Manifested Timeways boasts a range of abilities that manipulate time and space, making it a boss that will test your party’s adaptability and coordination. Here’s a rundown of its abilities:

  • Timeways Conflux: A celestial ballet that wraps the Boss in the throbbing beats of time’s essence, calling forth the twin powers of Hastening Time and Waning Time. An orchestration of life’s grandeur that harmonizes with the infinite keeper abilities.
  • Decaying Time: This force gently pulls at your being’s tether to the present, dealing mystical hits every few heartbeats and softening the impact you feel by a fifth. It’s like you’re caught in a dreamy film reel, where every strike feels distant and hazy.
  • Accelerating Time: On the flip side, this power amps up your bond with the now, dishing out mystical vibes every heartbeat and boosting your swiftness by a third. It’s like you’ve unlocked a cheat code, zipping through the battlefield.
  • Chrono-faded: This vibe unsettles chosen warriors, sending mystical tremors every brief moment for a short span. The rhythm of this effect hits double-time if you’re vibing with Fast-Forwarding Moments. And when it fades? Expect a Chronofade encore.
  • Chronofade: Imagine a wave of bronze sorcery that sends shivers down your spine every fleeting moment when you connect with its flow. This wave takes its sweet time if its creator was vibing with Slow-Mo Reverie.
  • Fragments of Time: This aura beckons echoes from tomorrow and yesterday for a brief period, sending out time bubbles that grow, dealing arcane stings on contact and additional hits for a few moments. The more you touch, the deeper the vibe, and these time bubbles stroll leisurely when in the Slow-Mo realm.
  • Unwind: This force sends a blast of temporal essence at a chosen warrior, dealing mystical blows to those facing its path, twice. If you’re caught in the Slow-Mo vibe, expect the second hit to take a dramatic pause.
  • Radiant: This move unleashes time-locked sorcery when the focus strays from close quarters, sending arcane shocks, with the intensity growing by a fraction with every chant.


Facing Manifested Timeways is like playing a game of chess with time itself. You need to be one step ahead, anticipating its moves and countering them effectively. Here’s your game plan:

  • Master the Timeways: The secret to this boss lies in comprehending the effects of Decaying Time and Accelerating Time. Utilize Decaying Time to mitigate the harm you sustain and Accelerating Time to evade assaults and maneuver swiftly.
  • Handle Chrono-faded with Care: Chrono-faded can inflict substantial damage if mismanaged. Ensure to distance yourself from your allies when targeted to prevent them from being struck by the ensuing Chronofade.
  • Evade Fragments of Time: These time pockets can accumulate damage rapidly. Remain vigilant and sidestep them as soon as they appear.
  • Prepare for Unwind: This ability may surprise you if you’re unprepared. Ensure to disperse to dodge the frontal cone attack.
  • Stay Close in Radiant: When the boss utilizes Radiant, it’s a signal for the tank to draw near. The harm inflicted by this skill intensifies with every invocation, making it essential to intervene and halt it without delay.

Blight of Galakrond boss guide

Blight Of Galakrond - Dawn Of The Infinite Megadungeon

A vile creation, the Blight of Galakrond oozes corruption and terror. Imagine yourself as this monstrous entity, a relentless onslaught of necrotic energies, transferring your malignant essence between hosts, corroding minds, and expelling corrosive volleys. You are the infinite keeper of the dungeon, a manifestation of the infinite dragonflight’s power.


  • Corrosive Infusion: A cataclysmic eruption of acid magic, targeting a valiant warrior, bestows the Corrosion curse, culminating in a Corrosive Expulsion. This curse gnaws at the flesh with Nature’s venom upon impact, searing the very essence every tick of time. As it fades, it births Corrupted Mind and may leap to another through mere contact. The Blight Reclamation feasts upon this torment.
  • Corrupted Mind: An insidious spell that twists the mind of the afflicted raid member, turning them into a foe against their own brethren for a fleeting yet eternal 10 seconds, following the demise of Corrosion.
  • Corrosive Expulsion: Nature’s fury unleashed in a violent burst, wounding those within a 4.5-yard embrace of the impact, freezing them in shock for a momentary 1.5 seconds.
  • Blight Reclamation: A terrifying onslaught that carves Physical scars into party members ensnared in a frontal cone, magnetizing them inward and cleansing the stain of Corrosion.
  • Blight Seep: An energy-leeching phenomenon that drains the boss’s life force, raining Nature’s vengeance every second upon those ensnared in the blight-infested pools.
  • Necrotic Winds (Ahnzon): A storm of death, inflicting Nature’s kiss every ephemeral 0.5 seconds for a relentless 7.5 seconds, repelling warriors as tornadoes whirl outward, bestowing Nature’s judgment upon touch, and flinging them to oblivion.
  • Necrofrost (Loszkeleth): Loszkeleth’s frostbound embrace, entrapping a comrade in ice, diminishing their haste by 5 percent, and gnawing with Frost’s chill every second until the Necrofrost is vanquished.

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Oh, brave warriors of the infinite dawn, heed the call of the infinite keeper boss guide, for the battle with the Blight of Galakrond is no mere melee range skirmish. It’s a dance with destiny, a clash with the infinite mega dungeon’s very essence.

  • Positioning: Keep your movement speed agile, avoid the initial ground circle of Corrosive Expulsion, and stay clear of the blight pools.
  • Handling Abilities: Counter the infinite projectiles of Corrosion with precise timing, pass it to the tank, and break the Necrofrost with unwavering devotion.
  • Utilize the Environment: Use the portal guardians struck by the boss’s spells to your advantage, and be mindful of the subsequent alteration of abilities as the boss’s health diminishes.
  • Team Coordination: Rally your party members, for this boss requires a true timeline of cooperation and strategy. The infinite hard mode rewards those who deal massive damage at the right moments and cast unavoidable AoE damage with precision.

May your swords be sharp, your spells potent, and your hearts steadfast. The dawn of the infinite awaits, and the Blight of Galakrond shall fall before your relentless might. Onward, to victory and glory in the infinite keeper’s realm!

Iridikron the Stonescaled boss guide

Iridikron The Stonescaled - Dawn Of The Infinite Megadungeon

Iridikron, a creature of the infinite dragonflight, is a master tactician who weaves the very fabric of time to his advantage. Imagine yourself as Iridikron, a being of immense power, able to manipulate the earth and time itself. Your abilities are not mere spells but superpowers, each one a cataclysm waiting to be unleashed. You are the embodiment of patience, building energy slowly, only to release it in a devastating blast that can obliterate even the most seasoned adventurers.


  • Extinction Blast: A devastating earth blast, AoE damage. Think of it as a seismic shockwave, a force of nature that ripples through the ground.
  • Timeline Protection: Chromie’s time bubble, reducing damage within it. A shield against time’s ravages, a sanctuary in the chaos.
  • Stonecracker Barrage: A damaging barrage of rocks. Like a hailstorm of stone, relentless and unforgiving.
  • Earthsurge: A protective earthen barrier, pulsing tectonic energy. A fortress of earth, impenetrable and unyielding.
  • Pulverizing Exhalation: A monstrous breath of stone, dealing damage. A gust of destruction, a wind that shatters all in its path.
  • Patient Tactician: A strategy designed to wear down foes, culminating in Cataclysmic Obliteration. A chess game where every move is calculated, every attack a step towards victory.


Listen up, team! We’re facing Iridikron, a boss that’s not just about brute force but about understanding the dance of battle. Here’s how we’ll conquer this beast:

  • Positioning: Stay alert to Iridikron’s earth-based attacks. Spread out during Extinction Blast and be ready to move into Chromie’s Timeline Protection.
  • Handling Abilities: Intercept the Stonecracker Barrage to protect Chromie. Break Earthsurge’s shield quickly to prevent Rending Earthspikes. Dodge the Pulverizing Exhalation by being aware of positioning.
  • Timing and Coordination: Save damage cooldowns for breaking the damage Shield on Iridikron during the Power Rising exhalation phase. Bring Iridikron’s energy to zero percent before Cataclysmic Obliteration finishes.

Remember, adventurers, the Dawn of the Infinite mega-dungeon guide is not just about defeating a few bosses. It’s about understanding the infinite loot table, dealing with arcane damage, and mastering the true timeline. Iridikron is but one step on this journey, a manifestation of the infinite twilight magus, a challenge that will prepare you for what lies ahead.

Tyr, the Infinite Keeper boss guide

Tyr The Infinite Keeper Abilities - Dawn Of The Infinite Megadungeon

Tyr, the Infinite Keeper, is a giant of legend, a sentinel of the infinite dragonflight, a master of time and space. If I were Tyr, I would describe myself as the eternal guardian, guardian of the true timeline, wielding the Infinite Hand with grace and power. My abilities are not mere tricks; they are the manifestations of the universe’s core principles. I am the challenge you must overcome, the test you must pass. Are you ready, adventurer?


  • Infinite Hand Technique: With the grace of a cosmic dancer, Tyr unleashes a deadly combination of attacks with his mace, The Infinite Hand. It’s a symphony of destruction, a ballet of chaos. How will you dance to this tune?
  • Dividing Strike: Behold the power of the infinite as Tyr smashes the ground with overwhelming force, dealing arcane damage and consecrating the ground. A failure to share this burden grants him Titanic Empowerment, a testament to his infinite might.
  • Titanic Empowerment: The infinite fuels Tyr, increasing all damage done by third for the remainder of the fight. This effect stacks, a crescendo of power that builds to a climactic finale.
  • Siphon Oathstone: When Tyr’s energy wanes, he draws power from the Infinite Oathstone, shielding himself with Radiant Barrier and releasing Temporal Essence. It’s a dance of time, a waltz of destiny. Will you steal time or be consumed by it?
  • Radiant Barrier: Tyr’s shield of infinite magic absorbs damage, pushing enemies back with a force that resonates through time and space.
  • Temporal Essence: The siphoned Oathstone releases motes of temporal essence, a chance for players to gain Stolen Time, a fleeting gift that increases haste and movement speed.


Gather ’round, party members, for the battle ahead is no mere usual fight; it’s a clash of wills, a test of resolve. Here’s how we shall prevail:

  • Positioning: Stand united against Dividing Strike, share the burden, and deny Tyr his Titanic Empowerment. Position yourselves with precision, for in the dance of battle, every step counts.
  • Handling Abilities: Dance with the Infinite Hand Technique, move with grace, and counter Tyr’s rhythm. Collect the Temporal Essence, steal time, and use it to your advantage. Break the Radiant Barrier with relentless assault and push back against the infinite.
  • Coordination: This is not a battle of individuals; it’s a symphony of teamwork. Coordinate your attacks, time your abilities, and move as one. The infinite loot table awaits those who master the dance of battle.

Iridikron stands as a formidable defense system. But with the right strategy, melee range mastery, and unwavering determination, you can conquer this boss encounter and continue your journey through the manifested timeways of the infinite mega dungeon.

Morchie boss guide

Morchie - Dawn Of The Infinite Megadungeon

Morchie, the Elite Aberration, is a weaver of time’s fabric, a conjurer of alternate selves, a creator of Time Traps. She’s not just a boss; she’s a riddle wrapped in an enigma, a fight with destiny. Imagine facing yourself, but with the power to manipulate time, summoning versions of herself to give you, dear adventurer. Her role in the dungeon is akin to a cosmic puppeteer, pulling the strings of reality itself.

Boss Abilities:

  • More Problems!: Morchie’s signature move, summoning alternate selves, hiding among them like a shadow in the night.
  • Dragon’s Breath: A breath of the infinite dragon, dealing damage, a storm of sand that lingers, dealing nature damage every second.
  • Familiar Faces: Summoning minions from her timeline, a twisted mirror reflecting your own face.
  • Time Traps: Traps that root players, a snare for the unwary, exploding with arcane damage.
  • Temporal Backlash: A backlash in time, a shockwave of arcane fury.

Battle Strategy:

  • Positioning: Stand firm, but be wary of [Sand Blast]. Watch for the original Morchie among the imposters, for only she casts Dragon’s Breath.
  • Handling Abilities: Counter her Dragon’s Breath with agility, dodge the Time Traps, and be prepared for the Familiar Faces that attack only their corresponding player.
  • Tactics: Think like a coach, a general leading troops. Coordinate with party members, stagger the growing of the Rings, and master the mechanics of dodging and dispelling at the right time.

Morchie is not just a boss; she’s a test of your mettle, a challenge to your understanding of the infinite loot table, a dance with the timeline. Whether she is going to deal arcane damage or dealing nature damage, her abilities are a complex spell sequence continuation that requires mastery and finesse.

Time-Lost Battlefield boss guide

Time Lost Battlefield Unexpected Alliance - Dawn Of The Infinite Megadungeon

A battlefield lost in time, where the echoes of ancient heroes and villains come to life. Here, you’ll face Grommash Hellscream and his Horde allies or Anduin Lothar and his Alliance comrades, depending on your allegiance. The clash of swords and the roar of spells fill the air as you engage in a battle that transcends time itself.


  • Summoning Allies: Throughout the fight, Grommash Hellscream or Anduin Lothar will summon Horde Grunt, Horde Axe Thrower, and Horde Warlock OR Alliance Footman, Alliance Archer, and Alliance Conjuror. These spectral warriors fight with the ferocity of their living counterparts.
  • FOR THE HORDE! / FOR THE ALLIANCE!: A rallying cry that re-summons fallen allies, bringing them back to the battlefield with renewed vigor.
  • Decapitate: A brutal attack that requires the tank to use active mitigation.
  • War Cry: A thunderous shout that will challenge the healer to keep the team topped up. Anduin Lothar and his three allies: Alliance Footman, Alliance Archer, and Alliance Conjuror.

Battle Strategy:

  • Positioning and Focus: Keep your eyes on the battlefield, adventurer. Focus on cleaving both the boss and the summoned allies, prioritizing the Horde Axe Thrower or Alliance Archer as they can leave a lingering ground pull effect.
  • DPS Strategy: Unleash your might and cleave efficiently. Use your abilities to deal damage to multiple targets, ensuring that you emerge victorious from this straightforward boss fight.
  • Tank Strategy: Your shield and sword must be steadfast. Use your active mitigation on the Decapitate cast and position the boss strategically to allow your party to cleave the summoned allies.
  • Healer Strategy: The battlefield is a place of chaos and pain. Be ready to heal your teammates during the War Cry cast and keep an eye on the entire party’s health.

The Time-Lost Battlefield is a clash of history and destiny, a fight that requires focus, strategy, and the will to win. Remember, adventurer, the echoes of the past are not just shadows; they are lessons, challenges, and opportunities. May you face this battle with courage and emerge victorious, for the Horde or for the Alliance!

Chrono-Lord Deios boss guide

Chrono Lord Deios - Dawn Of The Infinite Megadungeon

The Dragonkin of time, is a master of temporal manipulation. His role in the dungeon is to challenge the very fabric of existence, weaving a tapestry of chaos and order. A few bosses can compare to his might, and his presence in the Dawn of the Infinite Mega-Dungeon is a testament to his power.

Boss Abilities:

  • Summon Infinite Keeper: Deios rips an agent from another timeline, creating a stable rift and summoning reinforcements. A cosmic dance of space and time.
  • Collapsing Time Rift: Defeating the Infinite Keeper destabilizes the rift, inflicting damage to Deios. A symphony of destruction.
  • Chronal Burn: Corrupts the timeline, inflicting Arcane damage. A melody of pain and suffering.
  • Infinite Blast: Jettisons time magic, inflicting Arcane damage. A burst of temporal fury.
  • Infinity Orb: Manifests orbs of compressed time, exploding in an Infinity Nova. A ballet of cosmic energy.
  • Temporal Breath: Emanates time magic, inflicting Arcane damage. A breath of eternity.
  • Infinite Corruption: Blasts with corrupted bronze magic, sending arcane artillery throughout the environment. A storm of infinite chaos.

Battle Strategy:

  • Stage 1: Focus on defeating the Infinite Keepers to return Deios to the ground. Utilize the only active teleport to maneuver around the battlefield. Watch for the Infinity Orbs and stagger their application.
  • Stage 2: Coordinate attacks and positioning to avoid the Temporal Scar and Infinity Nova. Save damage cooldowns for critical moments and keep an eye on the boss’s casts.

Hard Mode

Dawn Of The Infinite Megadungeon - Hard Mode

The Dawn of Infinite Hard Mode is not just a simple increase in the difficulty level of the bosses. Instead, it introduces a unique set of challenges that players must overcome to successfully complete the dungeon.

Activating the Infinite Hard Mode

To activate the Infinite Hard Mode, four party members need to pick up artifacts from different locations within the Time Lost Battlefield. The catch? You cannot jump or mount while holding an artifact. If you drop an artifact, you must pick it back up within 10 seconds. This adds an extra layer of challenge to the Dawn of the Infinite Megadungeon, making it a thrilling experience for all players.

The artifacts are located in the following areas:

  1. Manifested Timeways – the hourglass right behind the exit portal.
  2. After defeating Tyr – the hourglass drops right at your feet.
  3. After defeating Morchie – the hourglass drops into the middle of the room.
  4. After the Time-Lost Battlefield – the hourglass drops into the middle of the room.

Once all four artifacts are collected, take them to the final boss. During the boss encounter, Chrono-Lord Deios will spawn adds that create portals. Each artifact must be thrown into a portal, adding another layer of complexity to the boss fight.

Infinite Hard Mode Rewards: The Spoils of Victory

The rewards for completing the Infinite Hard Mode are well worth the effort. The final boss drops item level 447 gear, a significant upgrade from the standard 441 item level gear. In addition, you will receive the Ensemble: Infinite Acolyte’s Regalia, an exclusive reward for your account.

But that’s not all. If you manage to complete the Hard Mode without a single party member falling in battle, you will unlock the “Put That Thing Back Where It Came From!” achievement, a testament to your unwavering devotion and skill.

Loot Distribution in the Dawn of the Infinite Mega Dungeon

Dawn Of The Infinite Loot Table


Item NameItem levelItem Description
Chronikar’s Ceremonial Saber350One-Hand Sword for Rogues. Improves haste and mastery.
Double Time350Warglaive for Demon Hunters. Improves crit, haste and mastery.
Bronze Defender’s Vesture382Cloth Chest for Mages, Priests and Warlocks. Improves intellect, stamina and haste.
Vigorous Sandstompers379Leather Feet for Druids, Monks, Rogues and Demon Hunters. Improves agility, stamina, haste and mastery.
Zealous Commander’s Cuffs379Plate Wrist for Death Knights, Paladins and Warriors. Improves strength, stamina and versatility.
Timeways Intruder’s Greaves382Mail Legs for Hunters and Shamans. Improves agility, crit, versatility.

Manifested Timeways

Item NameItem levelItem Description
Conflux Caller’s Baton350One-Hand Mace for Mages, Priests and Warlocks. Improves crit, haste and versatility.
Nick of Time350Dagger for Rogues. Improves haste, mastery and versatility.
Mobius Strap379Cloth Waist for Mages, Priests and Warlocks. Improves intellect, stamina and haste.
Fading Chronogrips379Leather Hands for Druids, Monks, Rogues and Demon Hunters. Improves agility, stamina, haste and mastery.
Timeway Sojourner’s Bracelet379Mail Wrist for Hunters and Shamans. Improves agility, stamina, haste and versatility.
Unwinding Eon Girdle379Plate Waist for Death Knights, Paladins and Warriors. Improves strength, stamina, haste and versatility.
Accelerating Sandglass421Trinket for Strength/Agility DPS. Chance on ability use to gain haste, then proc damage. Dropped by Manifested Timeways.

Blight of Galakrond

Item NameItem levelItem Description
Fallen Drake’s Bonesplitter350One-Hand Axe for Rogues, Shamans, Monks and Demon Hunters. Improves mastery, haste and versatility.
Ancestor’s Necromantic Focus350Off-Hand for Mages, Priests and Warlocks. Improves haste and intellect.
Imbued Frostweave Slippers379Cloth Feet for Mages, Priests and Warlocks. Improves intellect, spirit, stamina and versatility.
Ahnzon’s Corroded Carapace382Leather Chest for Druids, Monks, Rogues and Demon Hunters. Improves agility, crit, mastery and stamina.
Loszkeleth’s Blighted Skullhelm385Mail Head for Hunters and Shamans. Improves agility, crit, haste and stamina.
Dazhak’s Dessicated Wingbones382Plate Shoulders for Death Knights, Paladins and Warriors. Improves strength, haste, mastery and stamina.


Item NameItem levelItem Description
Galakrond’s Voracious Hide382Leather Legs for Druids, Monks, Rogues and Demon Hunters. Improves agility, haste, leech and stamina.
Stonecracker Knuckles379Mail Hands for Hunters and Shamans. Improves agility, crit, mastery and stamina.
Incarnate’s Perceptive Casque385Plate Head for Death Knights, Paladins and Warriors. Improves strength, haste, mastery and stamina.
Accelerating Sandglass421Trinket for Strength/Agility DPS. Chance on ability use to gain haste, then proc damage.
Prophetic Stonescales421Trinket for Tanks. Restore health and gain haste when taking fatal damage.
Iridal, the Earth’s Master402Staff for Mages, Priests and Warlocks. Chance to instantly kill enemies under 35% health.

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Tyr, the Infinite Keeper

Item NameItem levelItem Description
Temple Acolyte’s Uniform382Mail Chest for Hunters and Shamans. Improves agility, mastery, versatility and stamina.
Marbled Oathstone Greatboots379Plate Feet for Death Knights, Paladins and Warriors. Improves strength, crit, versatility and stamina.
Crown of the Infinite Lord385Cloth Head for Mages, Priests and Warlocks. Improves intellect, haste, versatility and stamina.
Titanic Shouldersparks382Leather Shoulders for Druids, Monks, Rogues and Demon Hunters. Improves agility, crit, haste and stamina.
Echoing Tyrstone421Trinket for Healers. Record healing, then replicate it when allies are low health.
The Infinite Hand437Two-Hand Mace for Mages, Priests and Warlocks. Chance for spells to deal bonus Holy damage in Titan zones.


Item NameItem levelItem Description
Morchie’s Distorted Spellblade350Dagger for Mages, Priests and Warlocks. Improves intellect, haste and mastery.
Traveler’s Timesplitter350Gun for Hunters. Improves agility, haste, mastery and stamina.
Familiar’s Frayed Gloves379Cloth Hands for Mages, Priests and Warlocks. Improves intellect, crit and stamina.
Chronomancer’s Stasis Shackles379Leather Wrist for Druids, Monks, Rogues and Demon Hunters. Improves agility, mastery, versatility and stamina.
Reality-Warping Waistband379Mail Waist for Hunters and Shamans. Improves agility, haste, mastery and stamina.
Greaves of Parallel Lives382Plate Legs for Death Knights, Paladins and Warriors. Improves strength, haste, versatility and stamina.
Time-Thief’s Gambit421Trinket for Mages, Priests and Warlocks. Gain haste, then become frozen in time.

Time-Lost Battlefield

Item NameItem levelItem Description
Gorehowl, Might of the Warchief350Two-Hand Axe for Warriors. Chance on hit to apply bleed effect.
Cudgel of Bygone Victories350One-Hand Mace for Rogues. Improves agility, crit and stamina.
Quel’Zaram, High Blade of the Lion350One-Hand Sword for Warriors. Chance on hit to deal Holy damage.
Unceasing Footman’s Breastplate382Plate Chest for Death Knights, Paladins and Warriors. Improves strength, haste, mastery and stamina.
Arathi Field Bandages379Cloth Wrist for Mages, Priests and Warlocks. Improves intellect, crit, mastery and stamina.
Grunt’s Eternal Treads379Mail Feet for Hunters and Shamans. Improves agility, haste, mastery and stamina.
Hood of Perpetual Conflict385Leather Head for Druids, Monks, Rogues and Demon Hunters. Improves agility, crit, haste and stamina.

Chrono-Lord Deios

Item NameItem levelItem Description
Borrowed Time350Polearm for Hunters and Warriors. Chance on ability use to apply damage over time effect.
Belt of the Eternal Struggle379Leather Waist for Druids, Monks, Rogues and Demon Hunters. Improves agility, crit, haste and stamina.
Chrono-Lord’s Wingspan382Mail Shoulders for Hunters and Shamans. Improves agility, mastery, versatility and stamina.
Murozond’s Timeless Scale350Shield for all roles. Improves strength or intellect, crit, haste and stamina.
Leggings of the New Dawn382Cloth Legs for Mages, Priests and Warlocks. Improves intellect, crit, haste and stamina.
Displaced Trooper’s Gauntlets379Plate Hands for Death Knights, Paladins and Warriors. Improves strength, crit, versatility and stamina.
Mirror of Fractured Tomorrows421Trinket for all roles. Summon a helpful shadow reflection of yourself.

Divergent Loot in Dawn of the Infinite Megadungeon

Within the depths of the Dawn of the Infinite Megadungeon, adventurers can discover unique and intriguing items known as “Divergent” drops. These special items possess either fascinating effects or unusual stat enhancements, offering a new dimension of power and gameplay possibilities.

Let’s take a closer look at the Divergent items available in the Dawn of the Infinite Megadungeon and the extraordinary stat enhancements they offer:

  1. Imbued Frostweave Slippers
    • Stat Enhancement: +485 Spirit
    • Special Effect: This item is imbued with the power to occasionally restore Mana when using abilities, thanks to the Spirit spell introduced in Patch 10.1.5.
  2. Double Time
    • Stat Enhancement: +315 Timestrike
    • Special Effect: Infused with the essence of time, Timestrike items like Double Time have a chance to leave an Echo (Timestrike) on the target upon ability and spell use. This Echo deals damage to the target after 3 seconds, as explained by the Timestrike spell introduced in Patch 10.1.5.
  3. Nick of Time
    • Stat Enhancement: +315 Timestrike
    • Special Effect: Similar to Double Time, Nick of Time possesses Timestrike capabilities, dealing delayed damage through the Timestrike Echo upon ability and spell use.
  4. Traveler’s Timesplitter
    • Stat Enhancement: +315 Timestrike
    • Special Effect: Harnessing the temporal energy of Timestrike, Traveler’s Timesplitter can leave an Echo on the target, dealing damage after 3 seconds when abilities and spells are used.
  5. Borrowed Time
    • Stat Enhancement: +315 Timestrike
    • Special Effect: Borrowed Time, like its Timestrike-infused counterparts, has the ability to create a Timestrike Echo on the target, which inflicts damage after 3 seconds triggered by ability and spell usage.
  6. Gorehowl, Might of the Warchief
    • Stat Enhancement: +286 Demonbane
    • Special Effect: Drawing power from Warchief’s Rend, this weapon has a chance to make the target bleed continuously for 5 seconds upon a successful melee hit.
  7. Quel’Zaram, High Blade of the Lion
    • Stat Enhancement: +237 Scourgebane
    • Special Effect: Infused with the essence of Lion’s Light, this blade carries a chance to suffuse a target with radiant light, dealing Holy damage when striking an enemy in melee combat.
  8. Iridal, the Earth’s Master
    • Use: Iridal, the Earth’s Master item allows the wielder to attempt to finish off a weakened opponent, dealing a staggering 189,505 Nature damage to any enemy below 35% health. Additionally, damaging the enemies below 35% health reduces the cooldown of this effect by 1 second. (Cooldown: 3 minutes)
  9. The Infinite Hand
    • Equip: The Infinite Hand grants its wielder the authority to control the domain of the titans, resulting in a 5% movement speed increase. Moreover, abilities have a chance to deal bonus Holy damage. It is important to note that this effect is only active within specific areas: Uldaman, Ulduar, Uldum, Uldir, Uldorus, and Uldaz.

The phenomenal Divergent loot found in the Dawn of the Infinite Megadungeon holds untold power in its unique armaments. These extraordinary items will undoubtedly make your adventures in Azeroth even more exciting and rewarding.

Quantum Item Drops: The Time-Bending Treasures of the Dawn of the Infinite

In the heart of the Dawn of the Infinite Megadungeon, Chrono-Lord Deios, the final boss, hoards a treasure trove of Quantum items. Each victorious player is guaranteed a Quantum piece of gear, a unique item that morphs into a cosmetic version of a past item that the player has not yet obtained. These Quantum items span across various types, from Quantum Greatsword and Quantum Shoulders to Quantum Greathammer and Quantum Focus.

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But the Quantum Courser is the true gem among these treasures. This rare drop from Chrono-Lord Deios is a mount that transforms into a random mount from the past, offering players a chance to ride on a piece of history. The Quantum Courser could potentially turn into a variety of mounts, including the Infinite Timereaver.

Infinite Dragonriding Skin Customization: A New Look for Your Dragon Mounts

The Dawn of the Infinite Megadungeon introduces a new feature for dragon mount owners: Infinite Dragonriding Skin Customization. This feature allows players to customize their dragon mounts with the classic light gray and black appearance of the Infinite dragons, adding a touch of timeless elegance to their collection.

Chrono-Lord Deios is the source of the Infinite Scales customization, and from PTR testing, it appears that Deios will continue to drop Dragonriding customization until the player has obtained all five variations.

Dungeon Achievements

Dawn Of The Infinite Dungeon Achievements

In the Dawn of the Infinite, players can strive to achieve several unique accomplishments. These achievements add an extra layer of challenge and excitement to the dungeon, pushing players to master the mechanics and strategies of each encounter. Here are the key achievements that you can aim for in both standard and hard mode:

  1. Cutting Edge: Defender of the Timeways: This achievement is a reward for defeating all eight bosses in the mega dungeon.
  2. Back En Masse: To earn this achievement, players must triumph over the Infinite Keeper in the Time Lost Battlefield, after getting all the Infinite Portal Guardians struck.
  3. Chaotic Time: This achievement is a reward for defeating Chrono Lord Deios while ensuring no player is hit by Temporal Orbs in the Dawn of the Infinite on Mythic difficulty.
  4. Crunch Time: To secure this achievement, players must defeat the Infinite Keeper after striking all Infinite Portal Guardians within a 5-second interval in the Dawn of the Infinite on Mythic difficulty.
  5. Dawn of the Infinite: Galakrond’s Fall: This achievement is a reward for defeating Galakrond in the Dawn of the Infinite. It serves as a testament to your ability to overcome Galakrond’s formidable defense systems.
  6. Dawn of the Infinite: Murozond’s Rise: Earn this achievement by defeating Chrono-Lord Deios in the Dawn of the Infinite. It serves as a testament to your ability to withstand the relentless onslaught of the Lord.
  7. Defender of the Timeways: This achievement is a reward for defeating all bosses in Dawn of the Infinite on Mythic Difficulty before the release of the next raid tier. It showcases your prowess and commitment in the Dawn of the Infinite.
  8. Put That Thing Back Where It Came From: To earn this achievement, players must defeat all bosses in Dawn of the Infinite and restore the four time-lost artifacts without any player dying on Mythic mode.
  9. A Slime in Need: This achievement is earned by defeating Blight of Galakrond after allowing a lost slime to hop on your back and then getting hit by Blight Reclamation in Dawn of the Infinite on Mythic difficulty.

The Dawn of the Infinite has been a journey through the world filled with infinite keepers and unexpected alliances. The boss fights were not mere encounters but a dance with destiny, where every ground animation and every spell cast became a part of an intricate tapestry.

The unexpected alliance of players and game mechanics, such as the stabilized portal feature, turned the mega-dungeons into a living entity.

In conclusion, the Dawn of the Infinite megadungeon guide is more than a set of instructions; it’s a reflection of the infinite dawn within every gamer. It’s a celebration of the entire existence of a world where every boss encounter, every follow-up effect, and every victory is a step towards the infinite.