Dragonflight Teir Sets

The PTR is on the edge today, meaning we’ve dug up and gathered new information about sets, raids, PvE, and PvP content. We’ve already shared our insights about the Emerald Dream (compared to the Emerald Dream from the early 00s) and specifically about the raid (including raid tactics and the loot table). So, the moment has arrived. We present to you our fresh intel on the WoW Dragonflight Tier Sets!

What exactly will you learn from this? Nothing extraordinary, just:

  • Which sets exist?
  • Which sets grant you bonuses? Both for 2 and for 4 pieces.
  • And perhaps some incredible visuals for the sets.

Also, please keep in mind that some details might change since PTR bonuses (specifically their rates, not abilities) could be adjusted to balance classes in World of Warcraft 10.2 Retail. So, let’s dive in!!

From where you can get all those wow Dragonflight tier sets?

So, you wanna snag those flashy Dragonflight tier sets in World of Warcraft? Here’s the lowdown:

  • Raids — dive into that Amirdrassil raid! Tackle it on any difficulty – from the casual LFR to the sweat-fest that’s Mythic. To get the actual information about which gear to set up, use our Raidbots guide!
  • Mythic+ — run those intense dungeons and hope the end chest doesn’t betray you. Also, fingers crossed for that weekly Great Vault surprise!
  • PvP WoW 10.2 tier sets — Smash faces in rated battlegrounds, arenas, and always check that weekly PvP chest – it might have a gem!

Remember, there are no guarantees on drop rates, but hey, that’s half the fun! Of course, the situation may change, as this version of the World of Warcraft sets, which increase critical strike chance and spell power for Rising Sun Kick, is based on the latest PTR information. However, you can already glean from this what bonuses you’ll receive once you earn them.

Death Knight

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In the 10.2 patch, Death Knights are in for a wild ride! Chomping on a Bone Shield charge feels snazzier, and it’s like having a Hunter’s Kill Command in your pocket. When they gain Searing Rage, things heat up faster than a Shaman’s consume Lava Surge. The initial target won’t even see what hit ’em! Every particular class should be wary, especially when Bloodthirst critical strikes reduce. And to top it off? A boost in attack speed that’ll make even a Warrior blink.


For the Blood wearers here’s a WoW 10.2 tier list of sets.

  • With 2 pieces: Noshing on a Bone Shield charge might make your next Heart Strike all Ashen Decay-fied. Makes foes softer and you hit 20% harder.
  • With 4 pieces? Your Soulreaper and Abomination Limb slap that Ashen Decay on enemies. And, Heart Strike and Blood Boil extend its lifetime. By this blood boil’s direct damage increased to the infinity.


Frost enthusiasts may get from tier sets 10.2 the following things.

  • 2 pieces: Your Chill Streak gets stretchier, bounces off you, and beefs up your damage with each bounce, up to 5 times.
  • At 4? More Chill Streak bounces, chances for Runes, and faster Empower Rune Weapon cooldown.


Unholy adventurers are more empowered with new 10.2 tier set bonuses:

  • 2 pieces: Apocalypse rings up an extra Magus mate who’s fond of Shadow Bolts.
  • At 4? Runes give your Magus more time, and it starts casting Amplify Damage, cranking up your damage by 5% for 10 seconds.

Demon Hunter

Dragon Flight Tier Sets

In DRAGONFLIGHT SEASON 3, Demon Hunters are seriously turning up the heat! Those glaives? A wicked combo of physical and fire damage. With each swish and slash, even the remaining damage that others overlook gets its moment in the spotlight. When those direct damage spells hit, nearby foes are in for a surprise – especially those already-afflicted targets. So, fellow DHs, whether you’re soaring or searing, this patch is pure fire!

Havoc – It’s All in the Wrist

Havoc aficionados with tier set 10.2 are:

  • 2-piece ensemble: Each swish of Blade Dance might just toss in a cheeky Throw Glaive at an enemy, doing 35% of its usual havoc.
  • And with 4? That Throw Glaive gives The Hunt a nudge, cutting down its cooldown and letting its gnarly damage linger a tad longer.

Vengeance – Flaring Fury

Vengeance disciples with WoW 10.2 sets are:

  • Rocking 2 pieces: Sigil of Flame occasionally goes a bit bonkers, splintering off another Soul Fragment and upping its burn. Plus, spending 40 Fury gives it a little hurry.
  • At 4 pieces from amirdrassil tier sets? Going after a target on fire with Sigil of Flame boosts you up, ramping your damage, healing, and even your vitality for a good 8 seconds. And it stacks, so go wild!


Dragonflight Tier List

In 10.2, Druids are juggling the elements like pros! Between staggering absorbs that feel like the ultimate raid tier upgrade and whipping out a healing wave just in the nick of time, they’re on fire! I’ve even heard whispers of a lightning feral spirit causing a ruckus. And that chain lightning? It’s bouncing like a rapid fire round at a pinball machine. But the best part? Those melee attacks that make the same target light up as if hit by a free Dragonflight season 3 wildfire bomb.

Balance – Starry Dreams and Power Beams

For our Balance stargazers able the following patch 10.2 set bonuses:

  • 2-piece jive: Post-Eclipse or as combat starts, you’re off to Dreamstate. Your next Starfires or Wraths cast faster, hit 60% harder. Stellar, right?
  • Sport 4 pieces? Each Starsurge or Starfall pumps up that Eclipse bonus, giving your Arcane or Nature vibes extra oomph.

Feral – Fiery Claws and Frenzied Jaws

Wow Sets

Feral enthusiasts:

  • 2-piece groove: Feral Frenzy now comes with Smoldering Frenzy, turning up your damage dial by 20%.
  • And with 4? Frenzy’s faster and enemies sizzle, taking a fiery burn based on your might.

Guardian – Dreamy Defense and Thorns’ Embrace

Guardian protectors:

  • 2-piece shield: Rage of the Sleeper fuels Dream Thorns. After it’s over, these thorns are your cozy, protective blanket, absorbing incoming hits.
  • Got 4? Your Rage extends Sleeper’s uptime and transforms those Dream Thorns into Blazing ones. Attackers? They get a thorny smack back.

Restoration – Nourishing Nature’s Choir

For the Restoration healers:

  • With 2 pieces: Your Nourish and your Grove Guardian’s become doubly delightful, sharing love with extra friends.
  • At 4? Clearcasting makes your Regrowth toss another powerful Nourish on a wounded mate, especially if they’re already basking in your HoTs.


Tier Pieces Wow

In WoW’s 10.2 update, Hunters are getting some spicy upgrades. Picture this: your rapid fire launches arrows but launching full-blown volleys. That’s not all – the damage Wildfire Bomb deals out? Oh, it’s getting a juicy boost. And let’s not forget about your loyal pet – pet’s critical strike chance is going through the roof! It’s a wild ride in Amirdrassil for Hunters this season with patch 10.2 tier sets wow.

Beast Mastery – Ferocious Friends and Cleaving Companions

Beast Mastery bonuses from wow 10.2 tier set bonuses:

Marksmanship – Rapid Strikes and Windy Wonders

Wow Dragonflight Tier

Marksmanship highlights from wow 10.2 set bonuses:

Survival – Fiery Fowl and Explosive Engagements

Survival specials with wow tier sets 10.2:

  • Two pieces in, and Fury of the Eagle amps up you and your pet’s crit game.
  • Don the 4-piece, and that fury flings a free Wildfire Bomb at your mark, even charging it up against your primary prey.


Wow Tier Vendors

Mages, flaunting their dragonflight swag, are all the rave. That Glacial Spike damage increased has made them the frostiest folks at the party – they’re chill to the bone! And if you think that’s cool, sometimes, while casting that supercharged spike, it can trigger Brain Freeze. Whew, talk about a rush! But don’t think the arcane arts are left behind; oh no! Their spell power is soaring, ensuring the next Arcane Missiles deals a hefty punch.

Arcane mage specialization tier bonus

  • (2) Set Bonus: When you gobble up that Clearcasting, your spell damage swells by 2% for 15 seconds, and it can stack up to a shiny 10%.
  • (4) Set Bonus: Munch on Clearcasting 6 times (yum!), and watch as your Arcane Missiles not only hits harder (+75% damage) but also greets all those unsuspecting folks around your main target. Party poppers, anyone?

Fire mages specialization in wow Dragonflight season

  • (2) Set Bonus: Feel the heat! Every time your Pyroblast and Flamestrike go BOOM (aka critically strike), you’re engulfed in Searing Rage. That means your critical strike damage shoots up by 3% for 12 seconds, stacking to a blazing 15%.
  • (4) Set Bonus: Ignite Combustion, and your Searing Rage’s crit damage bonus doubles for 12 seconds. Double the rage, double the fun!

Frost mages specialization

Wow Dragonflight Tier List
  • (2) Set Bonus: Give your Glacial Spike a lil’ pep talk because its damage is getting a 10% boost. And the cherry on top? It goes kaboom when it Shatters a frozen target, dishing out 20% of its damage to the neighbors. (P.S. Diminishing returns after 8 targets. Don’t get too greedy!)
  • (4) Set Bonus: Now, every time you cast Glacial Spike, there’s a 40% chance it’ll set off the Brain Freeze alarm. Cool, right?

And Bear in mind that Frost with new Sets are SSS-class in patch 10.2 raid tier list!


Tier Sets

In 10.2, Monks are jammin’ with their fresh tier sets! Sometimes, melee brawls might just snag ya a Spinning Crane Kick free on the house. And those empowered kicks? Oh, buddy, they’re shaving time off your Rising Sun Kick cooldown. Amirdrassil’s got Monks spinning and kicking like never before with these patch 10.2 armor sets!


  • Breath of Fire now deals 20% bonus Shadowflame damage and heals ya for half of all your fire shenanigans. all you need is collect two pieces for getting this wow 10.2 set bonus.
  • Smackin’ targets with Breath of Fire? Enjoy 5% extra Shadowflame damage. Also, Celestial Brew absorbs equal to your Shadowflame damage dealt, making Stagger now prevent that damage.


  • Your Renewing Mist and its jumps spread Chi Harmony, bumping healing taken from you by a sweet 50% for 8 sec.
  • And, here’s the kicker, 15% of your healing on those Chi Harmony folks gets stored, and then shared with your Renewing Mist pals.



Wow Class Tier List

In 10.2, Paladins are straight-up divine powerhouses! When Glimmer fades, it starts dealing Holy damage like nobody’s business. Plus, every Judgment cast has ’em prepping for their next Holy Word, and when it’s time to drop that Holy Word with patch 10.2 set bonus.


  • (2) WoW 10.2 armor sets: When Glimmer of Light fades or gets a refresh, it pops out a Holy Reverberation, which either heals pals or smacks foes over 8 secs. The best part? You can stack these vibes up to 3 times.
  • (4) Set Bonus: And hey, Daybreak‘s cooldown? Slashed by 15 seconds. Ain’t that shiny?


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  • (2) 10.2 tier set bonus: Every Judgment you land drops a Sanctification stack on you, beefing up your armor. Rack up 10 of these and boom, your next Consecration goes super-sized! We’re talking more damage, bigger heals, and a radius that’s grown by 30%. But once that mega Consecration ends, it’s back to stack collecting.


Wow Class Sets
  • (2) 10.2 tier sets bonus: Expurgation? Now it hangs around for an extra 3 secs and cranks up its damage by 50%. And here’s the cherry on top: if you cast Judgment or Divine Toll on someone with Expurgation, you’ll unleash Wrathful Sanction. That’s a burst of Holy damage, and it spreads a bit of that love (or pain) to 4 other folks nearby.
  • (4) tier set bonus 10.2: That Wrathful Sanction also gifts you with Echoes of Wrath. So, your next Templar’s Verdict or Divine Storm hits twice, with the second hit at half power. Don’t worry, this won’t use up your Judgment.


Priest Tier Sets

In 10.2 DRAGONFLIGHT SEASON 3, Priests are seriously stepping up their game. They’re not just praying anymore; they’re dealing shadow damage like nobody’s business. You think your HP is high? Well, their spells vibe off their maximum health, making them tanky spiritual bosses. And for all those doubters, priests ain’t just about the light; they’re taking a slice out of their target’s damage dealt too. But that’s not all—whenever they’re in the fray, it’s like they’ve got a permanent combat enhancement buff. Seriously, you see that glow? That’s them amping up the damage of your next move.


  • (2) wow tier set 10.2 bonus: Here’s a spicy one: Smite and Penance now pack 20% more punch, and each Smite makes that active Atonement hang around a little longer.
  • (4) Set Bonus: In a twist of shadows, your Smite goes double-duty during Shadow Covenant, slapping on some shadow damage.


  • (2) 10.2 wow tier sets Bonus: Now when you drop a Holy Word: Serenity, you’re also sprinkling 14 seconds of Renew. And Holy Word: Sanctify? It’s gifting a 5-second Renew to the lucky recipients.
  • (4) tier set bonuses 10.2: That Renew you’re spreading? It might just let your next Holy Word: Sanctify or Holy Word: Serenity be a freebie – not eating up a charge and halving the mana cost.


Tiers Wow
  • (2) wow 10.2 tier sets bonus: Shadow Word: Death has been sipping energy drinks. It triggers 2 more times at half the oomph, and if Deathspeaker’s out or your target’s health is dwindling below 20%, you get another bonus trigger.
  • (4) 10.2 tier sets bonuses: Every sting you feel from Shadow Word: Death juices up your next Shadow Word: Pain with hefty initial damage or bumps up your Shadow Crash damage. So your next shadow crash is incredible!


Rogue Tier Sets

In 10.2, Rogues are flexing some wicked tricks up their sleeves. With a wild critical strike damage bonus, they’re making sure their primary target feels every ounce of pain. And it’s not just about the numbers; it’s about the style. The critical strike damage dealt is off the charts, making every shadowy move hit even harder. And if you think they’re just focused on one target, think again; that critical damage dealt has a penchant for splashing around, leaving nearby enemies wishing they’d picked a different day to cross paths with a Rogue.


  • (2) Set Bonus: For every 10 energy you whimsically expend, the ethereal force of Natureblight graces your blade, giving you both speed and the tingling embrace of Nature damage. Fancy a dance? You can have up to 15 of these sprites waltzing around you.
  • (4) Set Bonus: And if you decide to strike with Envenom while its magic still lingers? A verdant explosion engulfs your foes within 8 yards, a testament to Nature’s unpredictable temperament.


Wow Dragonflight 10.2 Tier Sets - All Classes Overview + Tier Bonuses!
  • (2) Set Bonus: The Sinister Strike? It’s infused with a trickster’s chance, occasionally hitting a foe twice when once would do.
  • (4) Set Bonus: And the gambler’s favorite, Roll the Bones, it’s gotten a tad more mystical. Now, when the dice roll, they might just refresh a combat buff you’re flaunting, elongating its charm. All for the bones combat enhancement buff.


  • (2) Set Bonus: Employing Eviscerate, Rupture, or Black Powder can evoke a shadowy doppelganger, echoing your deadly finesse for an added touch of Shadow damage.
  • (4) Set Bonus: And these phantasmal twins? They’re not just for show. They bite harder with each attack and bequeath you combo points upon their ethereal arrival.


Shaman Tier

In 10.2, Shamans are shaking things up! When they’re not zapping foes with dealing nature damage from their wicked lightning bolt, they’re tossing a life-saving healing surge or chain heal to a nearby injured ally. The elemental vibes are strong with this one!


  • (2) Set Bonus: Your connection to the elements has never been so potent.
  • (4) Set Bonus: Feel the surge of power! For a brief moment after casting Primordial Wave, if you consume Lava Surge, your subsequent Lightning Bolt or Chain Lightning will be like instant coffee – real quick and 25% more electrifying.


  • (2) Set Bonus: Unleash the storm! When you cast Primordial Wave, a Lightning Feral Spirit joins the fray, juicing up your Nature damage by 20% for 15 sec.
  • (4) Set Bonus: And, guess what? Each time you summon a Feral Spirit, you cut down the cooldown of Primordial Wave by 7.0 seconds. Faster spirits, more power!


Shaman Arena Tier
  • (2) Set Bonus: Your healing waves are truly rolling now.
  • (4) Set Bonus: Let the tides be in your favor! Riptide becomes even more soothing, healing 15% more. And when it’s active alongside Tidal Reservoir, it has a wee chance to splash over and start a fresh Riptide on a nearby mate.


Priest Tier Sets Wotlk

In WoW DRAGONFLIGHT SEASON 3, you’ll be flexing big with tier sets. Ever dreamt of a wicked cast amplify damage that’ll make your enemies question their life choices? Gotcha! And guess what? You’ll get to boost your maximum health – think of it as your own warlock-y version of leveling up. Those bones combat enhancement buffs? Oh, they’re jazzing up your arsenal. Keep an eye on the target’s damage dealt; it’s gonna be spicy. Also, word in the Nether is, there’s this rad combat enhancement buff that’ll reduce chill streak cooldown – cold-hearted and cool, just how we like it. And yeah, that stagger absorb equal thing? It’s the buzz right now. Last pro-tip: keep an eye on the damage of your next spell. Warlocks are dominating, and it’s a hella fun time to show off.


  • (2) Set Bonus: Your Soul Rot? Yeah, it’s like adding extra spice, dealing 15% more oomph and lingering for an extra 4 seconds. Spooky vibes!
  • (4) Set Bonus: After you’ve made things uncomfortable with Soul Rot, your Malefic Raptures get supercharged for the next 12 seconds. They’ll slap 50% harder and even toss in some extra seconds to your other agonizing spells. Talk about overkill!


Wow Dragonflight Tier Sets
  • (2) Set Bonus: Demonbolt is now branded with Doom, exploding in style after 20 secs. It’s like setting up a mini doomsday timer for your enemies. Every time you throw a Demonbolt or a Hand of Gul’dan, it shaves a second off that primary target’s doom brand.
  • (4) Set Bonus: Now, every time you slap someone with the Hand of Gul’dan (which is 15% more potent, by the way), you might just summon a freaky Doomfiend. This bad boy elemental blast bonus effects and destroy your enemy with all the shadowy mojo, making them regret ever crossing you.


  • (2) Set Bonus: Light ’em up! Immolate is now burning 20% hotter. And occasionally, its searing magic might grant you a charge of Dimensional Rift.

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  • (4) Set Bonus: Speaking of rifts, now your Dimensional Rift could pull out a mega Flame Rift, firing a volley of searing bolts. It’s like a firework show, only deadly!


Teir Sets

In the fierce throes of Dragonflight Season 3 in Warcraft, Warriors are getting some spicy upgrades that’d make any tavern bard sing praises! First up, some whispers say that there’s a gnarly twist where your blade’s dance might just trigger Sudden Death outta nowhere. If you’re thirsting for more, the juicy crits from Bloodthirst are all the rage, dialing back some nifty cooldowns. And for those who love a good ol’ solid smack, the trusty next Shield Slam is still the go-to move to assert Warrior dominance.

Arms Warriors with increased critical strike chance

  • (2) Set Bonus: The searing blade of Rend now carves 30% deeper tales, and sometimes, the whispering winds bring tidings of Sudden Death.
  • (4) Set Bonus: When Sudden Death hums its haunting lullaby, your Execute doesn’t merely strike; it inscribes legends, making your foes bleed out half their life’s story. And, oh, Thunder Clap sings along, booming with double vigor.

Fury Warriors

Teir Sets
  • (2) Set Bonus: Odyn’s Fury now roars with 50% more wrath. It also fires up your Bloodthirsts to lash out with 150% more passion, eyeing their prime victim with unerring focus.
  • (4) Set Bonus: When Bloodthirst quenches its savage thirst with a critical gulp, the gaps between the tempests of Odyn’s Fury lessen by 2.5 heartbeats.

Protection Warriors

  • (2) Set Bonus: In moments of fury, you may find your next Shield Slam consuming the agonizing wounds you’ve inflicted, taking in their lingering pain and turning the enemy’s own might against them.
  • (4) Set Bonus: As those wounds get devoured, the foe’s onslaught on you dwindles, weakened for every scar you’ve marked them with. Meanwhile, Thunder Clap resets its rhythm, and the very earth prepares to roar once more.

Evoker sets in world of Warcraft

Dragonflight Teir Sets

Evokers are making waves this dragonflight season with some truly mesmerizing tricks up their sleeves. I mean, ever seen a dead shadow bolt soar across the battlefield, leaving a trail of critical damage in its wake? It’s a sight! And those combat enhancement buffs? Pure artistry, giving even the primalist class tier sets a run for their gold. Don’t even get me started on how they’ve managed to reduce chill streak cooldowns — it’s ice-cold genius. With every bolt and spell, their nature damage dealt skyrockets, and that nature damage bonus? Whew! Evokers are not here to play; they’re here to SLAY!

Augmentation do not increase critical strike damage

  • Augmentation aficionados:
    • Rocking 2 pieces? Every third Prescience you cast sticks around twice as long. Patience pays, pals!
    • And with 4? Get ready for some ground-breaking news: casting Prescience adds extra oomph to your Eruption, making the ground crackle with bonus fissures. And each one boosts your Ebon Might time. Talk about an earth-shattering encore!

Devastation increase fire damage dealt

Pvp Tier List Dragonflight
  • For the Devastation devotees:
    • With 2 pieces: Dragonrage roaring rampage gives you an Emerald Trance boost every so often, ratcheting up your damage bit by bit.
    • Got the 4-piece set? That trance lingers post-rage, giving you Essence Burst goodies to enjoy at regular intervals.

Preservation – Flames that Foster and Echoing Embers

  • And our Preservation evoker peeps:
    • Two pieces in? Your Empowered spells have a fiery friend, casting Living Flame to both buddies and baddies, albeit with a bit of moderation.
    • Four pieces strong? Those flames might get chatty and echo on your healed friends – or even find a pal missing out on the Echo action.


In World of Warcraft’s Dragonflight Season 3, AmirDrassil’s raids have dished out some wicked tier sets that’ll make even the oldest Azerothian raider whistle. Rogues are sneaking around with enhanced primary target stabs, while Shamans? They’re turning heads with a flashy healing wave mark. Mages? Total show-offs this season, tossing fire damage around like it’s going out of style and make the enemies burn. Warriors are back in the limelight, triggering that notorious sudden death, and whispers say Warlocks have upped their game with a potent spell power boost.

Now, if you’ve got an eye for the exotic, keep a lookout for those fire wind arrows; they’re a spectacle, trailing flame’s periodic damage across the battlefield. Between the monstrous abomination limb’s damage and the occasional free wildfire bomb, Azeroth’s heroes have never been more ready to set the world alight.