Wow Dragonflight Fury Incarnate News: Elves, Alchemy, Ui, And Other

Hey there, fellow warriors of Fury Incarnate PTR!

Time for this week’s scoop on what’s shakin’ in the realm:


Night Elves are gettin’ a fresh dose of style with some new face markings and body tattoos. Get ready to unleash your inner mystical vibes!


Alchemy aficionados, listen up! The Greater Draconic Phial Cauldron just leveled up. It’s now gonna keep its magic brew bubbling for a full 5 minutes instead of the previous 3. More bang for your potion buck!


We’re all about making things slick and easy for you:
No more click-and-drag ping wheel gymnastics. We’ve got two modes for activating that ping wheel. Tap that hotkey and release for an instant ping right where your cursor is. Hold down that hotkey for the radially awesome ping wheel to pop up where you first hit the key.
Ping chat lines are stepping into the Text-to-Speech world. Your pings are gonna have a voice now!
Check out the snazzy new art on the Ready Check prompt frame. It’s gonna give you that extra boost of readiness.
Hey, fishermen and fisherwomen! Tuskarr Tackleboxes can now be tracked or hidden on your minimap, all thanks to the power of “Find Fish.”
Lok’tar ogar, champions! Keep rockin’ the PTR and let’s make these updates legendary!