Wow Arcane Mage Guide

Here we go again, discussing the Arcane Mage. What can we say about this enigmatic class in the World of Warcraft? Well, it’s safe to say that luck often favors this particular archetype. However, it’s important to note that the Arcane Mage holds the distinction of being one of the most unpredictable and unstable classes in the Warcraft universe, not just limited to expansions like Dragonflight, Shadowlands, or Battle for Azeroth.

The Arcane Mage is akin to a glitch machine, and this is just one of the reasons why it might not occupy the top spot in the S-tier with its potential for incredible damage. But before we delve into the Arcane Mage DPS guide for the current season in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight, it’s crucial to prepare yourself for the Break the Meta:

  • Embrace Glitches: To deal damage as an Arcane Mage, you should be prepared to navigate through bugs and glitches that might affect your gameplay.
  • Unpredictable Damage: It’s essential to understand that your damage output might be challenging to predict accurately due to the nature of the Arcane Mage.
  • Utilize WeakAuras (WA): You’ll need to work with various WeakAuras to make your damage-dealing intuitive and efficient.
  • Solo Performance: Arcane Mages excel when they’re part of their own party. This unique aspect of the class contributes to why they might not rank in the S-tier across all types of content. Their potential largely relies on having a dedicated party.

We’re also recommend to view our Mythic+ Compendium, with all the Dungeon tactics and M+ Loot.

However, if you’re undaunted by these factors, let’s delve into the Arcane Mage DPS guide. It’s been a long journey to ascend to the pinnacle of DPS performance. 

Why not on the edge — class overview

The time has finally arrived for the first Arcane Mage guide, starting from the basics of their rotation. Arcane Mages have gained a reputation for their exceptional performance, but there’s a catch – glitches and bugs. So, what exactly is the underlying issue?

In essence, the Arcane Mage’s power revolves around a touch of magic, which accumulates damage, and the Kyrian talent, which boosts the damage of subsequent spells in its raw form. However, a predicament arises from how the touch of magic operates on a timer. This timer often fails to accurately track the number of spells required to calculate the touch of magic’s potential. As a result, two significant problems arise:

  1. There’s a risk of executing an incorrect rotation due to the miscounting of spells for the raw form.
  2. The touch of magi can become glitched, further complicating matters.

Consequently, the elite Mage players employ specialized WeakAuras to meticulously track the accumulated damage during their burst phases. Nevertheless, it’s disheartening to note that even these precautions might not entirely eliminate bugs.

Therefore, one must be prepared to acknowledge that mastering your DPS as an Arcane Mage might be challenging. The functionality of Arcane Blast in relation to the touch of magic’s counting can be uncertain due to randomness.

On the brighter side, if you flawlessly execute the rotation and your group strategically gathers significant packs for each touch of magic activation, your burst potential could surpass that of a Fire Mage‘s Combustion. Your impact could potentially rival that of any other class.

However, this approach requires meticulous coordination with your group. You’ll need healers who specialize in substantial absorption, like Discipline Priests, and tanks such as Paladins or Demon Hunters who can self-heal and endure massive AoE pulls.

Should you embrace these scenarios, you can indeed deal substantial damage. Conversely, if you find yourself in pick-up groups that cautiously engage smaller packs, your damage output might remain lackluster. Factor in the randomness associated with accumulation counting, the stringent rotation demands, complex gameplay, and it becomes evident why Arcane Mages, despite their mana cost reductions, increased spell casting speed, and impressive rework, haven’t secured a dominant position at the top of the DPS tier.

Top reasons to love Arcane mage

  • This is class with an awesome burst mechanics. 
  • You even can do not press any buttons, until you’re not under in a burst mode. 
  • Very unusual gameplay, compared to all other classes.

Oh, almost forget… This is only the class, which is comfortable to playing in the open world. If you compare it to any other mages spec, you will find, that arcane blast is perfectly to destroy all mobs in the open world.

Top reasons to hate Arcane mages

This class boasts an astonishing burst mechanics that sets it apart. In fact, you might find yourself refraining from pressing any buttons until you’ve entered the burst mode. It’s a gameplay style that’s markedly different from all other classes. And let’s not overlook this class’s exceptional suitability for open-world play. When compared to other mage specializations, the Arcane Blast is unparalleled in obliterating mobs across the open world.

Now, let’s delve into the prime reasons some players might harbor disdain for Arcane Mages:

  • The most potent AoE spell necessitates close-range engagement.
  • You’re heavily reliant on efficient mana management and mastery, which boosts your mana regeneration.
  • The burst damage potential of Arcane Mages, involving spells like Touch of the Magi, can be marred by glitches.
  • Achieving substantial performance as an Arcane Mage often hinges on assembling a well-coordinated party to at least reach a B-tier standing in comparison to other mage specializations.

In essence, the succinct conclusion can be drawn as follows: Opt for the Arcane Mage path if you’re an adept World of Warcraft player, operating within a tightly coordinated team, capable of skillful mana conservation. Alternatively, this choice might be suitable during a meta-shifting season.

Arcane Mage in Tier list of DPS: Short Review

The Arcane Mage tends to occupy the F-tier in both types of content. However, if we shift towards a lighthearted perspective, you’ll discover that, in the hands of a skilled player, the Arcane Mage has the potential to perform at an A-tier level and even generate “Orange logs” (referring to exceptional performance). Yet, the intricate gameplay, demanding rotation built on glitches, and the necessity to assemble a suitable group for this class relegate it to an outsider status in challenging keys.

Yet, it’s intriguing to note that Arcane Mages still manage to secure around 28 consecutive keys (for instance, in the Mythic Dungeon International, the top team closes just 30 keys). Switching gears back to jesting, in Raid content, the Arcane Mage, bolstered by control over burst phases, set bonuses, and immensely potent bursts, can indeed reach an A-tier status. However, it’s essential to recognize that S-tier might remain just out of reach.


Engaging in PvP as an Arcane Mage is not advised. The class operates on a specific mechanic that involves building up a threat through damage, which subsequently culminates in a powerful explosion. However, the nature of PvP doesn’t allow for the luxury of time needed to effectively build up this threat with damage. Therefore, the mechanics of Arcane Mage are ill-suited for PvP scenarios.

The best race for an arcane mage

Best Arcane Mage Stats

Before Dragonflight, many of us might have believed that a character’s race isn’t significant for an Arcane Mage or any other class in the World of Warcraft. This notion was driven by the understanding that racial traits are often less influential in actual gameplay, particularly in high-end endgame content. However, we might have been mistaken due to the following factor: Alliance mages predominantly choose dwarves, primarily for their “Stoneform” ability, which enables them to remove harmful effects.

From this perspective, we can conclude that mages, especially those in the Alliance, require additional defensive capabilities, particularly in endgame content. Therefore, if you are an Alliance player, opting for a dwarf is recommended. As for Horde races, the choice is more flexible. Opting for an orc, which offers controlled burst potential, or a troll with a haste speed bonus, are solid choices. While it might be tempting to assume that Blood Elves with their increased mana bar would excel, these minor bonuses don’t significantly impact high-level gameplay. Consequently, you should disregard these minor considerations and choose the race that appeals to you the most.

The best stats to burst arcane mages for all type of content

The moment has arrived to unveil the primary secret behind harnessing all the strengths of the Arcane Mage. Let’s delve into the crucial steps:

Intellect First: Begin by prioritizing intellect. This primary stat invariably elevates your spell power. The concept is straightforward: 15 item levels, which often translate to 2 on average, consistently outweigh secondary stats.

Critical Strike Accumulation: Depending on the type of content, your next focus should be on accumulating critical strike. Why? The critical strikes from your Arcane Missiles build up in your Touch of the Magi, resulting in a powerful explosion. This is a critical burst encompassing accumulated spells, including your Arcane Charge, Arcane Missiles, and even Arcane Barrage. When combined with burst duration, it leads to a significant overall bonus.

Mastery for Mana Regeneration: Following the collection of critical strike chance, prioritize Mastery. This stat not only enhances your spell power but also aids in mana regeneration. Mastery is integral to managing your clear spell power.

Haste at 19%: Maintaining your haste at 19% is essential. Why this specific percentage? It aligns with the requirement to fit 6 Arcane Missiles into a single Touch of the Magi during your rotation. Attempting to fit 7 missiles within a single burst isn’t feasible, and achieving 6 missiles necessitates a haste level of 19%.

To summarize the optimal secondary stat priority for maximizing Arcane damage:

  1. 19% Haste: Prioritize this to effectively manage burst during AoE rotations.
  2. Maximize Critical Strike: Boost critical strike to amplify damage across multiple targets.
  3. Mastery for Mana Management: Enhance mastery to facilitate efficient mana utilization during burn phases and maintain adequate mana for your Arcane Charges.
  4. Versatility for Spell Power: Invest in versatility to augment spell power for harmful magical effects.

However, regardless of what we outline regarding significant burn phases, remember that your journey with the Arcane Mage involves simulating your current gear. We’ve offered soft caps for your Arcane Mage, but even if you aspire to achieve more DPS before hitting these caps, always conduct simulations to fine-tune your performance.

To correct your rotation, use the Dummy or Simcraft. We also have our WoW Sims actual guide to correct your SimulationCraft Logs.

How to play arcane mage in the world of Warcraft: Dragonflight | Logic

The Arcane Mage follows an incredibly logical and comprehensible approach to gameplay. However, the twist lies in its simplicity to learn but difficulty to master.

Two fundamental aspects define your experience as an Arcane Mage. The first revolves around “Touch of the Magi,” a core mechanic that accumulates all the damage you deal to a target and ultimately unleashes a massive AoE burst, forming the bedrock of your gameplay. You weave together bursts, adhere to a precise rotation, account for glitches, factor in trinkets, utilize Bloodlust, capitalize on double Bloodlust from talents, and all these intricacies coalesce to one central goal—accumulating the utmost damage within “Touch of the Magi.”

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The second crucial aspect, vital for an Arcane Mage, is mana management. While not as daunting as it might seem, there’s a twist—wait for it—it’s nearly impossible. This stems from the constant need to strike a balance between maximizing damage output and effectively managing your mana. In a curious twist, you’re the only class that employs a mana potion as part of your burst strategy.

Navigating your spells and bursts in raids is relatively straightforward. Yet, when it comes to keys, even with pick-up groups (Pugs), the challenges amplify. What do you do when Pugs adopt unusual routes or engage mobs in unconventional ways? The realm of possibility is vast, with Pugs behaving in curious manners, even in moderately high keys (around 22-23). This underlines the complexities of adapting your Arcane Mage strategy to diverse situations.

Consequently, despite the new class tree system introducing utility spells, they don’t necessarily simplify your life as an Arcane Mage. This is because the fundamental logic behind key mechanics like “Radiant Spark” and “Touch of the Magi” remains steadfast and central to your rotation—regardless of whether you’re focusing on AoE or single-target rotations. The core principles remain consistent, whether you’re navigating through the Dragonflight expansion or any other addon.

How to play arcane mage in the world of Warcraft: Dragonflight | rotation

Ok, let’s start from your main burst damage spell queueing in the arcane specialization, which includes burn phase.

Use Siphon Storm + Radiant Spark + Arcane Surge + Touch of the Magi.

Illustration Of Arcane Mage Rotation In The World Of Warcraft: Dragonflight 10.1.7

All you need is repeat your single target rotation to the priority target. Also do not forget about bl and double bl will increase your attack speed.

AOE Burst

When you need to increase your magical damage without overspend mana and without spamming your melee range AoE, you have to follow this strict rotation from 3 targets.

Arcane mage starting rotation:

Touch of the Magi Phase (ability priority):

Out of bursts rotation

Arcange mage — New Builds for Dragonflight

Before we continue our exploration of the exemplary Arcane Mage, it’s essential to apprise you of the developments in the new World of Warcraft expansion, Dragonflight 10.1.5. Notably, the common talent tree for all mage specializations underwent a partial rework, resulting in the integration of an array of utility abilities, so check the part with new utilities part right now.

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Raid build

The raid build is built up on the mana gem talent. Why the mana gem? It’s maximally clear and simple — you need extra mana at the burst, to use the most effective spells.

Use this to import build into your arcane mage:

Common Tree Talents For Raids: Arcane Mage 10.1.5
Main Tree Talents For Raids: Arcane Mage 10.1.5


Key build

Common Tree Talents For Keys: Arcane Mage 10.1.5
Main Tree Talents For Keys: Arcane Mage 10.1.5

The key build is more about getting stacks from orbs, to effectively play touch of the magi. Keep it here: B4DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIJIl0QSkkiASSEREJRgkkQSLJAAAAAAAAAAAgISSSkkkIkA

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Arcane mage Consumables and enchants

The Arcane Mage is a realm of glitches, and it’s crucial to bear in mind that all the enhancements from enchants, foods, and runes yield only marginal changes. Nonetheless, it’s always preferable to possess these enhancements than to be without them. While it’s not straightforward to provide a one-size-fits-all answer for enchantments, we endeavor to simplify it for your benefit.


Here’s a list of meta enchants. However, please keep in mind that the enchantment on the ring should depend on the stat you haven’t reached a soft cap for.

WeaponSophic Devotion
CloakHomebound Speed
ChestWaking Stats
BracersDevotion of Speed
BeltShadowed Belt Clasp 
LegsTemporal Spellthread 
BootsWatcher’s Loam
RingDevotion of Critical Strike


For the Arcane Mage, providing a straightforward answer regarding the best gems isn’t feasible. The rationale is straightforward: The Arcane Mage is the sole mage specialization that necessitates all four secondary stats to maintain effectiveness. Consequently, the choice of which gem to opt for must be determined through your current simulations.

Watch this Inscribed Illimited Diamond, or this Sensei’s Alexstraszite if you need an ordinary answer.


Use Phial of charged isolation or phial of static empowerment. Do not forget about elemental potion of ultimate power, hissing rune, and all be fine.

Arcane mage gearing — simpler than it looks

Bear in mind that our perspective on gear is not a determining factor. We present to you the premier Arcane Mage gearing for the current season in the world of Warcraft: Dragonflight. This signifies that the gear compilation is sourced from the upper echelons of mythic raids and the highest keys. If partaking in mythic raids isn’t within your reach, it’s advisable to focus on the section pertaining to secondary stats. Conducting simulations with your specific stat weights is the optimal route. However, if you’re prepared to invest considerable time into farming mythic raids and traversing numerous keys as an Arcane Mage, here’s the list to consider:

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All for Arcane mage — Addons, Tips, Hints, Macro

East or West, life with addons in the World of Warcraft is the best. We are able to provide you with all the worthy addons for WoW: Dragonflight retail in our special Wow Best addons Dragonflight guide. There, we will show all the best ones, compare different addons, and explain why and for what purpose you need each specific addon for the current expansion!

Arcane Mage Guide Dragonflight Guide 10.1.7

The complete list of beneficial addons for Arcane Mages can be found in the linked resource. In this section, we’ll provide a selection of macros and address frequently asked questions. The distinct nature of Arcane Mages demands heightened focus on specific nuances that might not carry the same weight for other mage specializations.


This mystical incantation weaves Arcane Barrage and Touch of the Magi in seamless harmony. Speak these words to ensure Touch of the Magi dances only after Arcane Barrage.


/magicsequence reset=10 Arcane Barrage, Touch of the Magi

Counterspell, the arcane guardian. Bestows preference upon Mouseover > Focus > Target:


/conjure [@mouseover,harm][@focus,harm][harm] Counterspell

Spellsteal, the essence raider. Bestows preference upon Mouseover > Focus > Target:


/conjure [@mouseover,harm][@focus,harm][harm] Spellsteal

For Curses that cling like shadows, employ Mouseover’s touch:


/conjure [@mouseover]Dissipate Curse

The power infusion beckons – a plea conveyed through this script:

/w Nick PI me

Do not forget to ask defensive spell casting classes about PI before you start a key. 

Arcane mage FAQ

Ok, it’s our experimental part, because as usual, classes do not require any FAQs to play them correctly, but as an arcane Mage is a crapping machine of bugs, you might better find some answers for your questions.

Q: Why my DPS low in dungeons/raids?

A: Lots of things affect that, like nailing rotation, your character’s gear, raid/group play in M+. 

Q: Why no Arcane Harmony?

A: Mana Gem build rules all, but Harmony’s niche in rare cases.

Q: Does Touch of the Magi AOE if main target dies?

A: Yup, last skill’s damage not in AOE if early pop.

Q: Trouble hitting Arcane Barrage on Touch of the Magi, keeping charges?

A: #showtooltip
/castsequence reset=10 Arcane Barrage, Touch of the Magi

Q: Mana Gem charges not refreshing?

A: If 1-2 charges, new item won’t spawn, use Delete Mana Gem Addon. 

Q: Track :arcanemissiles:Arcane Missiles cast and :siphonstorm:Siphon stacks?

A: Use this

Q: Sim M+?

A: Go Raidbots, Patchwerk Fight Style, tweak. Other sims not advised.

Q: No Nether Precision after Clearcasting?

A: Issue with Expanded Potential, messes up Clearcasting and Nether Precision. Also affects Slipstream.

Q: Ice Floes bug?

A: It stacks, can cast during others. Tap Ice Floes before Arcane Blast, cast in motion, tap 2nd time last 0.5s of Arcane Blast, keeps 2 stacks for next 2 spells, do it twice, 5 casts in motion. 

Through pain to victory — arcane mage have much more potential than you thought!

So, what’s the ultimate verdict? Ultimately, we find ourselves with a remarkable class that possesses the potential to reside within the coveted S-tier. However, due to Blizzard’s limited focus on its development, this potential remains largely untapped. If you’re a dedicated enthusiast with an unwavering desire to immerse yourself in the World of Warcraft universe, you can align yourself with the ranks of tenacious Arcane Mages who aim to demonstrate its prowess. Yet, a word of caution: Be prepared, for despite its strengths, the Arcane Mage remains a realm of glitches and intricacies that might test your patience.

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