How To Get Shadowlands Transmog
How to Get Shadowlands Transmog

As we all know, the two biggest changes (or should we say improvements) in Shadowlands represent Covenants and the level squish. What’s more, we will be focused on Covenant transmogs which are pretty cool and give a deeper feeling of belonging to your chosen fraction. 

Caste Nathria. Shadowlands Raid Overview
Caste Nathria. Shadowlands Raid Overview

Now that we’re starting to experience Shadowlands more and more, we tend to immerse in it from every possible angle. That's why let's discuss Raids next since we were already guiding you through other activities and possibilities that are offered here.

Torghast, Tower Of The Dead - Epiccarry
Torghast Tower of the Damned Overview

Among the many improvements and innovations in the eighth expansion, Torghast certainly is a big one. Therefore, this megadungeon is something everyone anticipated – a dungeon guaranteed to be exciting even if you visit it more than once.

Where To Get Shadowlands Preorder Mount - Epiccarry
Where to get Shadowlands preorder mount

Every WoW expansion offers cool perks with exclusive stuff if you preorder. Mounts, pets, quests to get cool transmogs or items — you name it. This time, preordering a copy of WoW Shadowlands also unlocks a whole new transmog set in addition to a cool looking mount!

Shadowlands Covenants Overview
WoW Shadowlands Covenant Overview

Among the many new features that Shadowlands is going to introduce, one that we have never seen before is Covenants. There is a lot of info about Covenants and a myriad of advice and suggestions on picking the best. We decided to also make an overview!

Should You Play Wow Now Or Wait For Shadowlands?
Should You Play WoW Now Or Wait for Shadowlands?

There are only a few weeks left until Shadowlands rolls out and many of us were waiting for a long time for this to happen. As we all know, after October’s delay, many of us were left to wonder when they would finally release the game.

What Happens To Character Boosts In Shadowlands
What happens to character boosts in Shadowlands

As you’ve probably read a lot of our stories, guides, and facts about WoW’s eight’s expansion, here’s an important question no one mentioned yet. Precisely, this is something that bugs a lot of players and we can formulate it as “What happens to unused character boosts in Shadowlands?”

How Long Will Leveling Take In Shadowlands?
How long will leveling take in Shadowlands?

The time for leveling will be different for everyone, as it depends on a variety of factors – but we’ll try to observe it mostly from core-system changes regarding leveling. So, let’s begin and figure out how long an average player will take to hit the cap!

What To Do To Prepare For Shadowlands?
What to do to prepare for Shadowlands?

Waiting November, in the hopes of the final release of Shadowlands, it is smart to prepare for it. Not only that rescheduling caused a fuss among the players, but it also made a room to prepare ourselves for our best.